The Barristers

Bill Drayton is trying to understand what Koji is Saying - Missing three Blocks on Goals the Barristers narrowly Escape with an 8-1 Victory


Usain Bolt Steve Pulvieriari and a bolt of Stanley Cup Flag Cloth

Game three Usain broke away with seven goals in our fourth season bid to Cup - We had issues with our defense giving up a few goals - Denver - Philly - They gave us problems in the 10-4 and 12-5 victories we were begrudgingly taking


Coach Spotlight Derink Crushin on the NHL Cap Lift that Allowed the Barristers Seven Stanley Cups in a Row

The Barristers dont lose - They win - Losing is of the shadow of pieces of my mind - They leave it - As we won the fourth Stanley Cup we knew that weakness was starting to appear and snipped it in the bud


Usain Bolt

Joel Shinaberry is floppin like a pile of fish as Usain runs through trials with Crushin - Usain again the LA Kings - Three goals and crushing almost clip on a dude - Clean hit though

Mortimer Shaggus - Derink Crushing - Bill Drayton - Steve Pulvieriari and the Barristers

Currently building the Barristers Reggie Walker the Broncos - Now work share agreements binding contracts dont allow NFL players to play for the Barristers