Native Three Dimensional Imaging

Daily Digest 6 3 19

Now if Project Blue Book or if We Fly There in Twenty Different Ones - This One is Kind of a Paint By Numbers if you Wanted to Build It - OK Spinning Magnets - Yep

OK - Anyways - Often Sphereation of the East and Success in Mag Auto to Europe in New Cars from Magnetics and Crystal from Interstellar that Works Except in Space Worm Scribed and So On

X20 Eh BOA X Often How Many here at Wells Fargo when Butch Wanted One You Were Cool East West Things Government Corrupt

YMCA Knock Off Wallet Starbucks Hey I will Take a Gift Card - I guess Another One

Gettin the Beefs Out - Hymes Partner in Crime Jerome Off the Grid

Dominoes and Little Caesars Of Course have us Seeking Fight Club Posters in the Retail Locations Hint - Thus Hyme of the YMCA Santa Monica and J common J a Little Pee so Many Towels - Hyme Bent on Towel Revenge Turd Towel Sniffery - Thus James demonically Possessed Smells YMCA Poo Towel - Often Others In his Body Sniffin Poo - Reasons 1.3 MLN Tree and Whatnot - No Poo Towel - Zero One That - 1.3 MLN Tangerine Dream

Chris Rock Admits I Didnt Swing at the Noid - Positive Move Noid in Pissing in Pizza

Operation Dominoes - The Noid was Bigger in the East enough for CIA Op Eliminate the Noid - More Christian Dogma than Tom Monohan Perhaps Generates from Edleman Yet - The Noid is Going to Pee in Something thus Who Cares if He is Annoyed - In Time CIA Agents have to get an AD Piece in POP Comedian at the Time Chris Rock - The Noid Peeing in Things is Then 10 Million in Legal Mr Monohan can Wield

Wally Krebs - Tomorrow is of Today Except Dicht the German Term for Team Soid

Crap Often Polar Express is About the Center of the Earth Where One Can Travel and then See Clones of People from the Surface

Jon - Alheims

Mac Guys Steve and Ben

Often the Darth Vader Suit thinking Can it Be Done

Flying Helicopters - Programming Station - Record This Hey - Fly when they Come In - Mini Speakers on the Helicopters - Follow them and Say - Ridic

Tyco Race Set in Balanced Spatial Zero to Sixty in .00000318 Seconds

Brady Bunch Volcano Finally Done

Brain Teasers - Twelve One Two O Clock Three O Clock a Rock

When Randolf Hearst and Rudolph Giger eat Donuts they Know Fried Oil Hard to Digest - Yerba Mate like Rugby in the Stomach of Oxy Highway Down My Way - Goin My Way - No Mouse Fag Heroin Addict


Joseph R. Gannascoli

The Art of Writing by Robert Louis Stevenson:

of life is a great gift to place in the hands of persons of to-day; they will find in these smiling pages a magazine of heroism and wisdom, all of an antique strain; they will have their 'linen decencies' and excited orthodoxies fluttered, and will (if they have any gift of reading) perceive that these have not been fluttered without some excuse and ground of reason; and (again if they have any gift of reading) they will end by seeing that this old gentleman was in a dozen ways a finer fellow, and held in a dozen ways a nobler view of life, than they or their contemporaries.

The next book, in order of time, to influence me, was the New

Brad Grey the So Huge Scribed Thumb Gay Rubbed - Anyways Trash Truck Back of It How It Works

Storyline White People Wrote Black Things - DeLorean was a Genius

Original Line Was - Its Like an M&M Salad Back to the Future

Often Charles King of England After Back to the Future - Jim Best Movie I ever Saw - Charles like an Eminem Salad Puked

Len Nagy Book Signing David Did It - Back to Life

David Frankenstein  - 12 Volts 3 Inches had to be Four as David put Energy into the Body and Made it Move as a Device he Argued Some of It Was

Germans of Von Heeman Frankenstein Vee Change Da Dings

Here James Capers can Turn Crackers into Light Will Harmonics Sex Change Challenge Atlantis Techs - Here Male Female have Both in the Cell have Sex - Many Things Dont Change Stuff in There

Edgar Cayce now Welcome to Psycho - James Van Praagh Bring You Psycho on the Ritz

Often this Dev Log Oracle brings Contention as X1/2A=7.23 is then Specific

Jennifer Scranton Hot

Collective Joe has the Clout to Pee - He can Recluse in Quick Manner where his Partner Troy Continues the Broadcast

Often Fox of Contentious and Hurry Up when One Doesnt Have To

Crud OK so to Fight Joe Bucks Pee we have to Attack - Regiments Should be in Close Touch - Continuity in the Fortifications of Troy Aikman and No I dont a Fantasy About You Peeing as a Theory from Fox Broadcasting Techs Cords Mics and So On

Is there Anyway the Log Can Change Minus JBP

The Art of War by Sun Tzu:

sudden attack on the part of the enemy." Cf. VII. ss. 17. Mei Yao-ch`en says: "On the march, the regiments should be in close touch; in an encampment, there should be continuity between the fortifications."]

47. On contentious ground, I would hurry up my rear.

[This is Ts`ao Kung's interpretation. Chang Yu adopts it, saying: "We must quickly bring up our rear, so that head and tail may both reach the goal." That is, they must not be allowed to straggle up a long way apart. Mei Yao-ch`en offers another equally plausible explanation: "Supposing the enemy has not yet reached the coveted position, and we are behind him, we should

Codes and Questions

Anyways Teams then of Contrary in that this Log is the System Seven One Drive Controller for the Network - Brad Pitt having to Hear Joe Bucks Pee would Involve Well I Guess 21 Control System Seven Light Rolex Key One - Engine System One - Two Coordinate Seven Polar - Did Angelina and SO On

A lot Stuff About Joe Bucks Pee - Right

Below of Pain Meds to the Meditation I guess - Opt Out on your Controller if You Dont Want Joe Bucks Pee

OK Philly - Eh - Often If Joe Buck Could Use Pee to Attack from Me Los Angeles Angelina remarks yeah even Pee if I have to Wait - Troy then Well Not Really Pee - Right Around the Corner sounds like this - Anyways - Matt Stafford has had a great Day - Hes 20-27 Attempts in 308 Yards with Four Touchdowns - Hey Greys Banging A Lot and a Tell All of the Bangin - Welcome Back - Troy Unpeed and Joe Willy Wonka Pee After This

Cathy Here Appears as Animation looking for the Studio they Call Seven Dead One

OK - Anyways - Good Food Seven Dev One or Seven Dead One studio in My Heart

Gay Dude at the Sauna with Beat Up in Westwood - Thus Review Session - Hit Teams Evolved from a Stolen Wallet and Twenty Gift Cards Where BOA Finally Said Eh

Here Parasites in my Stomach just Moved as I think Six Wheeler Dude can Enter my Brain as Len Nagy and Bob Dinero have Mona Lisa in Short Order with Herbie using me as a Sex Unic Versa - Often Billy from Sauna Nazi Bird Witch even Appears

Here in Star Wars that I am IN I see the Six Wheeler and Viable Passage bringing his Words of Hacking my Brain from Michigan Isis Witches Bent on Six Wheel Revenge

OK - Spotlight Northern Michigan Six Wheeler Kid Parents Playdate Kid Drives Six Wheeler Michigan Maybe Engineer Now Could Mom Witch Bad Date Johnson - Mom Mom Straight Yeah So What Go Six Wheel you Little Freaks Well Have Isis drive it up It Later

OK - So little Creatures Created Things Michigan Witches Created Anyone my Mom School - Teachers in my Stomach - Witches Their Grey - Brad Grey has Dead Snitches in his Gut so Does my Teacher Hot Pants Johnson - Names Lived on Lake Visited Camping

Disney was Haunted by the Snow White Bitches - Under the Refrigerator in the Woods Bibity Bobity Boo taking Body Parts and Making Attacks Bibity Bobity Boo

Here Tobacco to Yesterdays Minds is All we Got as Hollywood Heavies Vie Ability in Ironman Transformers Edition Alzheims Jungle

On that one - Here Time Stops as Believing Meets Big Fat Black Chicks with Black Skull Candles Throw - She Throws like in Spirit

Believing in Things when Hollywood in Connecting Vestment is Light and Heavy on Doubt Church - Robert Schuler the Crystal Cathedral I guess Rob Zombies Tit Frenzy is Good

Eh Money to Engineers to Animation to Left Nut Fail as 'Reality Check' Noooo - Skeet Ulrich and More Work - Reality Check - The High Life Reality Check

Alright - OKC passing Good Water Management - Largest Camp Ground New Key West Everywhere Type of Water Dev - 1-7 Billion - Eh Seen Amazing Brand Largest Camp Ground in the World - Come Camp with Everyone - There White Sand North Atlantic Project - Interstellar with Lifting Capabilities Able to Move in Computer Navigated Projects

Alex again 'Dick' ever Since Monkeys Son Scribed

Often the Past - Helping - 10 Degrees to India in Confirm Downturn

Teams to Sphereation Often Katie Couric where Here NBC Brainiac Sinks Whatsherface with What Do You Read

Papers this of pauses Sarah - I know the New York Times exists is that the question - Noooo - Oh - I read a little now run Alaska biz meetings money with he fed fed programs to local and whatnot in prep for office I guess USA Today - Huffington Post

Here Alex loses Qwerty Matrix Ups with Matrix Downs

Hearst so ET Fat he Lodges in my Stomach Where Michael Jackson 'Nuts' Can Crawl from the Matrix Neo Hose Tank in Different Ways

Here somehow the Polar Express can Fly in Demonic Action

Often Health Very Important Below Here of Humans Able to Fly at James of James

Weekend Digest - 3DI - Week ending Sunday October 7 2018

Mel and then Tim - Tim of Just walking from meetings when we Dont have Money to the Build protects her interest to Research we will Claim

N3DIS - Native Three Dimensional Imaging Systems had light response to the Expensive initial platform seen with Crystal Growth Star Wars Seven at 1003 US Dollars

Slow dev of the platform unable to deliver 257 the processing speed as an open dev to the project of light able to process faster than a blu-ray player can modulate signal to HMDI - The high definition format having limitations in very little things - For engineers just seeing a broken cord it has copper inlay some of Monster Cable Inc things in open dev projects could be argued - For Sphereation then slows the project - The project vision creating virtual working presentations

Phase One

A 257 thin skin LED performance atmosphere - Initially in dev doesnt pan out - Ha ha ha - As we pixel variate looking for how a translucency will give 257 round square pixels the ability to create dimensional reality

Here Tim - Hot Springs Tim - Marie Curies from his past life where she might more interest than he does in the project

Well initial from both of us - Dev is slow - Market is unknown - Tied to James 38GBs algorithmic code that is slow in dev says it will do above - Take 257 blu-ray players and allow cross variated dimension which it does

Dev then to Divnity Design as we currently build again James to lives where I may have more biz interest his designers here understand Divinity Design when get it - Might finalize as Divinity Design Systems Inc - Side Notes - tim walks out of meetings a lot

Daily Digest - NTDIS - October 5 2018

Final Dimension bums out to Black Obsidian in New Sched for the Conversion sled

LED test project Dev Center uses 257 Thin Skin LED Panels with back panel front panel Mercury Vapor

10000 3650 - Seeing the test center then of how it was created - Currently think skin LED panel is being developed - Imaging giants in decade long research projects compete to deliver thinner more luminescent performance

Sphereation then of vague pieces in early dev - 257 Blu-ray players begin cross polar types of research the company does - LED panel to crystal panel their final vision

Creating the one dev then two hundred seventy computers all with line adaptive arrays synching - Frozen in the film they speak of this thing of what it is - JR w M -Above it aint - Green hacking his first write is a left and a duck he lets it roll off and then back on fail - JR w NT

Ten years the dev seen for the project - Sphereation of ten years of research science and math needed for any of their proposals - Charles of three thousand six hundred fifty days counting with each release - the Sky Sail new - Thus Sphereation argues that can attain and release their portfolio now

Light passes through actual digital aligned copies of one and zero conversion

Initial design uses light through crystal in nano growth able to have ten k in small frame actual panel - in nano optics one can see the first frame of Star Wars Seven in our proposal - Written to the crystal

Sphereation proposes the creation of Native Three Dimensional Imaging - Utilizing power to light conversion Native 3DS uses two hundred fifty seven thin skin planes to create a two feet deep performance atmosphere - Ooh does it - Cheetoh Cheetah leave it alone - Noooh - I dont like it - Cheetoh Cheetah dont pee in my things - - Oooh - Its the community refrigerator - Oooh - No Cheetoh Cheetah dont pee on the Native 3DS - Oooooh

Processing at three hundred and seven GHz light frequency and coded modulated crystal computing create three dimensional media from two dimensional media w

Media W being more than what I thought where I left maybe Where I right is then how I left - Whos on second - Your Wife- Thus what was it - Eh - A media interface module - Proposals to W - alphabet - errors to correct proposal Media W - designers hierarchical create fails to W letter to designer to company as well and company name their score W - creates then converted element to standard definition now light optics not fiber optics - satellite can send a fiber optic signal via stronger integrity in design - energy is the signal - ones and zeros in patterns is the integrity broken in air transmission - So we use first theory is current our reflection on new electricity viable - Do I channel from an engineer designer or just conceptual design proposal theoretician - Thus are we allowed to create new electricity from light plasma cross radiated through trans core crystal emulation