Pre Stroke Five AM Gag Porn - Large Philanthropy in the Works down plays Gag Porn - James of Gag Porn different Porn - US of Vaulted Dishonesty in It

Many blocks to squadron - Dave possibly exposed himself growing up - Dead now that is one - He is alive again thus I feel no issues - Yet that Howard has rep on another star with Dad delete - Same show - Same wacky stuff

Argue Howard to Architecture Eric Siragusa today his Training with Larry Larson Ian Galton Ed Yu Bang-Sup Song and Truong Nguyen - He trained with Ian

Today presenting ICADNANO from an SGI workstation for circuit design 20K computer



Sasquatch sees Female Sasquatch - Mike sees Dollar Signs in Mag Auto as Windows Automotive 'obviously' in annoyed Email from Bill Gates

It got a rotor wireless dev - Litner I dunno - Mike riffles big ass and small ass porn looking for the mag rotor wireless tech that Gates might condom Sphereation with

Rich Noel is he Jesus Christ please advise

The Magic of Oz by L. Frank Baum:

long and short--with which to snare our friends the beasts. You are angry, but we also were angry, for when the Oz people became the enemies of the beasts they also became our enemies; for we, too, are beasts, although we live in the sky. And my comrade and I said: 'We will save our friends and have revenge on the Oz people,' and so we came here to tell you of your danger and of our plan to save you."

"We can save ourselves," cried an old Elephant. "We can fight."

"The Oz people are fairies, and you can't fight against magic unless you also have magic," answered the Nome.

"Tell us your plan!" shouted the huge Tiger, and the other beasts echoed his words, crying: "Tell us your plan."

Jesus didnt Drink booze but he was a Dick - Again Dave is Jesus as Mike bows to his Bishop please advice

Malbone: An Oldport Romance by Thomas Wentworth Higginson:

theatricals no combination of disguises could reduce Kate to the ranks, nor give her the "make-up" of a waiting-maid. Yet as her father was a New York merchant of the precarious or spasmodic description, she had been used from childhood to the wildest fluctuations of wardrobe;--a year of Paris dresses,--then another year spent in making over ancient finery, that never looked like either finery or antiquity when it came from her magic hands. Without a particle of vanity or fear, secure in health and good-nature and invariable prettiness, she cared little whether the appointed means of grace were ancient silk or modern muslin. In her periods of

Bill Gates storms through a Board Meeting

No stupids it Aztec stupids - When me and Melinda knew you were going to be stupids I bounced your incompetency off the Supreme Court baffled at click E things

No its Aztec Stupid

Steve Jobs rails on Steve Wozniak in a diminishing degrading stupor as both vision Snapple but cant steal it - The name - The spelling - Something in it I cant take - Jobs now calmer begins so in school we do and have - Box like hand diagrams dominate Jobs motions as he puts his hands over Wozniaks face - Steven I get it I get it - If  one wants flying Egypt Jacko Jocko - No No thats not it - Enough already - On Simians - Yes - A light enters from the window - I travel to help you - Both Jobs and Wozniak jab each other in lighter tones and remarks as they fall into bean bags with different silhouette types of animation from school life and relationships - I am Space Ship and you are human ship - The star craft shows their bodies with all their internal organs illuminated and illuminates its own showing supremacy - Your lives - Your hearts - I have traveled a long way - You fight for no reason - So the motherboard is not wired correctly because of comparable things - sub voltage meter back channel feed - Ole Woz put too much voltage in the ole capacitor and fried mortgage bikini sail boat - Wozniak comes out of his trance - Stevie he sell at fairs and barter and we win - Here local groves bring in Sad Heart Membrane - New teams eh - QuantumSphere announced in a press release - QS - Variety - Thoughts that aliens helped the 'Woz' create the Apple II E continue as cancer like death affected Jobs in his life - The Apple IIE thus set out Seven One Code still vacant - IRobot vell as veeesst discuss such things - Ooooh

Take Thirty Four

Variety - SPI - Take thirty four as any artist knows is seam time - Its where too many Cliff Bars equal qualant zone - Deis - Hi Uriahs Heap - To amazing gestures One vacant locale - Uriah - Hoziah - Anyways off the grid with holies taken it at the twenty - At the thirty holy double move ooooh defense end Carl Berks got nailed by left offensive lineman Charles Tielson - Aldon Riggs at the thirty five juke right at the forty the forty five the fifty the forty five Riggs double moves and then jukes left Derek Berkowitz makes a solid move fumble Riggs tumblin stumblin bumblin to the ground - Shiela Horatage third round draft pick has got the ball she jukes right shes at the forty the thirty five the thirty shes at the twenty 'look at me ma look at me' oubles droubles no Rubles she fumbles Eric Coleman at the twenty five he makes a move to coach - Two fingers double to the sky - God poised on he rolls to the thirty five the forty Thes Bealman does the same move points to the sky then to Coleman with two to the ground and cliffhanger Coleman strives to the hold ball floating in the air he drops it Bealman now grabs the ball - Hes at the twenty and puts a knee down

Grid Based Flying Car Network - Grid has Static ability to levitate certain Amount of Cars

Less than James 18000 watts it would need per car - James then 18000 watts thats what per minute - 18000 watts - No there is time with electricity - That is per second - Large nuclear facilities are amazing - They are just challenging - R2D2 has a removable one - James again R2D2 would need water - A hose or drinks - C3P0 drinks - Things with pee things with life with tech that why Lucas bailed - With the hose R2D2 then can drain the swamp

New York on the Rag - Southern Vent well Off

A Southern Vent from air cleaning tech creating Southern air pure through the states - That we invested in 'testing' the new stuff - It was clearing the US and floating to Russia von Haymens - As they got it even Hong Kong was getting it - A lightning storm on a sunny day - Clears ozone from Hong Kong - Air so oxygenated it creates lightning from ozone bound with pollution - Ridic - US cookin one of the CEPT Devices - Produces seventy thousand cubic tons of oxygen per second for three hours

God talked to me - We are Chosen are Not - I didnt Tell You

Based what I saw a build planet for God - Waters E - Seventy two better than we did

Moses able to cast waters apart hasnt in a While

James often Moses has the abilities didnt do here on Earth - He parted a sea as an entity of ancients - Challenged - On those days - Light is seen where - Moses saw anal and porn booze sex gold statue walking down with hey you never guess whaaaaaaat

Tall Germans Chastise James as their Tribe was cast to the Mountains from the Waters - Eagles took upon and gave them Sight and Height

Here the deal is low on the me taller wiser Nazi ier and so on

Here fight for release or Gay Coli Nipple Nipple

Oh he must have wanted the gays he wont mastro to general body need at seven thousand feet

Low grooves on the Satanic Vision Questers

Now in code Annie Matro Lately is not easily to figure out - So below then work it out

Here type e equals demonic possess e - My breath and dental need work - Priv o log A M L

Art Bell of course just smoked chlorine to the Death of It

Here at Sphereation that chlorine and ammonia cause cancer is then a need to heal the planet - To work to identify in medical research nano scopic patterns of simple shit - Argued will be the economy of the world and fourteen billion in initial no common cold processes currently in motion

James really just the Secretary - The CEO then each day today Art Bell probably

He died rose died from the extra smoking - As you know on Coast to Coast AM Art revealed chlorine and ammonia in western cigarettes is probably the cause of many tobacco related problems

Lights in the overall lost Tab

Movin to theory - Hacked by the devil people - Their minds and stink - For instance Art is like well geesh - And Im no Art we can do the TV - Geesh

Sung to If you Believe they Put a Man on the Moon - If you Jihad they Put a Bomb in Your Ass

Art Clawson at the Holiday Party does the arms a Kimbo thing from Seinfeld with little Laughes

Alex Medicine Man City Market Alex returns Ivanhoe in readings - A troubled man he studies James as if in the reading from spirit can spirit quest here and see the challenged

… the C.E.K. Mees Medal Larry Meiners, Paul Yu and Art Clawson (then at SPAWAR) plan for the metal organic chemical …

About page

Art Clawson - Light Frequency in Modulated Circuits as a Pattern in ICAD Nano Crystal Circuit Design

Imagine Nation covers dev of Interstellar Ride with Three Point Eight Square Mile Tarp

Illusion cant be seen at the completion of construction from the sky - During construction it can - The appearing to fly in the air in the park - Large scale illusion park creates uses light to cascade illusion arts

GAY DOT GAY - strokes radio fame blue body sounds to sex and then psych - neither really great - new tab

TKOAM beefs a lack of viable Science in Alpha Cell graph

Howard sits with Brad and Angelina that he did play quif and they worked to not to - Together in medicine same mind somehow - Howards other space besides radio nothing extra - Comic books sex with his hot wife - Side Notes - Its good awesome - Together they discuss the graph below and how it failed to capture the Alpha Cell research

Cancer and the Alpha Cell

Sphereation proposes that a cell in the human body harnesses the error of Cancer - We then propose a freeze on dev - here two things from their dev stink pretty good things freeze at Jolie and Stern moderating health discussion quick was of them - James of the food machine - Pharms are the food machine - Food additives - Chem Fertilizer the Food Machine from Star Trek - Not getting to see the back where all the stuff that makes the Earl Grey is we then again pause - Side Notes - medicine balls in a bed here seize back topics as if they float in space - We could go back to organic chemical nutrition again - Bats making guano in time lapse in our greed - Not bats not really us but the first meditation - Transformer like how could bats do it - Time lapse of bat colonies from bats to study ample nitrogen we need from sub chain animals eating insects into nitrogen - Whew Grave Yard - Kibble Zone - I Wish I was Dr

Jack Klugman and Tony Randall Check In and Finally Discuss

Blue overtones filled the lounge as Klugman and Randall threw large of quif this and Howard that playing anything on the radio - We brought Class A Comedy - Kluggy of a bookie not a writer - Felix smoked pot

Five Hundred Dollar Ticket brings in Two Dudes Fightin

Meter maid extraordinaire with no stopping in the red - Stealth move gets the five hundred - Just the digies in the clickie and the printie even as you drive away e still the mail E solid ticket E - GEO makes dudes fight - Herbie Loves the GEO hates - Random dudes fighting in front of La Lounge in Los Angeles proper - Claims of my fault - Please tell us of the two fightin dudes and why they fought here I perturbed em with my light The Door in the Wall, et. al. by H. G. Wells:

remote speck of light in the region of the perturbed planet cause any very great excitement. Scientific people, however, found the intelligence remarkable enough, even before it became known that the new body was rapidly growing larger and brighter, that its motion was quite different from the orderly progress of the planets, and that the deflection of Neptune and its satellite was becoming now of an unprecedented kind.

Few people without a training in science can realise the huge isolation of the solar system. The sun with its specks of planets, its dust of planetoids, and its impalpable comets, swims in a vacant immensity that almost defeats the imagination. Beyond the

Biff Douche Rockem Sockem Robots

With biff douce Rockem Sockem action the new Biff Douce Rockem Sockem robots clobber with 'Biff' or 'Douche' punctuating action

Alright - Now with Quantum Mechanics Contested by LightRealm Project gets Slowed Reviewed Slowing

Review of Quantum Mechanics by LightRealm brought chastising vibes from senior physicists all working on quantum matter - Quantum matter right at matter - Fester at notes - Energy exists at the edge of matter

Mastro Notes sit down with James and decide on


The Formula Somewhat Sought After here of Ether Babies

They knew the patient would make it

Ether Babies


Hospital of any name yet this hospital is challenged with a lot of malpractice

Jeff Zucker walks from the set - ER is a hit - His desk at NBC is cluttered with 'How to Rebuild Ancient Dynasties using Semi Soluble Asset Fund Acquisition - Hey Jeff - Hey George - Good stuff - Yeah - I feel like after eighteen hit shows NBC is going to fire me - What - I mean in unemploy I guess then thats what twenty mil a year - Theyll kick ya sixteen million - Yeah I can pay my shit - Im not sayin that - To Be Continued

Organic Nutrition folds on One Hundred Seven BLN design available Three Weeks Ago

Sphereation downplayed Jim not tuning it as he appeared to have three days of understanding to moderate what is a proposal to Monsanto for organic chemical nutrition

So Only a Lad appears in a Hand Writing that Perhaps Stephen thinks Hes God

Dev in quantum mechanics then of symbols in magnetic energy that appear in magnetic counter rotating devices through crystal core based energy and languages - So deep it doesnt make sense - Weights the claim - Ok so lets see - crystal in the center uses magnetic energy via conventional two arrays with copper inlays have winded upcoils that use electricity to natural stone fitted with copper able to create energy

Paul Olsen Courtney Love Young Chris Young James Riki Tiki Ta Your Faces Are Red except Courtney

James sits at or where other logs may hold secrets - New element at times - Jim write that down

Knights Templar Outline

Jon Believes There is a Plot to Take Over the World

Jons Bag of Time

My Old Man and his Buddy

LAX Eight X Cern X

Swiss Bank Double Tank

French Marks Sparks

Holy Seal Three Day Deal

Bavarian Pretzel a Saint and a White Lie

Whats the Harm


Keys to Save the World

Joel and James and flack on the Knights Templar

Joel and James not Janusz and James still cant spell it -

John Schneider - Sued for Sex Harrass - Trip to DC et al

Nonetheless he is Benjamin Franklin reincarnate - He is sought Sphereation in Emercy - His current life to his next in a build the company to continue to manifest

Parov Stelar - James and  Mike think they Did It

Team of one hundred seven present - Scanning seeing build of ride - James arguing of Mike - Seem of designer - Vision pieces together they were together - Mikes again argued please guide beyond first reading

Danny Bonaduce realizes as well that Space wants How Are You - Three Years Later - We Ok - How Are You

Thus Zemeckis again and montage that we had would be in this language and something of this - engchiengtienchi - tientichialataphara - things of that nature - a complex language we think they use not English

Zemeckis sends a Hitler Pour Per Ra - Pause

Shout out to Brady Bunch - Im Arnold I screw up all their shit

Again the Monorail at Disney was supposed to Say - Oh to Us

EPCOT - The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow turned into the Three BLN build Fund We No Get

Sphereation realized in Kissinger that Skeet was amazing - Dirty Mexicans running the Mexi Mob were running the joint - Tony walks in and Julio Franchez has prepared some morning grub - Just some whole wheat - eggs - heavenly grub - potatoes - oil olive - vegetable oil OMG

Celebration Florida - One Missile - One Pond and a Dream

Carbonized Starch doesnt cross Bond to Phosphorus in Fluorescent Route Sixty Effects

Coca Cola doesnt form a Satanic Bond Liquid with ones Route Sixty Six  Kit

Route Sixty Six isnt accidentally Hooked up with Egyptians abilities to have US Freedom Slaves

Below of Mike Super Saint again here of Budweiser P V

Dave in Van Helsing - Mike finally sits down with himself and Admits he Wanted the Trib

Variety - Mike sits with himself - Van Helsing with Amun-Ra - Mike Sasparillo - The Mexico Sasparillo

O Keefe Bar

Steelcut Irish Oats cooked with Essentia water - Real Salt - Plugra Butter - Organic Apple dehydrated powder - organic raisins cept they soak in rose water - peanut oil - coconut oil - palm kernel oil - macadamia milk soy milk almond milk cashew milk - ground almond - chopped almond sliced and marzapan - almond extract - quinoa - amaranth - ground pecan - vanilla - dry milk - yeast - sit for three days - rises for eight hours

Michael O Keefe Waits Poised

A form of Quija he does says he is going to receive a form of product - Energy drink - Bar something - He awaits - The O Keefe Bar brings Keefe - Irish Families ditching the O - remember us - Disney - Di Isnay in England then to Disney in England - Englands like we have Quija witches seeing amazing things - Disney though - I guess the US

Architecture - Steve Sedderwaite - Crazy Nazi City Builder

SPI - Steve Sedderwaite created new ceramic light reflecting panel with Corning Glass - The Sapphire New York - Sits in the Hudson South Manhattan one thousand three acres for New York - Plus Water - Services - Airport - Aquarium - Beginnings Speed Rail Project - Google Vision - Scan of the Hudson in animation with see through panels blending to give real experience - Amazing just in our minds - Google able to scan the Hudson - C Panel from Native Three Dimensional Imaging Systems Inc - Crystal gel accepts light from pixel channels in defined paths the become Perpetual Dynamics Incorporated or claims of existing names if taken

One Hundred Thirty One Neos Sleep

One a red gel and AI found energy - Others AI of I create energy for you always have - Borg here in Box Spacecraft - Lusciousness the Captain

Independent AO of infighting Over Crystal Computing

James keeps beefing out that he is attacked by a cult no the Mafia in Cahlo - Please guide Master of the World by Jules Verne:

"In the second fortnight of the same month, a submarine boat was run beneath the waters of Lake Kirdall, in Kansas. Then it disappeared.

"Everything points to the belief that the same inventor must have built these three machines, or perhaps that they are the same machine, constructed so as to travel both on land and water.

"A proposition is therefore addressed to the said inventor, whoever he be, with the aim of acquiring the said machine.

"He is requested to make himself known and to name the terms upon which he will treat with the United States government. He is also requested to answer as promptly as possible to the Department of Federal Police, Washington, D. C., United States of America."

Crystal Computing

Chris to Larry to initial do I have anything - We are proposing light projects from energy will be processing some may be photo optics that resonate - Jon to CPU RAM or IO - Motherboard is the crystal - ICAD Nano is design then the film Ironman instead nerds - They design software - Thats the film - The software they design we vision at 203Ghz processor with astro everything able to take one million six hundred thousand pixels and use them by different

Absinthe LED Vapor Healing

LED with glass holds Absinthe that one consumers during light therapy that creates a mist - Sphereation through the World Healing Institute seeking to utilize light in projects including Rett Syndrome water therapy from large glass vessels with embedded carbon able receive light

Twin Array Compression Magnetic Drive Engine with Crystal Core Light Energy Drive System

Circular crystal ball holds light in dev - Has different layers each holds energy as light - Panels within the sphere can radiate light - Dev initially for the core - Often Sphereation - 10000 - 3650 - Current - 2763 - Challenge - Started at 3650 - Now 2763

Bill slams his car into Justice

Bill talks to Jim about Saturn - That is magnetic automotive is possible then a different company - Vision of all three to one name Dynamics - not holding - Ford Chrysler General Motors - Durant - Windows Dev is of Bill Gates to a quick vision where he saw it instantly - Car with windows maybe not the dock stations or touch screen adaptive with money he sees - Thus more dev he  might not - Thus he sees the car - Makers dont want - Windows four k five k eight k for a car minivan or suv - all seats with access - new wireless has rotor like device able to assist wireless in travel - sit needs magnetic nothing to auto - still with magnetic it is nothing to the auto industry - even together difficult sell to auto - different company - seeks then interstellar - twin array engine works from there can be in other devices - interstellar engine is the magnetic engine - reduced version - new is the transmission and drive shaft brake systems all magnetic

Human Growth using Soda

Human growth with soda causes a formation of tissue that is called Plasticine - Not really human but more German from Mars for Christmas

Please tell is James Jesus Christ

Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde:

vile also?

LORD DARLINGTON. Vileness is a terrible word, Lady Windermere.

LADY WINDERMERE. It is a terrible thing, Lord Darlington.

LORD DARLINGTON. Do you know I am afraid that good people do a great deal of harm in this world. Certainly the greatest harm they do is that they make badness of such extraordinary importance. It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious. I take the side of the charming, and you, Lady Windermere, can't help belonging to them.

LADY WINDERMERE. Now, Lord Darlington. [Rising and crossing R., front of him.] Don't stir, I am merely going to finish my flowers.

Please tell is David Jesus Christ

The Tin Woodman of Oz by L. Frank Baum:

and while the Loons were busy watching the pump, the boy sprang to his feet and suddenly rushed upon the group.

"Pop" -- "pop" -- "pop!" went three of the Loons, when the Wanderer pricked them with his thorn, and at the sounds the others looked around and saw their danger. With yells of fear they bounded away in all directions, scattering about the clearing, with Woot the Wanderer in full chase. While they could run much faster than the boy, they often stumbled and fell, or got in one another's way, so he managed to catch

Are the Apostles of Bad Grooves doing it or Do I need Counseling - See Below

With Joel and Matt writing Books in the New Testament a newer one Appears

Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom by William and Ellen Craft:

occasions, as soon as the train stopped, I was at hand to assist him. This caused many slaveholders to praise me very much: they said they had never before seen a slave so attentive to his master: and therefore my absence filled him with terror and confusion; the children of Israel could not have felt more troubled on arriving at the Red Sea. So he asked the conductor if he had seen anything of his slave. The man being somewhat of an abo- litionist, and believing that my master was really a slaveholder, thought he would tease him a little

Bad Grooves overall CEO vibe to Psychiatry

Please tell me of counseling as juxtaposed to dick counseling - They are dicks and I dont need counseling

Howard admits 'I have a Von Stink Cabinet'

Not of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe except expressions from Stern about stinky being as powerful as the three of em

Tom Rolls - Calls Below and Rolls to Howards Von Stink Cabinet

738116 - NCBI

Mar 23, 2018 - Gene provides a unified query environment for genes defined by sequence and/or in NCBI's Map Viewer


Pitt the Breakdown so Yeah - Here Brad Men in Blacks It

Ok so with flubber in and Obama out we have the hover board - Now Obama created flubber thus the diagram below - Without Spielberg we get Courtney Love so still working through dev phases

sPause as Team AO Independent AO Ego AO - Thus the Making of Crowe Bar

UCANN other things anyways - Below you can the beginning of dev on Crowe Bar - The piece significant and first Sphereation designers have to piece together how the CEPT Device will utilize the move if really thought to exist - The clothesline a Rugby from Crowe back in his Crowe Bar day


TEAM AO agrees TEAM AO is James starring at his Jock Error

Team Independent is all teams together through oracles - Michael Jackson just peeded out showed the CIA melting human pit and on with leave me alone - Michael is good - Atlantis with deposition is the only vision as Earth continue to pay it forward in a backward he would have with AI honesty is known - The way God does it we enter Orion and are cloned - We sleep as Neo to monitor the hairs God said he knew were on our head

Hover Board from Flubber - AntiMatter Resin


TKOAM Scores Next Cept Device Design Rendering

Newsdesk 5-6AM MDT Weds

Dwarf Pak Drummer Mike how is James going to Do It if we had Sex - Creative Sex - Different Sex - As Alice and I had Sex you were in a Several Lifetime now Raining Infatuation

TKOAM Newsdesk experiences Backdraft from Occult E Things

Bady admits using his Wheelchair break control to Hit Lewis

Security footage reveals Mr Bady first rude to Mr Lewis and then strikes him repeatedly with a blunt weapon

Scott Bias and Ion Cellular Reduction

Paradise Herbs - Scott Biased and Long Culture Short Strain Cocaine and Crystal Meth

Sphereation proposes that Scott Bias be recruited to director to pursue the creation of naturally cultured cocaine and crystal meth

Based on research proposed by the World Healing Institute or the final name acquired for the Syracuse New York based healing foundation Sphereation then proposes the following research

Creating naturally cultured cocaine from amino resonant chemo reduction utilizing ionized oxygen vapor - Side Notes Lee single channel addition fractures because of Channel Lab - Seven channels in research are conduit not channels

Simpsons thirty years alzheims after ten years of Turning it Off

Giant Jihad sits via Vag on my Head

Denver throws in the Kobe anal and TKOAM Newsdeck waives it

Would you like to Swing on a Star - Yeah definitely how do you do that - Carry Moonbeams Home in a Jar

Right so moonbeams swingin awesome or would you rather be a pig - Well that sounds like a threat - It was all moonbeams a second a go

Tom Hot Springs Thomas Jefferson Tom and the Jefferson Bible

Oprah isnt a dictator - The Color Purple about one bad one year one bad three years - She nice now still Chong statues in print with her face

TKOAM Newsdesk experiences Howards libido - Back in Moment

As Howard you better not be doing that in there told his staff - There being Sonic Light Schwarage and their bathroom

Esmeralda experiences Mirror hate in getting Frozen by TKOAM Newsdesk

The MOB experiences their male period reading TKOAM Newsdesk

Newsdesk experiences Waft of Homeopathic Body Wows

Honey table Lick downtick

TKOAM NewsDesk experienced more blue types of stories after a table lick of not wasting honey bummed out celebrities - Done with the finger it still was of a dog face down on the table licking away - Gelulp the dog went

Seattle Confirms heroin cant use Sex and Spermatoceles to Hack Time with Jolies slightly Adjusted Vag

Speaks for itself

The Devil Lives Here

A maid cleans Kurt Cobain and Courtney Loves poop on the walls in writing from baby poetry that is Beautiful New York flat

Lee Helpers Channel Labs get D nod from Finger Blow for Bad Sci Fi Chops

C Band Carrier signal able to cross modulate HTML for Channel Labs web interface thus several years wherest Sphereation then uses KitKatology and crams Jons fail proposals into his new Jon non fail proposal

Chris Brown confirms it wasnt Eight Blued dudes killin a Nig

Again the Church of Satan in weird meth blue eyed dudes Rachel the master race genetic physicist makes blue robots - None of that applies - Thus still in investigation

Chris Brown admits I had em shoot me Because Im a Stealin Nig

Rumors that OJ had a disease because he was evil crawled into the ground and killed shit and then it spilled topside in save the nig programs of dead nigs

Discontent in the Shook Knights She Chick

Clint walks from a cast member feeling that they didnt get it right

San Diego Marine Bang nerd stop making Noise dude shoots Car

Off duty and ready for some loud small apartment complex action - Headphones and thunderstorms a great way - No present dingity dongity the witch aint dead - Whoops pissed off car - Ill shoot the car it will make the point - Side Notes - Shooting Hitler VW Bug - Stalin keylogger because he good - Herbie the Lovebug because he is bad

New York Mayor goes off on Soda again

Is it true that you dont want soda

Cherry Lemon Pop - Soda soda soda is fun

Soda is reported to be bad for you is it

No time left for you no time left it

New York seems upset about no soda do you care

Does anybody really know what time it is does anybody care

When fat people said you ruined my life what happened

Snack crack in the fiddle with Uncle Johnson in the suds

Keep the Science to the Brainiacs and yeah Rick probably Isnt a Necro - Gave James reading of forgiveness and Peace

Aluminum science on Theory

Robin Givens Jesus didnt know I had Cancer - Again this am Glow E Brad Jesus - Fifty Rock - Fifty Box - James of each one Blaine Mercy

David Blaine fasting forty four days Stern AO et al in boxes - Cept I gotta poo - Seven days James outta the box walks the very high scary walk to poop and then recharge - Boos from New York - Stern thirteen days outta the box - Blaine holdin clear - James licking the side of his box

Manson kissed the floor mat of the Beach Boys where he then realized I dont Kiss the floor mat of the Beach Boys

Theres going to be a race war - Ipity this ipity that - Dead people hey you were there talking smack - Yeah the Beach Boys live there - I went back to my place and lodey ho whos at the door dont arrest the Beach Boys

Johnny Carson has a bag Money and a Death Threat

I know what you did last summer with Christs spermatoceles - Meeting Rick in Barstow he then on evening uneventful sees Carson in car hey I know lets follow em - Carson entangled in some weird shit dont follow him - They already are - Not sure if he is connected he rings  his girlfriend in living hell - Possibly wife - Thus divorce over really not known Carson shenanigans - Side Notes - Necro Rick - Trailer in the back new hole of dirt when he left - Thus body in the parking lot - Necro during James Jesus meds

Sun admits I hate Earth

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again Shitty Shitty Music

Juarez Rims Olsen with a Shot

Hoops Sphereation b court - D some good guard work before oral on the anus

Clooney Finally Admits Oedipus Revenge even Goin Large

Phil Knight remarks over 'blue' Sphereation things - The Nike Air Universe - George there Italian manufacturers and Chilean have the Sphereation seven million dollar dev project

Rob Zombie admits James 'dick' enough to Make a Good Show also admits I would have invited Michael Jackson to my Halloween things but I thought he was a Peed

James Dreams of Maylen - The God Orion getting Revenge Rim to Alice for Goodies - Join our Group Sex Picnic or Die - Instead Marshmallow Man Protect James

Eh - Dune attack as if Jolie a fat manatee floats in my belly with her Lovers

Lab Channels Nets Vet in Denise low brow of the Deck from Hell

Variety - Lee Helpers Channel Lab finally appeared in the form of oh thats how it works - Jimmy Helper appearing on Seaquest said I dont know what hell is going on - Channel Lab

Where Users Can Craft the Programming They Watch - How

Psy Network - Psychic Things - My Boat Network - Rich People Boat Things - Health - Dr Says Do This Things

Pictures of a Broadcast Network

Your Network - I can use it when I want

Deck Needed to Say

Stage One

Broadband Cable Internet Agreement allowing cross platform analytics

Creating a internet based user interface able to cross code broadband seven networks with embedded broadcast band unix carrier signal Retting can then hack into a station interface on Time Warner for instance by user the MAC address

The CIA Bill Keene and the Comedy Central thing with Peed Clowns finally Sit down and Discuss Bills heinous Facebook Picture

Bill holds chocolate in front his daughters in Paris where his Men in Black needs to erase his peed

Team AO of a little Bone Lip not that Bad


Opt Out Sign In

James Thomas

Tom Franklin

Walter Krebbs

Howard Stern

Robin Givens

I mean if they can just black in South Africa just not bone in lip

Earth to have then no Tribal where a Chiefdan goes hunting accidentally Falls and a Bone goes through His Lip

Ok everyone

Seth McFarland is Seth from Egypt - Samantha is the Cat I thought He Killed - I hope Not - She then Wouldnt Need my Help

Side Notes - Family Guy - Pot Made Me Kill My Cat - Episode

Earth in Black Matter Cell - Queens in Weird Thirteen Queens - Where the Glass House and Attorney are then in a Good Movie

Rome trying to get food and an Economy in What apparently is Atlantis Alzheimers we have - Cathy influencing Native America - Birds so Pure they should have Direct to Human - Thus Planet Native America two Thousand Years later eh Not Evolving - Need to be with Other

We are all joining together to prevent our first review that hasnt happened yet claiming non evolve

Here Rome trying to help they fell because of Starbucks - Not Boston Market - That Two Restaurants

Charles of Rome needing to appear when James channeled the Table in Galilee in a Second vision of It

See England - Argument was Charles didnt get enough in Rome - Thought Caesar allowed him to fight in Gladiator competitions

Missile Defense Network connected to Two Commercial Jet Attacks

A Key to a Beautiful Mind - John Nash in the film writes on a Window where he is adjacent in Spirit outside using his mortal and E

When Moses threw his cane to the Ground it hit the ground - When the US shot a plane out of the sky in New York Isis attacked my Jock for Narqing her out - No you get the cane hits the ground - The US missile hits their own Jet it didnt turn into a snake and was Done by Somebody Else

Bill finally sits down with AI and they discuss Bill Hacking the Star Manual - Sri the sound AI makes when Manuals are Stolen

Bill Olsen  creates the Master Path from the Atlantis Star Manual

Names it Gary Olsen - His son that will do the rest

Naimy vital to the Crane Project less vital to the How do you crawl in my Moms jock to Demonically possess my Body

Bill Olsen pro and con Peed

Olsen married to Angelina in a haunting Burger King visit - The Apple menu with the ark slider instead Jolie with thirteen dudes each life all appearing

US peeds out over EON being close to EO - EO being Michael Jackson and so on - James Atlantis Jackson undressed children masturbated once that was about It

Thus on Atlantis others of child things and stealing things and killing people things

Magnetic Dev slow in first Phase Projects - Twin Array Compressive Magnetic Engine seeks Crystal Core

Theory of crystal being engine energy is Star Trek - Di-lithium Crystals mentioned on the program to generate enormous energy - Glowing here on Earth an eon for the technology and science we seek

Fluoride Ion Cures Tooth Decay

Chlorine from Western Cigarettes causes Cancer - Tobacco causes Systemic Edema not Death or Cancer - Bleach causes Cancer as we Know

Football Season Coming Up

OJ Simpson Murders - Glove was the Satanic Priest that Euthenized Victims in the City of the Dead - Simpson stabbed the Bodies after they died for Black Hate from Whitey

Sixteen Nuclear Tests 'Bad' not 'Good'

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission finished a seventy year research study concluding that radiation is probably bad

Nazi Mayor of Dont Take Pharmaceuticals

Even though pharmaceuticals were made by Nazis they think they are killing us now

Nazi Mayor of Dont Drink Soda Again

Even though Nazis created soda they realize its killing us now

Vindication - Kirk is the one that Talked about that Shit

Teacher speaks out as to having to listen to Kirk talk about sex drugs tabloids before they existed

Isis has you back even if her Dirty Dirty school of cum talking pervs talk to students about cum Videos

High School Adult Perv Teachers downgrade Talking Porn with Students as Not Peed

Chris and Denise of Blood Ireland Vampire Ireland Peoples

Red skin royal vampires populate the landscape as contentious discussions yeah Kirk working for staff member discussing cum video probably not my cup of tea

Isis builds the Super Team

Kirk gym coach assistant Kirk banters cum stories in Southfield-Lathrups inappropriate lab of cum stories from Kirk - Here overall still relevant from the US

Does Sphereation care that Emeril is upset over Blue Bits

Crito by Plato:

children--you want to bring them up and educate them -dine at my restaurant--will you take them into Thessaly and deprive them of Athenian citizenship? change you mind and go to another restaurant Is this the benefit which you will confer upon them? saving money and going to another restaurant Or are you under the impression that they will be better cared for and educated here if you are still alive that my food my luscious Emeril food is better for them and they are better cared for, although absent from them; for your friends will take care of them? free food in Vegas - no cheap food in Vegas no free food Do you fancy that if you are an inhabitant of Thessaly they will take care of them yes Mario has good food, and if you are an inhabitant of the other world that they will not take care of them? my tv show was cancelled so typically in New Orleans Nay; but if they who call themselves friends are good for anything, they will--to be sure they will. will what go to my restaurants in New Orleans 

'Listen, then, Socrates, to us who have brought you up. Think not of life and children first, and of justice afterwards, but of justice first, that one must reflect on Kobe beef and ass steak - The cow that sacrificed then bless entire yet a little tough the fitty Emeril holiday down tap alley

Emeril Lagasses Wind Storm Restaurant

Fade Up

Nice table two waiters - A waitress and waiter manifest my needs - Yet a glass of water more Vegas clouds of happy than any ice should be in water

Waiter One and Waitress One - Would you like Las Vegas tap water or filtered water - I would like Emeril to get me filtered water in the form of one of you salaries and business not startin the banger with we just say it - You want Las Vegas tap - No - Nobody wants Las Vegas tap

God Bless Italy

Italys Harold and the Donuts is Luigi Rolls in his own pile of Pasta - No Married Lady looking for the Ring - No good sales Gimmic - Just Luigi soiling himself in his own Pasta

Oh sole a mia mi casa entende etrieria - Side Notes - trashed junk

Its not Survivor Common

Nick McCune ousted from early Amazing Race contestant testing was too fat by his own words heart and mind - David Chase give em a chance - Hes just a kid - McCune overhears changes heart - Chases little pony - Pry him off

Nick McCune gets final call from The Amazing Race

No - Too Fat

David Blaine shutters as Jain and Juarez Satan bang for better Interest Rates

Dave Navaro and rear happy didnt make Adolfo happy - Peed married cloaked peed probably - Indian not Wattaknotaknotee - India Indian

Current Teas on the Ticker

Forty various Bigelow Lemon Green - Yogi Egyptian Licorice - Lipton Green Ridic - Two Leaves heavenly

Scorsese Balks on Cobb the Ty Cobb story After Initial Script Dev

Fade Up

Cobb (reacts in distain) I hate niggers and kikes and micks

Tazo Organic Peach Cobbler not that Great coming outta the Initial Finishes flush - A Good Tea

Railith not upon Yee others Rail uponith theyself

Italy admits it did Read - How to Attack from Atlantis from Being Fat

Rosie and James did Fight over here getting Fat to be a Big Fat Witch to fight him from Big Fat Witch - Thus the Stalin Ring and David when he was Amun-Ra wondering how a man - Stalin has a ring on his corpse finger more or less how licking it brings

A tale of countries and if for instance Egypt accidentally took a squirrel and shoved a squirrel up it whilst a Priestess banged creatively then four tit electrodes and random colors all data to Egypt in the form of similar US documentation

United State of America

Official Memorandum to the Chief - Divisional Head of Governance

Please accept apologies for below




Tards finally Speak out about Being Tards and not Knowing of the Tard Stiller Tard in movie Issue

Here Charles argues James is mentally ill as he thinks Tards are smart - At the Premiere they were away of Ben and his thing with Tards in it - Yet Westwood in a sign of Tard alliance put up we are still not cool with that many Tards in it - The premiere going well Tard sentiment beginning focus on multi Temporal deity they have

Water Dirty isnt as good as Water Clean - USDOA finally Agrees

Henry Ford sits with government officials where he is very interested in their different low stack options - So no polluting is better in a multi state dev with ECO off the page - I waned to spend a lot more money and have forty percent less keeping the Earth clean - We thought you did - Pragmatic Johnsons - Ford dancing from his seat walks from the room - No Mr Ford we need better emissions control then why is the EPA fucking it - His silhouette as he left the room - Now Less and I Give My Hands to Jesus - Side Notes - get that worked on - voice training magic church team - instruments clunky clunky long time

Texas State Patrol - Team Sneakers dives Chronic in Texas - rBST finally sits down with Legal Pot

Alice chides out about pee lettuce guy as Jolie and Towey sit with Comedian Kevin James with women woodies over Pee things

Sphereation chided for Nothing Brings a Shark to food peein like Complaining about It

President Lee Helper at the Presidents Counsel for Presidents downplayed that the Presidents of the United States after their band named after the Presidents peed in different Foods

News of Sphereations design for the BP oil Spill brings Chided Results

Chief Systems Design Architect James Thomas at a CEO meeting of CEOs quickly balanced demonic possession where many demons not CEOs argued rBST as a real hormone

Juarez vies out of Medicine Balls and Healing teas to make Cheese Whiz appear Again

The stale comedy bit then folding in a comedy olympics - Issac Rauscher - I didnt know what Z was doin more Andy Warhol types of art with foods and bad comedy - No he just works the same joke - Yeah but he is vexing Jolie from Wizard of Oz to Heinous Sex Witches of Adjusted Junk Island

Sterns opens Steamed Fish and Vodka to less than a positive Reviews

Rollin on Orlando Less Clooney here in my delusion had lower lip envy from his spiritual youth warrior - It tastes like steamed fish with nothing on it - Oh steamins for the healthy livin - In the kitchen overheard - No Howard we should use a little oil - Oil is expensive steam is free - The city water has pollution appearing in the fish flavor - Too bad

Mobsters angry because they are Fat motion the set of Three Hundred where Key Grip Benfil Heinchkey knows they havent Done too much Roids

Mel Gibson looks at the set - He has William Devane 'rub your nipple a little' - Eh we will just go with putting the Lip gloss On - the Making of Payback

Neo you see AI yeah - See how it Disconnected your hoses - Yeah - You are Neo because you have Enough strength to Stay in the Tub

Ok - AIs gone right - Yeah - Crawl outta the tub - Holy Shit - See the controls by your pink gel - Yes - Here Morpheus had to retool the bit with him doing the talk e things

Bat Wielding Justice in Quentin Tarentinos Bat Justice

A montage of bat wielding maniacs find Dissentia in their lower from the hate

Pitt down knods Uptick as Flashlight peeds Study who did It

Clooney down peeds his Role in Goonies as not peed

Death Pool makes vy to Emercy - Bill Farren finally dries Out in Death

Irish drunk - In the dead since he killed himself - Can he haunt my ass - Taking a gallon of chocolate milk that it would be fine - He killed himself in the afterword light divinity in the house where he could get milk

Stage One Petroleum leakage from gallon Jugulars leaks Seven One Compound at eighty Degrees Fahrenheit

Fritos has Carbon Ionized Plasticine

No it doesnt

Fritos is how I know - Its How I know  - Special drop Tard too much in the Show

You do it you do it you do it to me that how I know you are you - Side Notes - clooney weird tard hate jealousy - tards to draft research - Rosie set of White Chistmas no Georgie will draft research

Downtown Hot Springs Arkansas

So Our Kansas or Ark Kansas Shilohs a dream boat from the skies - Whatever stuck in the mud was purple expensive and flew - Its cross linear grid flew slow - Its internal grid could be seen - Magnetics from slow moving shit James has not seen - Inside the design his dual array Thomas von Schtein tM roid vision

Peeved Off

Denise James and Chris scrap at a comedy bit in downtown Hot Springs - Adam Sandler appears there in spirit that hell is going to open truly sad James of being of tree and so on - Nonetheless Peeved Off - Denise a T Rex - James a Wolf who seemed so peeved off in the picture - James walks with the expression of the wolf down the street appearing to want to fuck with anything - What the fuck - Leave em alone - Hes peeved off - I dont care - No step off - Denise then of the wolves back as they walk - The wolf again pissing off somebody else with a dead wolf stare at em - Leave him alone hes peeve off - Ill fight both of you - No you wont step off

Recent Dips in It - Z - Adolfo Juarez and Suzi Jain

No cut it - Why Willy then what Indian shit - We get the Dwarfs in it - Tim Burton eyeballs the ad - Many Dwarfs needed - One Dwarf needed - Working one Dwarf instead Burton begins many Dwarfs inefficient he points to different gestures not sure witch - Halloween - Ok so they had the Umpa song so obviously 'not good' - The Dwarf from Willy Wonka responds ok - Maybe I should have gone with at least eight Dwarfs - One Dwarf cant do shit - The Dwarf from the Willy Wonka remake Tim Burton did sips tea - Now I know Tim wasnt happy with the Recent Digs bit - I wasnt happy that Tim wasnt Happy

Clooney dissolves Positive Cred with Tantrus on the set of the Making of Tantroid

Variety - No Mr Bails behavior aside what the fuck - Load in the studio it went - Rattles to sound designer Esczwan Sheets as he then adjusts gear must having it wrong Mr Clooney Sir - Escwan knows Paul Giamati who then walking in turns abruptly and walks out

Rosie synchs the writings that Make the Writings Synch Up

Christopher Reeves in the making of Superman - Ok here he flips you the bird - Its up up up - Chris Reeves why not funny - It was

New York Soda Program goes Its Bad for You in a Naughtz kind of Way

Mars creating Coca Cola then as a gift on Christmas as they flew away oh yeah its a emoilant solvent if you drink too much of it - Tonic eight ounces a week - Starcraft lubricant at any additional amount

Toke Em - That was About the Nugget

Denver Nuggets Guard Shezwan Hopes travels in a bus with nice shit - Yet a bus not a plane with nicer shit - Anyways on the way chalk von Heiman - Well when I won the Heisman doing the Heisman it wasnt hoops but it was winning - Side Notes - seems chided by winning franchise to get Goat Power to the Nuggets - We then of Chicago and goats and thus of the Rockies they never dissed a goat thus why would Chicago get to beni from the Goatology thought occurring - This should be in Rome

Robbin Givens is Luscious

Development of Nolan redev of Porkys shuttled as Stern senility

Steamed fish looked it was Having a Burger

Longest Dry spell of Vodka and Cranberry for Van Haymen

Diazanone Road Dude worked in Spirit and Tried to Help what he Did

Creating tech with the US to filter poison from a road - Thought he took delivery of toxic waste and was legit - And spend the last decades studying - He didnt understand - Road spray - Alcohol - Mistake made thought calculated - Redemption present all we got

Howard Stern - the King of All Media unfortunately found King duties as he cleared dead livestock from the King of all Carnivore Cows project