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Taras Bulba and Other Tales by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol:

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Daily Digest 8 8 19

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The Wrong Box by Stevenson & Osbourne:

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For some years A.R.E. members and the organization itself have conducted expeditions in search of ruins or any remains of the lost continent of Atlantis. According to Cayce, Atlantis—located from the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar—was destroyed in a final catastrophic event circa 10,000 B.C. The focus of A.R.E. efforts has been in the Bimini area, however, other related locations have also been investigated. Research on the so-called Bimini Road has been hampered as researchers are split on the origin of the structure: some believe it is a manmade road or foundation while others assert it is natural beach rock, which fractured in place. However, a seldom-discussed fact is that a portion of the Bimini Road was removed after a hurricane in 1926.

Before the end of the last Ice Age (12,000-years ago) the ocean levels were at least 300 feet below their current levels. A vast "island" was in the area in those remote times rather than chains of islands. Edgar Cayce referred to Bimini as one of the mountaintops of ancient Atlantis. While few would consider the island a mountain, 12,000-years ago it was one of the highest points on the vast land formation in the region. Bimini and Andros Island, lying about 100 miles to the east of Bimini, were a part of the same island in 10,000 B.C.—called "Poseidia" temple which sunk in 10,000 B.C. and is, according to Cayce, covered by "the slime of ages." This record hall is identical to the one in Egypt under the Sphinx.

Archaeologists have countered that the remains of civilization in the region only go back 7,000 years—or perhaps even less. They have asserted that if a major civilization existed in the area, some of its remains would be found on current land. That assertion has a fundamental flaw. Ancient maritime civilizations typically built their cities and ports on the ocean shores. As related in prior issues of Ancient Mysteries, archaeologists working in South America, the Pacific coast of North America, India, and elsewhere in the world have been discovering the remains of underwater ruins. These ancient maritime civilizations built their cities and ports on coastlines—all of which have been covered by the rising oceans. Given the recent changes in North and South American archaeology—taking the history of habitation in the Americas to 50,000-years ago—it seems likely that ruins would lie in the shallow waters around Bimini.

Andrew Collins—Gateway to Atlantis

In August 2002, British researcher Andrew Collins renewed interest in the search for Atlantis with a stirring lecture at the Annual Egypt & Ancient Civilizations Conference at Virginia Beach. Collins' book, Gateway to Atlantis, proposes that the major remaining portions of Atlantis are in and around Cuba—especially in the area where possible underwater ruins were discovered in 2000. Collins published this rather startling idea prior to the discovery of the possible ruins. Collins also discussed the possibility that Andros Island (between Bimini and Cuba) could hold ruins of Atlantis and he showed a variety of photos of underwater structures taken in the waters around Andros. Many of the photos were shot by J. Manson Valentine and several pilots in the 1960s, prior to the existence of GPS. Thus, several of the locations of the ruins have been lost.

As reported in the A.R.E. membership newsletter Ancient Mysteries, Collins found several of the original photos and Cuban articles in the Egerton Sykes' collection of the A.R.E. library during the conference week. Sykes was a world recognized authority on Atlantis who carefully evaluated all of the evidence on Atlantis as well as conducting his own expeditions until his death in 1983. All of his books, manuscripts, and research materials are housed in a secured area of the library. The articles, written in Spanish, were subsequently translated by A.R.E. Trustee, Humberto Martinez, M.D., who read them to the audience. The articles detailed 1950s efforts to locate remains of Atlantis by Cuban archaeologists—all of which were subsequently suspended due to political changes. Nevertheless, the information pointed to the areas around Cuba—including Andros and Bimini—as probable sites of ruins. Our research of satellite images has uncovered a site in Cuba which fits all of Plato's statements about the center city. 

Cuban Underwater "Ruins" May Be Concrete

While we hope that the "ruins" reported off the extreme western tip of Cuba are remnants of Atlantis, our research indicates that the formations lying on the 2100-foot bottom may be something else. This area lies near the locations of the Soviet-era guided missile bunkers and concrete platforms that were the critical issue in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. We believe that the materials on the bottom may be the remains of these bunkers and the storage silos which were quickly dismantled by the Soviets and dumped. Virtually no new information (2004) has been released about the Cuban site, but we remain hopeful that ruins may be identified at the location.

Genetic & Archaeological Confirmations

An additional piece of thoroughly scientific evidence pointing to the probably existence of Atlantis has recently been published in two books: Mound Builders (2001) and Ancient South America (2002). Both books have been authored by Dr. Greg Little, John Van Auken, and Dr. Lora Little. In Mound Builders, the authors suggest that the technology many people associate with Atlantis may not be as advanced as thought. In addition, Van Auken and Lora Little's book, The Lost Hall of Records (2000), details finds associated with the migration of Atlanteans to Central America. Updated information on recent archaeological discoveries and genetic evidence have been presented at the annual Ancient Mysteries conference.

It has long been recognized that migration legends from natives in North, Central, and South America support the migration of advanced groups to various locations in the Americas corresponding to Cayce's accounts of Atlantis. In recent years, archaeological work has shown that Cayce's accounts of the Atlantean migrations to the Americas is consistent with the archaeological evidence. Now, however, research on a form of DNA recovered from ancient remains almost perfectly matches Cayce's account. This was an unexpected scientific surprise that appears to support the contention that Atlantis was in the Caribbean area. In particular, what is called "Haplogroup X" by geneticists, has been found in ancient remains in every location in the world where the Cayce readings state Atlanteans fled at three different times (10,000 B.C., 28,000 B.C., and 50,000 B.C.). Amazingly, Haplogroup X—one of 42 major ancient mtDNA groups identified—has not been found in other locations of the world. In addition, another DNA type, called Haplogroup B, appears to be from what Cayce and others have termed the ancient continent of Mu—or Lemuria. We were the first to make this assertion, which has since been embraced by many others. For additional information, see Ancient America and Genetic DNA Research.

A.R.E.'s Satellite Imagery Research of Bimini

In 2001 and 2002, the Edgar Cayce Foundation funded a 640-square km satellite imaging project in the area around Bimini. This research project was completed by Jonathan Eagle. This process allows for the identification of probable underwater structures. The project revealed two types of seemingly "anomalous" formations. Both of these have now been extensively investigated. The results are below:

  1. "Two" straight lines were seen off NE Bimini and the report to the A.R.E. by J. Eagle suggested that the lines could be walls with sand dunes over them. In mid-2003, Greg and Lora Little visited the site of the lines and discovered that they were simply seaweed growing on the tops of sand channels. Locals were well aware of the sand channels. J. Eagle and Bill Donato visited the lines in July of 2003 and also made the same finding. However, J. Eagle reported that he "felt" a "reverse thermocline" in the area—with cooler water on the surface. Eagle and Donato have suggested that the thermocline and sand channels may be due to some sort of volcanic activity which they say may be somehow connected to a vein of gold Cayce stated was on Bimini. The National Geographic has sponsored an extensive study of the water flows around Bimini and found numerous areas where different temperatures mixed. The thermoclines around Bimini are due to warm water flows swirling with colder water flows. In October 2003, we viewed the large image of the 630 sq km satellite image of Bimini (now posted in the A.R.E. library) and noted at least another dozen "straight lines" to the NE of the two which were investigated. We believe all of these are completely natural and not worthy of further attention, but a few other investigators have plans to visit the underwater lines at NE Bimini to investigate their possible relationship to the gold vein.
  2. About a dozen circles off South Bimini were spotted by the satellite. We visited several of the smaller ones which we believe were formed by dredging and collecting of sand for the Bimini beach areas. Some of the smaller circles are apparently similar to the ones we found around Andros—all of which turned out to be natural. The largest circle at Bimini was 200-feet in diameter and was raised off the bottom like a mound. It had an intriguing appearance from the air. The large circle was investigated by us several times. It was probably manmade, but it was caused by a load of modern building materials dumped at the location. A few of the smaller circles were "scooped out" —these were apparently made by specialized dredgers using large sand-sucking tubes to collect sand for construction and new beach areas on Bimini. Locals were aware of this.


Five 2003 expeditions were conducted to Andros. The first expedition examined the underwater circles found off western Andros. The second examined Rebikoff's "e," a strange e-shaped formation in shallow water in extreme northwestern Andros. During this expedition, an underwater "anomaly" was found in North Andros. The third expedition examined this structure as well as visiting the circles at South Bimini. As stated above, the newest expeditions have been to Andros. The most recent information on Andros and Bimini, where the idea that both the Bimini Road and Andros Platform were ancient breakwaters enclosing harbors. One other intriguing possibility about the Bimini Road and Andros Platform exists, and it was suggested to us by archaeologists. Both formations could have been large foundations for buildings. Near the Andros Platform, in water about 12-feet deep, is a large flat area. Lying on the bottom in that area are flat paving stones carefully fitted together. The paving stones are all square and rectangular with the typical size about 2 by 3 feet.

2004 Andros Expeditions

The 2003 expeditions found two important underwater structures at Andros and also found evidence of an ancient temple on the island. In 2004 the first expedition to Andros was made in June. It confirmed the presence of ancient building structures in central Andros and looked at more areas of the underwater platform. Additional expeditions are planned to several areas at and near Andros as well as to an underwater harbor off the Yucatan. These all took place. In brief, an ancient Maya harbor, with a still-existing 1000-foot long breakwater was investigated at Isla Cerritos off Yucatan. The harbor and breakwater were made from slabs of cut beach rock.

Piedras Negras—2004

Piedras Negras, Guatemala is the site of Edgar Cayce's third Hall of Records. (The other two being at Giza— under the Sphinx—and in the Bahamas. In April 2004, we made an A.R.E.-sponsored expedition to Piedras Negras carefully examining most of the ruins. An 83-minute video documentary was made of this expedition.

Andros-Bimini December 2004

In December 2004, we went again to Bimini and Andros, this time with a crew from The History Channel. At Bimini we obtained what may be the best footage ever taken of the Road. We also investigated and filmed what is known as "Proctor's Road," just north of the Bimini Road. Proctor's Road is a straight line of stones extending from the shore toward the Bimini Road site. At the Andros Platform we discovered that the hurricanes had passed directly over the site. Much of the 1000-foot-long, three-tiered platform was under sand. But the hurricanes moved huge amounts of sand from the inner harbor revealing a depth of at least 65 feet. Before the hurricane the harbor was only 25- 35-feet deep. The storms also revealed a deep channel leading into the harbor next to the end of the platform. The channel is cut through the reefs and the bedrock. Research revealed that the harbor has never been dredged and the channel was not cut in modern times.

2005 Bimini Andros Expedition

In May 2005 a joint expedition was taken between the ARE Search for Atlantis team and archaeologist Bill Donato of The Atlantis Organization. A series of amazing discoveries were made during and after the expedition. Results of lab testing of materials gathered on that expedition will be released at the 2005 Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach. We also still plan on going to Cay Sal and Anguilla. Another possible trip is being planned to coastal Belize.

2007 Bimini Update

In May and June of 2007, three separate expeditions were carried out in the Bahamas as part of the A.R.E.'s Search For Atlantis Project. The initial report from these expeditions, issued in July, detailed the discovery of several crashed planes, at least one of which was reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle. The second report, issued in August, summarized several unexpected discoveries at Bimini, which included what appear to be rectangular building foundations in 100-feet of water and the remains of a temple consisting of white marble materials. This report summarizes the finds made on and around Andros.

Andros is the largest and most unexplored island in all of the Bahamas. North Andros lies about 150 miles East of Miami. The island is about 105-miles long and 35 miles wide at it widest point. As reported earlier, several land explorations were made on Andros along with numerous water explorations. Week long trips were made to Andros by Drs. Greg & Lora Little in both May and June 2007, both of which began with aerial surveys on portions of the Great Bahama Bank (GBB). The GBB is a massive expanse of a largely flat and shallow bottom extending for nearly 300 miles beginning north of Bimini to some distance south of Andros—just north of Cuba. In general, the water depth of this area averages about 25 feet. During the last Ice Age, the entire GBB was well above sea level. The aerial surveys identified over 30 unusual, dark formations in shallow water on the GBB and the gps locations were taken on each from the air. All but one of these formations was then visited on water with North Andros serving as our base of operations. In addition, side-scan sonar was employed to explore wide areas around Andros and in other areas a remote underwater video camera was used to examine the bottom.

Findings at Underwater Dark Features on the Great Bahama Bank

Thirty dark features (underwater formations) were visited on the Great Bahama Bank, some of which were nearly 50 miles offshore onto the GBB. Ship and plane remains found at some of these sites were detailed earlier. In general, about 75% of all the dark formations are associated with a variety of dumped materials as well as more curious artifacts. For example, one perfectly round white spot in the middle of a dark formation showed what appeared to be a portion of a huge metal anchor sticking up from the bottom. This piece could not be moved by hand. Is the actual ship also buried there? We don't know, but the formation around the anchor is over 500-feet long.

At other dark features we discovered dumped bombs, propane gas cylinders, appliances, and other debris. Bahamas fishermen often enhance a good fishing site by dumping materials to the bottom, thus increasing fish cover. But these formations were of marginal interest to us because our prime interest is in archaeological remains. It has been suggested that these "good fishing spots" may have formed initially because of "something buried under the sand" that allowed the grass to form, however, without extensive excavations, this cannot be determined.

Discovery of the Underwater “Joulter’s Wall”

The most important archaeological find of the 2007 Andros expeditions was a stonewall found in shallow water off an island north of Andros. Numerous interviews with local residents of Andros were made during our trips. One resident told us about a huge, underwater wall that was located in shallow water on the small chain of islands known as Joulters Cays, about 7-miles North of Andros. Joulters is completely uninhabited, and data obtained during the past 20 years has shown that numerous hurricane driven tsunamis, 30-feet and higher walls of water, have swept across the islands. In the 1950s, an attempt was made to form a small community on the southern Joulters island, but it was soon abandoned when a hurricane destroyed the few small, wood-framed homes that had been built. All of Joulters is extremely shallow and boats with a draft of more than two feet simply cannot reach it. However, the approach to the area where the wall is located is even shallower.

From directions given by the local, we found the underwater wall with Eslie and Krista Brown. During the two trips to Andros, we spent four full days at this site, not only filming and photographing the entire "wall," but also exploring the islands from one end to the other. We had to enter the area during high tide as we sped over a mile of water only one-foot deep. We found the wall exactly as described by the Andros resident. She related that she had seen it twice. The first time, in the early 1990’s, a large portion of the wall was intact and partially above water. She saw it the second time after a severe 1990’s hurricane and said that the eye of the hurricane hit that area and destroyed most of the wall and shoreline. 

The wall itself is actually located in a small, narrow bay between what appears to be two islands. The bay is 3-7-feet deep, depending on the tide, and has sharks coming in at high tide. From the bay, the wall extends diagonally away from the two islands into water that is one-to-four feet deep ending where sandbars are located and the bottom is barely covered by water. About two miles further, through this shallow water, is the deep Tongue of the Ocean.

The wall is primarily made from square and rectangular limestone blocks that range in length from 3-6-feet, a width of 2-3-feet, and a thickness of 6-inches to 3-feet—with some blocks far larger. The blocks are obviously cut and roughly dressed and rough tool marks are clearly visible on many. There are some smaller, cube-like stones, about a foot square, occasionally found in portions of the intact wall and in places on the bottom. One area of the wall remains fairly intact and is found in water about 6-feet deep. Brushing the sandy bottom underneath the lowest tier of stones revealed more limestone blocks under the visible portion. How far down it extends is unknown. This section of the wall runs approximately 30-feet long and is formed by the massive blocks stacked on top of each other with 2-3 vertical layers of blocks visible. We found about 50 large stone blocks widely scattered in water around this intact portion as if they had been tossed around by huge waves.

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[7] Or, "fall a victim to passion through some calamity," "commit a breach of chastity." Cf. Aristot. "H. A." VII. i. 9.

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