Lambs finally talk about coming to You will  Provide Milk Earth

Young lambs killed by what appear vampire like humans the overall groove of the last four days as two guros chime in - Suzi and Adolfo face down in lamb chops - rack of lamb - seekh kabob dont know that the hoopla is all about

Ball Sucking Symphony obviously your Problem Board

Juarez unloaded on the board of Sphereation with allegations of adolescent types of perversion associated with his Ball Suck Symphony - Yeah well dont brown nose - The reference he explained to board members a dog rubbing its ass on your face for a promotion - A widely accepted and expressed business entande - No board the Ball Suck Symphony is merely artisans tooled at sucking glass balls and performing great symphonies

Z - Great - Good - High Schools - Rock Rock Rock Rod Stewart ate a Soccer Team High School Gossip Homos

Here Kirk chides at homos of being Isis s Irish sex reference jockey and high school and life since high school

Kirk - Famous Singer Bought Soccer Team to eat their Cum

Me of High School somehow Hitler and Jolie in my body and there Kirk was talking to them about it - Rod Stewart marvels the money it would take to get a soccer team and then gay gokkun sexuality with lots of fluid - Here gays jump jock and then Jolie and my Mom Isis when they were Lesbos

Z - Again Suzi Jain and Adolfo Z Juarez as God they are Z

Two as one - God - Merge as the holy deity

British Band vies Lame to Frenchie Sweat Kiss

Jolie and Lapange the band with the single sly are metaphor hooked in a rhyme God Bless that bitch is slime

Me of Interstellar annoying Arrogant Prick

Here in tech in the sky over Cortez - Often in the states cloud formations look of UFOs US does scuttle anything - They arent really here - After decades of scrambling shit - They appear in a form of transcendental meditation with their actually technology appearing as cloud formations in the sky

Adolfo yells I hate Homos

Gay pride rattles as Adolfo thought he was at the gay hate parade

Below Confounds at its Stupidness

One Trinity Water purest well in the country - Does Adolfo know it exists - No - Does Suzi - No - Fail Number One - Eh railing on Suzi an Adolfo - Together Z - his middle initial her first name they are Z - Dont know if they know of - Adolfo might know that we hack use have seal D on seal - That we could help seal a divine well - Thus me eh - Eh - My hot wife why is she in - This is mine - At least different offices

Interstellar Program gets tone Memo from Trinity Water

To the Desks of Adolfo Z Juarez

Suzi Jain

RE Dirty Dirty Sphereation - Clean Clean Water

Dr Z

Our water proposals then fold with you being fat

Cheetos Announces All Natural Cabot House Cheddar Cheetos

With natural colors and natural food flavorings new Cheetos use peanut oil - Eighty seven early predicted one run sell - Seven million - One hundred three million - James to companies to seasonal - Kelloggs to Sucanat to Real Salt three brands create a product - Eight dollar high end product - Be ready for pricing and buy product or we cannot sustain dev

Cheetoh Cheetah Stellar in Saving Kiedis et all Bit

Yeeaasssee the Cept Device - Cept Device Magazine - So we dont think it uses really prestone like color dye or cheese from nuclear testing culturing food grade cheese - Yeeeasssee - The Cept Device Project is creating low frequency nuclear waves - Yeah whatever - A few miles so far Rocky Horror in any direction is at least thirty miles - Riiiiighht

Kiedis Pearce and Crowe and discuss being in the next Cept Device Drawing

Well as actors and musicians we then of course in dev of the device join Cept Device Magazine - When you three decided to be in the next Cept Device design drawing - Well - Russ called me and yeah well do it - Its seventeen billion dollar project so seems promising - Cept Device Magazine - Reckless a little isnt it - The device already seven hundred million in dev and silly string - Right - Guy Pearce rattles his mug - Cherry O it says - I gotto roll soon - Riiiiighhhtttt

Phil Reuben finally Sits down with Mac about Foil and

they discuss analog to digital back tracking - Sign wave science Kiedis does and juxtaposed San Diego music science Mac and the Bra and dirty Disney porn poster science Foil uses with Snow White and all Em Going at It and Foil as a Minister with Dirty Porn poster Psychiatry Rock they Do

Slum Dog Millionaire finally sits down with James no We didnt have any Back Time Pee things in It

James watches Pearce LA Confidential Guy Pearce dude seeming like in this movie going backwards pee if going forwards into his food

Ash in the Tobacco is Ash Swaminathan in a We ate Manna - Man ate Animals

Indians have alcoholic dementia - India Indians

Ben Stiller goes strong at the Tonight Show in Cable Guy by

Doing Salted Peanuts instead - Carrey and dit dit dit dit dit da dit da dit - dit dit dit da dit dit da dit da dit - da dit da dit da dit da dit da dit a dit - waynot dadda not