Monday Rome

Caesar brushes off allegations of Seattle winning yesterday as Cubs are currently making their move - Teams that won - Lakers won over the weekend - Dodgers lost - Van Hellington their acclaimed lead pitcher then eleven and three with a bad outing - Throwing heavy curves easily read carries to Interview with Lightning Champ - Swing it kid

First Sphereation seeks Jim Rome then wonders why hes in its jock

Jim Rome was sought for life problems significant to his condition - Jim Rome - The Dead Milkmen - Thus the band about jealous husbands - Eh no just lame - Sphereation seeks not read about Orb

Nascar Cam

Sphereation then cam system to Godaddy through PennyBuild - Sphereation gets a penny - They of many have the system - Glass to plexiglass secure encasement for fast moving camera platform still not seen in meditation disconnecting ten years now from media - Mag lev - new transmission three MPH pitch rotation and camera effects - The system then starts the race - the Director has a left and right camera can dissolve from a camera inside the car to a iso on the driver from the side at two hundred seventy four MPH - dissolve then pulls back revealing the lead in the race - The lack of high speed camera coverage is where the intensity of live performance from Nascar and television performance dont mend - Theres a story - Seen from the front - Never told from the front of the story - BP many et al