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Ion Beam Canon and Sphereation

The New Machiavelli by H. G. Wells:

want to begin over again!"

I took her hands, perplexed beyond measure. "My dear!" I said.

"I want to begin over again."

I bowed my head to hide my face, and found her hand in mine and kissed it.

"Ah!" she said, and slowly withdrew her hand. She leant forward with her arm on the sofa-back, and looked very intently into my face. I felt the most damnable scoundrel in the world as I returned her gaze. The thought of Isabel's darkly shining eyes seemed like a physical presence between us. . . .

"Tell me," I said presently, to break the intolerable tension, "tell

Here then Often Loses of Energy as Others Appear Unhealthy in Their Things some Pharmaceuticals Otherwise if on Atlantis Neo could Float in Spirit and Hit My Head for Tobacco Common

Often then of Moving Past the Worlds Friction on Interstellar in a Scary Functioning Groove

Gut Worries from this Pilot as Time Jews Hack It - Sha Poopie - OK Mood Shifts Energy Shifts Dark Force Team Rebulus

At 240000 Away We Travel at 10000 MPH 240000 in a Day to the Moon - Fast Trip at 3000 MPH we Still Die So Might as Well 10K it or Three Day Cruise

Holography Games New - Emitters Mercury in Double Pane LED Mirrors able to gyradiate the light Fields some for Mr Lucas Sir Mr and Light Saber if they Need Anything - Few Years to Complete the Light Saber Game of the Theme Park in a Boutique at the Stratosphere the New Tech of Sphereation - Telemetry Sim - Eh Often is the Plane Level to the Ground Telemetry - Oh - Space and Flight Nav - Oh so then the Moon is 1 Mln 200 from the Earth Miles 238900 Miles Oh Well So Then

Ten Years Often Any Project - Here Pauses in Time Below is Amazing

Copper Inlay - Design Challenge One

Collapso the Game is as well - Puzzles of the countries of the world in 3d from semi precious gems - Sim in the game covers the 1 million for Paris France and London Great Britain Made from Semi Precious Gems Costs Vary

Can Sim It with Bouncing Ball Helps Designers Difficult Design New Holo Pinball in Real Analog Playfield

Eh Slow Dev Anti Gravity Pinball Dev One - Rolex Desired as Partner Expensive - Ten Hand Like Flippers More of Future Robot than Flippers - Phase One Bouncing Rubber Ball - Freezes with Cash Need - Side Notes - things Rolex does are cool

Please Open Anakin University Textbook Quantum Physics Analysis 101 - One Page One You Will See Ten Vicodin - Please Take a Vicodin

So Then in Time Reincarnation - Thus Entities - Interstellar Fun - Nuts on Lap Not Fun - Welcome to Sphereations Pilot Training - Although Parking the Seven One on Ones Lawn is Cool Again Nuts on the Seat is Not

Ah - Time Capsule

OB Jon

OC Jon

Jon Again Dead Spielberg Threats over Woodbridge - No if you Dont Get this Done - One is Great - Nosh and Spielberg Cut out of NC - That Explains Puzzle Number One

Often if One Could Hijack Mind Gravies and then Deny It - Ah CSI Plago Island

Kacey Driscoll - In the Home There Sat a Book - She Knew Words the Book was and is Greatness Yet she Parlayed it - A bag sits on a Chair - A - Open the Bag and Examine - B - Leave the Home - C - Look Around

Left Side Narrative - Spencer Tracey

No in the Film a Bag of Money and Jimity of Do This Spitball with Tracey and Greats

The Knights Templar - Epic - Characters realize it was a Mad Mad Mad Mad World because the Rest of the Script is Sphereration Property - They Were Mad about It Missed Interstellar Initial Design Phases

Nicki Admits Black Phoenix is then with Nicki Dennis - Often Pete Livingston - Names even from Past Classics - Round Off Who Are They

Black Phoenix is the Action Adventure Drama about Isis as a US Para Military Agent - Accompanied by 'Where Did The Light Go' Physics Nerd - Nickname - Jonathan Schorber - Nicki Likes It - OK - Light that Sand Island Prairie Follies Some Effect

Al Green Corn Muffins - How Bout Love Nigger Prick - Wow at Jim - Negris - Jim of Black as a Superhero then White

Again in the Film - In Reality in Ones Body from the Hands to the Blood Stream

So Then Core Issues Coffee 5K at Delay - Open House - Ice Cube The Warrior Spirit About Jim using Medicine Balls 'From Dave' and Dusts Entering his Blood Stream - In the Film My Character can use in Mortal or Spirit Black Obsidian dust I throw it with a Leather 'Gay' My Character thinks its Gay - On a flying Horse I Male Parismo Native American Abilities and a Pouch

Medicine Balls Heal the Body - Light Dev in Nuclear US Earth Sex Good - Cow Main Food - Sex Imperative Most Likely

Sphereation and Flies - Hearst Definitely Would Not Enter your Body in Spirit from his Spirit and then use a Fly Lets Lock this In

How Does Retting Innovate OSHA 071

Often Sphereation a civilian design company - Above 100 MLN back to the US - Fans not one large fan - Throughout the building software mapped algorithmic targeting allows better air control - Retting pieces the fan software building management that becomes Sphererations desire to improve air quality in office buildings - Yerba Mate often conquers the entire condition of office building illness similar to airplanes - American Health Chewable Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Round Off Health advice - 72 Lee Helper - Nicki 74 - Office 72 Everybodys Great Otherwise as follows 68 - 80

Light Laser Tool - Real Things Thus Light Saber 10000 - 7082

Thus Both Needed

Light Saber Game for the Stratosphere

Halogen embedded mercury optic panels modulate a reverse polar field to create the cow dissection tool from Star Wars

Well then Often A Politico in It

Michael R Pence Senate Sub Committee on Defense Spending in Social Media Gyro Rotaries took back at a meeting as the Detroit Rotary Club revealed success in the Mag Auto Dev Process eventually third level NDA review allowed - Non deseizure - allowing proprietary disclosure to government in unrelated meetings - Sphereation can we show the Anti Gravity Pinball

Design Initially Difficult Padiwons - Under It Organized Ball Things Sorting Player Mistakes Greens Like Course no Edges uses Above and Below

Food Below Retail - Putt Putt Golf to Tiger Woods in a Complete Design that Locks his Labyrinth Like Greed - Designed to manage the Ball Whereever No Way to Go Of Course automatic Design Captures the Ball and Your Error sits in the Next Penalized Location - Scores Real Compete on Scoreboard - Doesnt Exist Yet

Broken Lizard Admits that Retting Might Accidentally Shut Down Camera Seven a Pee Claim on Pot Two in the Pit - Camera Back Giggles

Thus Retting Security Senior to Jim of Getting DOD Seven Class Gear and Then Excellent at It - Typically Eh - Pee Liberal Retting - Hey a Kitchen had a Pee Employee Issue - Yeah - I need unhackable Pee Non Defendable Defenses

Thus Food Management of Working in It Seeking Ways for Purity - Jim of Cameras 20 in Kitchens Restaurants No if I come in and Want to Cook just so I remember What I Did

Sphereation Paul Athletic 50 Hour Starbucks Reporting Gig - Retail Dev Pieces eventually See that on the Floor Right There Dont you See It Well Pick it Up

Sphereation Being Flexible in the Same Ways will Work It - Cortez 11.01 Billion an Invoice Jim Holds for the City - YMCAs I Guess and then of a Mall Staff Funded eventually Crowded - Outlet Mall No - Tofu Burger Yes - 10K a Day Paul

Were going to Pass on the Episode with the Nut Parasite - Riiight - Gene Rodenberry Sits Back and Holds the Script - Four Episodes Recant

Often this Blog Completely Irrelevant Hollywood Dyno Labs - Dynamic Frequency in Space Modulators - Light to Planets from Leighton as Sound to the Engine to the Ring Expansion Theory to Its Real Existence to the Edge of the Ateena Seven One Mr Pitt is Showing the Seven Module that Uses Ring Expansion to Predict Initial Space Real Estate - Complexities in Space - Star Trek Season Two Ep 13 Kirk has his Nuts Pull Out a Demon in His Pants Blood Pants Fluids

Staffords Not Allowed to Look at Pray For the Play in the First Game we Just Saw Lions Mistake One Could Correct Right Side Lateral Pitch Right Foot - Eh No Its Dead People Just Uttered Their Names

Tobacs for the Sack aint Great on the Packs - Season Approachith - Sphereation - Seattle - Chicago - Saints - New England - Machine Up - Brady Shoulder Down - Machine Grind New One Legs Both Not Shoulder at the Time - Grind All - New Homeopathic David of Homeopath to Jim to Schulze to Iherb to Marshall to Stafford - One Could 30 Coral Calcium - 20 Digestive - Accelerate Lodge of Natural Healing Acceleration - Ridic - Specific Things - Try Paradise Herbs Red Panax Ginseng - No Meds - Two Bottles Wont Give Heart Attack Otherwise Allowed

Clerks Remake West Coast Mission Beach - First Live Capture Weekend - Second Angel and Max Cast the Film with Jim - Live Capture to Script and Reshoot - Works in Final Real Life Comedy

Cyclone Like Circular Processing Plants using Compressive Magnets - Often Below and More - Celebs Politicos - Holocaust Jim Boldly We Forgive and Fly Max Spielberg Ladies and Gentleman - Jim Son of Steven Satanic Cross Will Bond - Twin Birth Bond Possible Somehow Eh here Flies Kiss My Leg Like Spielberg Would Not - I Know Steven Spielberg - Your Are No Steven Spielberg - Touchen Family Formula


Daily Digest 8 14 19

Twin Magnet Atmosphere in Dual Array Compression via Crystal Core Sphere with Dioptic Core Navigation via Engine Controllers in Digital Verbal Hand Language Sorcery

Rolex Sought to Anti Gravity Pinball to Create Hand Controllers - Flip Controllers Emulate Human Hands Flipping Ball Into Gameplay

Game Series of Software and Devices challenging to Advance Existing Vision of Complex Design in Anti Gravity to Pinball in Holography

Self Assembled 18 Foot Lap Pool - Kit Delivered has Challenges to Power and Distillation - Uses 10 Percent Distillation and Passes FDA and EPA Guidelines on E Coli

Sky Sail - Uses Magnet Ground Based Tech to Fly Helium Sail with Software and Ground Navigation

Speed Rail Los Angeles to Hawaii - Display system presents ocean with translucent Tech Able to Co Animate the Ocean Floor and Creatures at 350 MPH

131 Tribes 195 Countries Create Interstellar Vie for What Then If - Phase One Dev Appears Successful in an Open Source Design Company that Uses an Oracle and Seeks Within It - Ten Years in Creating a Proposal Series

Susan - Below of Trans Will Synergy in Nutrition

Sleep Cell Trans Will Disorder Syndrome

Entities able to cross will - Cocaine can cross will if the Matrix access is possible

Arguing Decrim Sphereation has 10 Billion - Vested to Argue for the Eventual Legalization of Complex Substances - Class One of Atlantis Complex Chem Scientists in 10000AD Abilities - Their Reductions of Coca Leaf and Guarana the Current Studies

Crystal Processing

Medicine balls core decriminalization

The Biometrics Watches Prince

Device light wrist Lucas Sony research light crystal

Jim Draws the

Six of Cups (Pleasure): Opening your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Fond memories fuel the playful embrace of love and life. Experiencing the joy of youth and sexual innocence. Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Meeting an old friend.

Geesh - Often Oracle Wows in So Many Things

Water cleaning purifying is then vaulted by the oracle as possible in Sphereations current design proposal of a twin magnetic one point five million megawatt generator in arc wave dispersion of one hundred thousand watts

Skeet Unfortunately Not Watching Wall Street

Greed is good - Well if one then seizes to not having it and lives reasonably one can use it as a tactic in building against other claims to it - Skeet Ulrich

Skeet Ulrich Admits that Drawing the

Click for Details

All Psychics we then Atlantis Eight Billion Our Planet in Time we Knew Each Other - Teams to the Captain of Atlantis Began - These Teams of the Colonization of Planet Earth - Currently Second Heart More Oxygen is the Beginning

Adam often Appears in the Logo of Health Products Section at City Market Helping When he Can

Adam Carolla Looks at his Tired Sad Studio and Realizes His Spirit Could have Vision Quest with Native America but he Did Whatever having his Spirit Poon Trampoline Quest Instead

James Van Praagh Allows Scalability in his Picture Again Allan Affuah if you Use the Picture of Allan Affuah Please Leave it Sized at 100 Percent

Lets Gouge In

James Van Praagh is at the Psychics Faire - A house sits in the wood of Image result for james van praagh

Again then We Work Through It

Chris Titus flies the eight - Crashing in Nasa Test Field Seven he The Mansion by Henry van Dyke:

"Through the mercy of the King"--the answer was like the soft tolling of a bell.

"And how have I earned it?" he murmured.

"It is never earned; it is only given," came the clear, low reply.

"But how have I failed so wretchedly," he asked, "in all the purpose of my life? What could I have done better? What is it that counts here?"

"Only that which is truly given," answered the bell-like voice.

Geesh Facade Seeing Death and Seeing Hollywood Phonies

Oracle is Chastised for Two Readings on Chris Titus Again Celeste and Either Celeste is Then Older at Death - Thus of Private to Amazing to Jim Thus Available so No

The Chariot, when reversed: Ineffective use of force. Might turned against the weak or the righteous. Senseless violence and warmongering. Lack of discipline and poor direction fan the flames of a situation already out of control. Advance without consideration of the consequences for others.

Chris Draws the Death Card Now Celeste was Present Not a Clear Reading Except Prayers and Omega Three and Coenzyme Q10 Immediate Healers Both Compounds

Christopher Titus - Show for Fox - Dox - Of Greece Gunga Din Attila the Huns Son Card for Chris

Death: A major change or transformation, possibly traumatic and unexpected. Freedom from the shackles of the past. A new beginning. Death coupled with rebirth, usually related to consciousness and lifestyle.

Titus Andronicus

Waste Management and Recycling

Daily Digest 7 23 19

Often Rosie reads and Hemingway now has Traverse his Words through Six Hoagies and a Colon

Often 'Dick' from tennis Outing Returns Fight in Honor Jews are Tennis Beastialityists

If I Could Hack My Life Tennis Coach Dr Wrist Welt

Fake Real Starcraft Live in Native Americans heres my Kid heres the X

Bill Cries Laughs and then Cries Alpha Ateena Orion Zephyr One 700,000 Rotary Alignment Fail No Crash Sand Piles Jim of Money to Fix It - Test Fields Dont Break it Typically

Mag Auto Detroit Jim Says Hearst for the 1000 First Fail of It

Often 34 We of Neo as Benjamin Button in the Fly Machine with Panties in Im Getting Younger Soooo


Daily Digest 7 22 19

Fake Reprose

Often Elton John Looking like Daniel Song to Himself

Food Machine You are What You Believe You Are - No Its Kind of Like Turkey

Medicine Balls and US Core Syndrome - Flight Collapse Otherwise Happy People

Often the University of Michigan and Nomenclature - The term - Not Aware of it - You Now are Nit Nit

In a Tech Blog Self Peddling Pood Is Then Challenged

Interstellar Will Be Chiding - Capers his Talk - Now Stress and Design is Like Hot and Cold - In Lost in Space where Will Bums at Window Freak Out - It Gets Better my Heart Wows

Sphereation Often 'Challenging Media Steriotypes' Finds the James Capers

Moon Robots What Gives

Dr Schulze New Age Time Freak

Kids Do I want to Be Sick - No Soda No Pharmaceuticals - Umcka Deis

Here Lower White Castle and Yerba Mate - Do It - Dental Vit C Co E Q T Greens Teas No Soda No Pharms No Artificial Food Dyes - Light Neuro

Fronting for Israel often the Burger Best Build Kit City - Jimbo - Arlington Great for Meetings 1 BLN FUND Dev Water then Marriott - Water Experience each Room of the Water the Healing the Times

CEO Blues - No - Dave - Anderson - The Mechanic - Hot Springs - Dave - Italian - Israel - Synagogue

So Anyways on Atlantis to Human otherwise My Mom Beastiality in Cow Black Matter - Thus Neo and a City and Gases and Past Lives as Spirit Hacked the Competition Accidentally

Eminem Looks Up Death - Time Splint Bad Cesion

Animal Husbandry - Other Planets - Questions

System Seven One Finds Pilot Narqs

Troy Transformers Ass Roid Results Gears Glass Bridge

Lucelle - Lightwave Harmonics - Native America Interstellar Gifts

OS D in Hash Spot

Now Again was of Troy Sword Ass Rebellion in Hash Dust Out

Not Witches Cortez of Tandy 1973 Internet - Grunt - Gooood - 0.93873 MBPS


Daily Digest 7 17 19

Hearst Again of Fat Rat - Thus Dead Often Here - Vibes of Turds Hairs to Me - David Amun-Ra - Israel David Might have Had Hair Scam Lands in my Jock

Testin Lesbian Didnt Bring Me Home

Asia Chagrins Low Pube

Daily Digest 7 15 19

Mag Auto - Greece Chagrin It - Qwa - QWA - Energy Principle - Quantum Wave Analytics

ET Freak Chested Consto Staunch mogals 40000K vit C - Stirring Reactions

So Twin Array via Cross Ionic Energy Exchange is the Energy Principle in Center Resonant Combine Analog AC Down Conversion

Mag Auto  Nephew Chris Admits Jims a 'Dick'

Kara Shinaberry admits Im a 'Dick'

Bill Hearst doesnt attack like an Ear Star Trek Wrath of Kahn thing but Look at This Picture

insert picture here

Blew a Sprocket after feeling they are Now 'Dicks'

Thusith We Fix Soda - Beverage Yeast - Fender Natural Gas - Stomach a Food Yeast - Wielding Metal and So - CO2 from anything But Yeast is Toxic Volatile and Binds to Water in 5.6 pH for Three Days - The Body at 7.6 pH thus Makes Coca Cola Liver Tissue

Self Appointed Agent Report - Clearance Level 71AlphaZionUSFreedom8137

The US suffers from astral bound acid stomach seizure including but not limited to soda dissolving the growth cycle of youth in a myth Isis from Mars 'originally from Egypt the planetary system' With stomach displacia Anakin argued demonic anomalies including my wife 'Isis' in childrens stomach

Today Soda is of Yum - No - Delish - No - Poison Wielding Gas Acid Burnout - Difficulty Making the Matrix 10000 - Difficulty in knowing Soda is Sewer Peed Gas

US 'Dicks'

Daily Digest 7 12 19

Light Dev Spanish Queens and Dr Frankenstein Body Art and Demonic Possession from Planet Egypt

Again of Delaware and Void Double Status - When Does Void equal Desolation

Soo Hom at Comicon Has Tyler and Tyler in Redd Foxx One X One D for Boy Jock

Again Algebra X1/7=218.315 Here Changing It to Slower Dev Relevance

Here then More Appeared with Cheering from Hearst Meaning Look Down He Really Was Constipated Mad and Railing on Assistants

Talentless is Of Course Hand on Stomach Demons Good Stories Hand off Stomach Demons Bad Mitch Albom Detroit Alzheims Stories - Tales from Grandpas Drawers talking to An Old Jew - Album endeared Himself to Jews of Old an Young in his Frolicking Detroit Stories of Jews

Terry Gillium and Movie Where he Died Making It His Name Much Like Mayhem from the Commercials Shields an Angry Brit

That David may have Indiscretion Brings ole Billy 'Cover it Up' Hearst and Died of Pills Name Soon

David and Divine Food Leaves 1004 Last Pull Out

Olsen Nagy Thomas Scam Zingermanns Where Ferver Experience is Pastrami and Hate

But Algebra Often Bob Dinero a Gentleman Can bang the Bitches Head Like Casino where Skulls Crack in a Pulp Fiction built in Realities

71X of Cortez being Well Witches - Where Rabbit Human Accentuated Glamour Shot Not out of It

Hows It Going to Feel when my Darth Vader Suit Doesnt Help You Anymore

Pieces - Often the Darth Vader Suit in how it Feels

Anyways - Here Jim of me Jesus Christ Eventually God Makes Me Do It Johnson

This a Sleep Thing Pblow - US Missouri Not of Lure Doesnt Sit in a Field of Ozone OK

Often if Einstein Bratted Space Time Continuum Spain through the Army would Sure

Even Onerous Sphereation Still Viability

Cortez Internet When Latency and Low Delivery of Bandwidth to ATT Seven One is Present Please Do Not Kill Your Goat

EPA in ground water to one failing Car Wash to Interstellar Healing it in Days

Centric Eco Recycling Proposal

Mike Litner - ASP - A facility circular a vision to the interstellar being able to aid processes by lifting enormous amounts of rubbish and move it efficiently - A disposal type of large combine grinds trash hurling dirt in a location plastics in a location plastic films in a location plastic foil lined papers in a location paper in a location cardboard in a location tin in a location cross bonded aluminum in a location and toxic chemicals into a containment bed

Working from new compressive magnetic technology seeking to bring rotational energy to balanced mechanical devices Sphereation sees complex proposals seeking patents at times to secure funding to different investment the company balances to interstellar

Creating a recycling plan that is bundled with the Mob their money their efforts and their need to bundle recycling with Waste Management - Recycling is Waste Management - Thus the Department of State has to vy for the redefinition of Class 401C environmental restructuring through Federal Funding

Becky Bourn - Systems Architect - Operations Manager for Sphereation finally Speaks Out About Seth Greens internet Hack costing Earth 2120 Production over Seven Million Dollars

I know Seth thought it was funny shit doing what he did - But we all lost in the end - Rich Bourn - Well in production the script lagged so initially the two million in production cost came from his third level interstellar prototype in the form of parts we took and sold

Eight Trailers Go

Design of large theme ride experience - First design space to work with - Assembled then a rectangular space to design  in


The company then of dev from ScaryBuilders Bob Zombie in Were American Band more crazy then scary

Now Theme Rides

Below was The Warrior Spirit for Universal Studios - The theme proposal lagging at a backlot fire that basically had the following

Serial One Underwriters

Dear Universal Studios

We find unfortunate that several acres of the backlot burned - Several buildings including studio thirteen burnt down - Now we did review the reconstruction of the studio in early bids - With the fire you wont have to do that - Since it burnt down - Now indemnity in it accidentally burnt down or during the production of old shit we cant get government series one funding for we accidentally had a fire and had our insurance company do it

A Warrior Spirit

Here Brad Pitt and A Warrior Spirit - The Warrior Spirit often me - The me - One - Me - The - See - Here then f it I wont shag your low scrawl flying leprechaun epic - Brad Grey on the phone - Whats going on - When Gibson low balled his entire team it wasnt the nickel that Whoopi freaked accordingly at - It was more how did this script pass you past position by

NFL - the Ride for Imagine Nation the Theme Park

Early dev is of a Barry Sanders run that is a partnership with Japan in track renovation in new disappearing roller coaster track - Second is a field holodeck type of emulation able to create a stadium from eight additional identical designs - Imagine Nation proposing single person advanced experiences - David Blaine and a tribute in forty four roller coaster tracks creating a flight over Egypt in the Seven Wonders of the World Ride - insurance the first consideration single passenger carriage travel and animate dangerously together

Imagine Nation the Theme Park

Sphereation proposes the creation of Imagine Nation the Theme Park supporting its mission to interstellar with the most ambitious theme park design to date - Proposing Rolex Industrial Light and Magic create Corporate Sun and Sorcery in a collaboration with Imagineering - Seven E tickets the theme park has an interstellar simulation that appears to fly in the park


Sphereation proposes the creation of the reality television program ScaryBuilders seeking Robert Cummings to moderate the creation of theme rides for the traveling carnival theme ride industry whilst also balancing other elements of the Flying Bike Project - the calendar book - the bookings book - oh thats good then - yeah in Walter Schmitty stuff you have access to an expensive flying bike - three grand ten minutes - gas kits - liquid nitro - liquid otro liquid not cheap o even if we did o create o the mini air jet o

The Parov Stelar Haunted House based on the single Booty Swing and new analog holography from multiple projection sources glass work and conventional illusions begin Sphereations proposal including new software that tracks each car as a playhead in Final Cut Pro - over three thousand visual elements combine to create the ride

Creating a virtual machine farm and increased CPU performance from analog design some of the challenges of the project

Hot Springs Village

White Water Rafting Park

Sphereation proposes the creation of a White Water Rafting Park based on new design

In the United States smaller amusement parks struggle to present themes - Sphereation proposes the creation of a singular theme white water rafting park with a multi ballast engine design where lagoon basins can be filled while reducing energy costs via energy experiments - The design then creates a river and the rest is just a natural expression - White Water Rafting on a river

Rather than pursuing rafting experience from theme expressions a lagoon at the top fills when filled the river begins and the experience is based on providing a new plastic surface that prevents injury with a river basin effect as well from new plastics

Each boat is timed every time and a leader board presents the current fastest times

Better elevator design brings guests to the top to ride again in a few minutes via an angled conveyor their boat waiting for them

Design to a ballast engine or several connected to an electrical generator seeks to covert voltage to an upconverter

Partners Sought






Edison Electrical Generators - companies - research proposed by Sphereation

Tesla Coil Up-converters - companies research proposed by Sphereation