Tactile Sensory

Working on New Hand Language Video - Its Good - Were getting It

Hold on

David tells the artist of the Church paint what you Think Jesus looks like - Co-ink Doink

When Dave and Angelina were Together in past Life does it Influence MeLightLanguage James Hand Language

The White Moll by Frank L. Packard:

I find your story is true, as I believe it is, I will see what I can do for you."

"It's true, miss, so help me God!" the man had answered brokenly. "Youse come an' see. I'll be dere-an'-an'-God bless youse, miss!"

And so they had let the man go free, and her father, with a whimsical, tolerant smile, had shaken his head at her. "You'll never find that address, Rhoda-or our friend the Bussard, either!"

But she had found both the Bussard and the address, and destitution and a squalor unspeakable. Pathetic still, but the vernacular of the underworld where men called their women by no more gracious names than "molls" and "skirts" no longer strange to her ears, there

Hand Language please tell us of David Marsh

Ferragus by Honore de Balzac:

his repaired cabriolet, when, as he drove down the rue de Bourgogne and was close to the sewer opposite to the Chamber of Deputies, the axle-tree broke in two, and the baron was driving so rapidly that the breakage would have caused the two wheels to come together with force enough to break his head, had it not been for the resistance of the leather hood. Nevertheless, he was badly wounded in the side. For the second time in ten days he was carried home in a fainting condition to his terrified grandmother. This second accident gave him a feeling of distrust; he thought, though vaguely, of Ferragus and Madame Jules. To throw light on these suspicions he had the broken axle brought to his room and sent for his carriage-maker. The man examined the axle and

Hitler finally sits Down with Millimeter and talks about film forgiveness and the X One Seven - Native Three Dimensional Imaging Camera - 103x www.red.com / I didnt do It

Big Fat Black Ghost Like Creature Haunts Choco Labre with Stiller Afleck rattlins

Day three in production in Mexico of Choco Labre haulted as lead Estancia Julio Juarez chided production designers over big fat Islamic bad grooves - James Directing the episode then of a prayer and to Mexico to cows and shut down productions

Two hours later and a production day gone Cows beefed out that production should continue and Cow should be capitalized - Again now more smells of Afleck and Stiller on the set than their black matter presences Estancia again complaining some crew members feeling - Stiller and Aflecks spirits hacking the production in the form of Islamic Cows in a tribute to Cows on the Sabbath but seeming political really just working on animated bent Chang wax assassins - smells like B movie jock

Being Jesus - Watching Being There after counseling then getting Lee to pitch the new Sign Language to Rosetta Stone

A two hand sign language James says is sorcery witch is James knowledge of ten thousand languages - A linguistic - St Davids is a contortionist - Light of the Church of David and Chuck that is light of Christmas

Here topics to this log - Tactile Sensory of new mercury then of fighting for days over yeah that sounds right - Webmaster when one reads who cares in their brain reading our things remove them to beefs - Uses mercury in vapor in crystal to reflect light in series panels - Here instead mucho witchcrafto

Creating tactile sensory from existing touch screen devices

New crystal interfaces and surfaces will be needed to create tactile sensory - Liquid mercury in hollow panels able to refract light to the hands via electronic signals

If other companies are working on things - Then Sphereation wonders why the Adams Family Train Set is now in our dev tank - The current design with led and sound and cold steam tech - Able to create a simulated bridge explosion and then reassemble able for more gameplay

There is no limit to what one can achieve if they can make a Biometrics Watch

Tactile Sensory is the use of light frequency in symbolic expression through new dual eight light communications devices and software Sphereation is pursuing in a series of technologies including navigation for interstellar and life sciences our new tab - tab so abysmal a product uppercased it was not - Ibuprohene not really a sweeter - Nit not really me - Fat wops yeah we were done

Sphereation proposes the creation of Mind Logic Inc to pursue the design of human sensory in psychic selection for use in electronic devices

Grant funding from the NIH in conjunction with Sphereation seeking a director who will then become the CEO of the company and work from their subsidiary seat on the board of Sphereation

Research Sphereation then will propose from Supernova Private Holdings Inc its clearinghouse of design and projects -Its hierarchical and development structure to aid subsidiaries in accessing interstellar development via mutual incentives in stock and board structure

Creating light sensory in human physiology from modulated systems analysis - Adam Dsoric

Using the pineal gland to isolocate fractional electronic difference in human sensory technologies - James Thomas