Daily Digest 11 20 19

Cortez - As you ask often is that You Seacrest - No It Isnt

10000 Without Homicide to have David manifest Make me a Healing Compound - Tinctures 1000 Dollars for David over Seven Years None - Mixing for Him a Stroke

Leaving Earth then I Left in 1983 via a Starcraft

Tim San Didio Jim in Trials Porn King and Underage Somehow Or 18 - Well Trials

So Jim Takes the Wars Lives on his Own Planet while We Get our Second Hearts and Flight

351 Wars Await Earth Ion E

1979 My Body Died and I became an Android

Often Downer it is Padiwon

1903 The Fight Club Already Had Pee in the Tea

Jim Didnt Help Anakin at All - Dave in Past Lives to Stay Away From as he Brain Washes Jim Towey can Channel and Dave Smacks Em and Jim Doesnt Leave

Bio Med Devices

No the Great Lakes Very Polluted - Eh - 1907 - Everything - Union Carbide - 100 MLN Gallons Runoff from Metals Processing and 10 Percent Heavy Metal Mercury

Often Grand Traverse Bay - Capones Herpes in a Boat

1555 Pitt Aniston and Porn 555