Wavelength Harmonics

Wavelength Harmonics Leons Pickles Ready Freddy and the Time Loop

Tomorrowland sonic vision seeing a build in Barstow - Ridiculous - Seven one the key and lock - Ready Freddy - James get seventy one wherest Leon and myself get a forty nine - Geesh - On Wavelength Harmonics the exam

An India Indian Dudes sits on a Corner

Dingy bingy dingo bingy Im an Indian dude - Oinkionkey dingy bingi I play my Indian rhythms - Now we work to heal the Indian Ocean - I invite Sun Star - Ot Uh May Ay Uhot - Kie Ayay Tienayot - Awesome now that you both have worked out with each other great - Katie Couric realizes James is a mental retard he can build interstellar but tech and gear are three days late - Let us talk of things - Katie hoovers to the ground an Indian Shaman able to levitate her - We dont see - He doesnt see - He builds - He sees us with their - You there why - Seven Key is the Sky - Seven Sky is the Light - Light is the Key - Day is the Night

Wavelength Harmonics

That time is travel - Space is time - That Light is space - Matter is space time - Thus one we go

Seeking travel in space we first see using counter rotational magnetic expression via software and crystal to see the solar system in real magnetic expression - From this expression the center of Earth is an orb off the center of the planet

Using sound to map magnetic wave frequencies seeking harmonic balance in interstellar navigation specific to software controls needed for deep space travel