The Bone Yard


Nazis at the End of Cluster F then Hugo Weaving - You Go Weaving

Eh - Movies - Does get the poster - Agent Smith - Jesus Christ - Neo is the one that sees Christ as a coder living in his own form of light live can dwell in - Through Christ NEO sees human consciousness in code

Fishery - Below Nuggets Undone

Time stops as Keanu gets out of a ball - Often on the Making of the Matrix -

Mike gets a Catholic Church mail in Donation Pink Slip

Ion - SP IOI - Mike chides in with keystroke error back steps through back draft and board members are conveniently sitting Arlington Roading

Mike Litner finally sits down James tooth Decay and they Discuss Witchcraft and How It can Bring Egypt toy Avatar Jock in a Seventeen Foot Mike

McKeanne still chides over WordPress being A Mood Gravitator

Here Michael McKean and

McKean Chides over Whether WordPress Knows his Epic Name Spelling

McKean chides over James kicking it to Foil Mac Foil to leverage hate in core devil blood resin - Instead a book or hope

Fat People Chided over Cast Fat remarks from Thin Co Ecche Heads

Shooting on Spinal Tap haulted as cast members chided each other are marginal funniness - Spinal Tap a docu comedy stalled in production as cast members took a few days - SCTV in Northern Canada is like creating for England whilst alter ego anti light venom church is festering

Spinal Tap of Dry after
Epic film Spinal Tap

Lacking more funny less came out

In the Lab with Crap

A Breakdown - Below a Graveyard Fail - Brevity a Piece of It

All in the Family finally calls it Quits with Sucks

Carl O Reiner makes his way from Eston La Ridge his offices nickname - Tears in his eyes as he says goodbye to the cast - Verrol O Rogar takes a dip in the set swimming pool with Van Ridge the Director - Side Notes - Mike Pop of Ireland blown up Johnson doubles at the Arlington Road Hotel - Dancin theres no way hes in Tim Robbins bod blowin shit up unless he used Egyptian witchcraft - Had hair crotch to nuke sky

Cruise follows MI7 with Nuke Sky - More like a hair crotch - Etcher joins us as the writing Boneyard this last bit - Flying horses - booze = booze

Using Hair Crotch to Get eleven from your Spinal Tap

Michael McKean on the set - Fat Von Ridge nibbles

Here of Family Tidings Going Wrong as Mind Bombs become Witchbombs in Gut Attack Witches Killing Donkey Fruits to Make new Tomorrowland

George Clooney cant stop but think he made the movie epic - It was dry float from Disney after Pirates of my Hole Family told their stories he didnt really have much - Reinventing himself Disney then rewrote the film - Spielberg and Geffen Remarked About It

Boneyard - Litner objective was not mentioning Litner - Gay things to Towey witchcraft things - nothing readable below except love and that Alice and Mike do do Witch E Goo on a sparkplug if it would help

Hot Springs Village Mike and Why Litner Broke the AntiGravity Pinball Game with Eyeball Lust

Low Dev as Litner wields Jew witches of Mexico

Low Draft high Winds - Why do I think Witchcraft is a Whalin - Relates to Litner - New SPI Reporter wanders into John Williams Recording Session

Sarrasine by Honore de Balzac:

silent and apparently causeless obstinacy to which very old persons are subject, and which makes them resemble children. In order to sit down beside the young lady he needed a folding-chair. His slightest movements were marked by the inert heaviness, the stupid hesitancy, which characterize the movements of a paralytic. He sat slowly down upon his chair with great caution, mumbling some unintelligible words. His cracked voice resembled the noise made by a stone falling into a well. The young woman nervously pressed my hand, as if she were trying to avoid a precipice, and shivered when that man, at whom she happened to be looking, turned upon her two lifeless, sea-green eyes, which could be compared to nothing save tarnished mother-of-pearl

Corolla takes a Break from Tramp E Poon E to add some Holy

Philosophy 4 by Owen Wister:

In as much haste as could be made with a good appearance, Oscar buckled his volume in its leather cover, gathered his hat and pencil, and, bidding his pupils a very good night, sped smoothly out of the room.


Oscar Maironi was very poor. His thin gray suit in summer resembled his thick gray suit in winter. It does not seem that he had more than two; but he had a black coat and waistcoat, and a narrow-brimmed, shiny hat to go with these, and one pair of patent-leather shoes that laced, and whose long soles curved upward at the toe like the rockers of a summer-hotel chair. These holiday garments served him in all seasons; and when you saw him dressed in them, and seated in a car bound for Park

Leave the Scene not able to help Indie Jr with his Rolled Truck does roll his Tongue at Indie Jr who opts no on Oral as Well - Climbing out of the Well they Realize Seth Green took two X is Watching XXX and is Seeking Zen Orgasm X

Can Scott Bias create Naturally Cultured Cocaine and if so then Can he Return of the Writing Snide

Scott Bias sits by Seth Green in a dress masturbating to Pee Wee in a video that isnt really him in the porn theatre - Security remove Green - Scott then of perhaps possible this naturally cultured cocaine - By creating a structured build to pharmaceutical delivery through my processes and Sphereation two cents Seth Green might be able to drive OJs car and foil upper lower blood reign with more of personal things

Asymmetric Organic Chemical Systems Inc

Andy and James in the Pink Gel kind of Screaming Neos not the Only one - Tell us hes not the Only one

Inspite of all our rage we are still just in the pink gel and in the Bone Yard - Yep

Jolie vies for Dirty Sex with Jet Dude rather than Dev Rolex is three hundred seven mln Shy of in inital dev

Here again of no funny in it

Gene chastises Devil Dog Dave for not stopping the W Compound

James of David how are you - Im having mental problems - A fume of seven products to his feet - The Devil Dog Marine still his own biological project - James stop using all of that shit - Wash constantly with Ivory soap - Get  many pairs of cotton socks wash them by hand with Ivory soap when your feet both you change socks - Wash them again - The problems warts all will go away - Side Notes - the occult - witchcraft - devil dog dave and the compound HS underground compound spermatoceles Cleoaptra using spermatoceles  in a slave to smell a devil dogs compound

Bone Yard eases tensions as new story doesnt Make it to the World Healing Institute Page

Now I knew that Howard and Normy wanted a good story - I did to - The lack of it forming in several graphs then brought meetings and it was relinquished to a fail and the Bone Yard

Stern eases tensions as Naimy and Drunken Tirade darken Healing Meeting with Decent Notes

Stern off plays Naimys callous and rude drunken vacancy in a meeting where physicians then heard - Its not my fault they used clones and midgets

Naimy in Drunken Tirade storms out of Healing meeting