Daily Digest 5 27 20

Lower Ills Nukes Pollutes - Lower Gas Lounge - Anti Matter Healing Fuels Inc - Maylens - Zero Mark - to All and Good Night - First Clue Fast Food Large Meal Gallon of Yerba Mate Your Hour Journey Begins

Bathroom Jewish Wonderland

Jim Adores The Spanish Military Who Eventually Became Ours - Running at Poop Like Disney in my Poop in My Stomach - Hike 10 Miles Minnie in the Poop Mad No Whip Get Runnin Stuck Poop Army Life

Often Eche - Catholics Detroit their Press Dave Nagy Detroit Mental Ill Often - Here of New Water Key West Nagys Out - New Interstellar Vied Out

Often Jolie to Sid as a Pitt Bull of the Supernatural in then Jo Hoffner as Second Pitt Lez Lush - Marcie Cute

Mag Jet Works - Here Drunks Dont Retired in CO No Red Roof Who Let the Drunks Out Design Design

Steve into Red Panax Paradise Herbs City - Angelina Jolie After Months Bitch Whore Front Yard - Seven One Bipolar Pitches - Brad and Jim Cellos Hawaii 10 Hours Meditation

CO Eche Steve Martin Pony Tail Full Hair Promise from Jim - Cocaine - Legal from Us - Steve Needs 10 Lifetimes to Samson Hair - Brad Pitt City - There They will Come - In Time 10 Lives Yerba Mate Grows Hair Life Doesnt - 10 Lifetimes Co Eche - Seen Legalized Not Used Much Sphereation