The NFL - World Expansion Proposal


Russia - The Vipers

China - Xiongheng - Light Warriors

India - the Elks - the Whales

Africa - Elephants

Sphereation vision interstellar able to travel to Moscow in one hour - NFL teams able to travel to Europe - Russia - Asia - South Pacific - Central and South America in a bid for an expansion with Germany  - seeking Africa able to seek one team - Without a high school and college build in Europe a few years of language and that football cadence can be measurable in football in different languages - Teams are not at a disadvantage hearing other languages

CEO Africa missed my meditation - Just noted great Galilee here of missing Africa in bid to NFL - Just pausing bigotry of entities present when I wrote this earlier - I pause - I dont think so we are working to water and many things for Africa - That the continent show some interest perhaps in the initial dev occurring now - Thus again wrong just missed - Thus Africa continent of not bigotry of entity not aware of the Nairobi here of course and yes - Africa could have two teams - Farm build not present just the combine - NFL cannot recruit from international combine for four years - Draft then to commissioner of the NFL how to balance proposal - Cities - Stadiums - It was language - Different languages - Cadence of fair - Multilingual study added to the desk of NFL players - Seen as we discussed - When they desire - Rosetta Stone is easy - Thus when hobby and easy - Thus here of NFL and players and they have curriculum each season begins now - Complex - Of elaborate knowledge of shifting code and structure - Thus languages - Still seems very possible with new travel technology - US able to bundle the NFL for a world expansion where the new name of the NFL is then the NFL - the National Football League is already the world