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Johnny Tesla and the Night Cave

Creed Bratton tosses out another as Jon Retting and the Knights Templar dig into new dev


Retting and Bratton tool what is tired Office second script kibble - Oode Kamotshay scribe jokes as they still rattle scripts at the Sphereation Drive Lab - There ideas still in kindling phase isolate to sketch comedy both in Cayce type things seen they can do - Creed knows Tesla from the Past thus cant they be funny in theory untested in the many testings of Edison testing out 'unfunny'

The Great Lakes with Sand throughout Carrying to Lake Erie where it is Dredged and Purified and then Returned to the Mouth of Lake Superior

The Detroit River of when it looked pure - Thus even then a deep river with visibility forty percent better than now - To swim and travel it - Then build lower and then sand - It is sixty feet deep in the center and then sand from the sides all the way to Ohio - Large interstellar able to move the sand in one hundred three days per year - Tim Allen - Son of Tool Man Tim Allen then of facility mouth of Lake Superior an interstellar device connects and powers a city there - Clean air and services to the Great Lakes - Seems of the Northern Front - A tropical vent described earlier then of new weather from many things - We can use the air cleaning cities to channel the power of the technology - What was clarified is we didnt know - We put air technology and Southern Tropical Vent appears in Michigan Wisconsin New York - Cold in the North still some states one month winter - Then one hundred three top - Eighty normal - Humidity sixty three - Southern Pacific - Gyro Rail and we got a Southern Vent

Alice Walton on Medicine Balls with Geo Track and trainable Magnetic Gloves

Pausing already discussed - Dev to Baoding held by all competed - Then to Baoding - Thus name dev in intermediary seeks to hold for Sphereation - Brought to completed Baoding - Thus China - Oh cool - Thus us from me - No to you - We created company to build - Yours - Magnetic training designed gloves and analytics to help learn Medicine Balls

No Pizza today of Lucifer and cow and Amazing and Life given Laughing soon enough to Eat Cow

So Joel getting coo ds from many often - Here of Sphereation level one funding - That appearing to Joel is real - James of different thirteen days knock out a bid to Whirlpool in three projects - Turns into law dev from Sphereation to products and new electrical protection tech - burnout valve that protects protects - Many products new protection from Retting - Tall Ship Ride dangerous in the rides lower engineering - Upper appears uber violent with tall ships damaged repaired and destroyed in the ride - Yesterday the ride is real exists elsewhere - Where it exists the boats leave track at the end and are almost sinking both floating in the harbor full effects on fire wood damage sinking in the water pulled to the shore and they level disembark and disappear - Reassembling in the what many see when the ride is done

A Lot of Stuff about the United States being Addicted - Alcohol - Eighty Two Percent - Cocaine - Thirty One Percent - Oxycontin - Forty One Percent - Soda - Ninety Three Percent - Fast Food - Thirty Nine Percent

Ah time warp - Yeah but again forgiveness change then people - Charles Manson thought to blurb in jail for life thus Terry and Timothy - Timothy killed thus we can forgive

Tribes Fighting became Secret Space

Thus alcoholism and its secret space - If you kill people with a bomb and then Isis enters jock in you are in secret space - No you killed people with a bomb - My Mom is Isis and enters genitalia from past lives - The Matrix they delete a lot of scenes

Secret Space

Seems of death here - Foiled communications from the planet to me somehow - One person - You knew who I was - Often - Thus me of Atlantis not able to reconcile what is real here on Earth - Life

Barbara talks to Morons who Kill People and have Alcoholic Dementia

Here hacking from Smallpox Cortez maybe this just attacked - Here of alcohol the US and secret space - Not really my groove I work to devote to all of us now - James to tangerine tree - To right heart for humanity

Trying to help Everyone

Mentally ill my Mother channeling murderers and arguing Northern Michigan - That Michigan attacked is the topic - Done by Isis in the Church of Satan - As she fractured from Anne Frank from Nazi Germany - Demonic Michigan then from Native America fractured into possession from Satanic communing liquids - Soda being the main one is from Mars with initially venomous build of plastic in the stomach - Plasticine then in the stomach Satanism from Mars from Isis - From spiders as a gift for Christmas - Michigan drinking all the time went insane and attacked from tribal throughout the state in what they tried to stop - Intercepted the truck was supposed to be - A threat - Live wire mental illness alcoholism - Pharmaceutical dementia - Magi would witness children in argued divinity - James here they do from advanced witchcraft - Nuclear below - Microwave above and throughout - Large queens from Jurassic lives from other stars even larger here in spirit the size of Cortez - Inside they fuse to things they can do - Inside the creatures spirit a child manifest language appears synchs with James - Accuses him of being gay if he writes about any topic - He writes about any topic - Isis of hair from his right hip - Cathy of pressing it in his youth - It then fused his body - Appears at deep fasts - Spermatoceles from breaches in puberty then form from water masturbation again where ancient Egyptian is genetically modified parasite from cattle on human - Fuses with hair and electricity and manifests broken attacks on posing as consciousness

North Michigan Affairs - The Kenningtons - Jr Wrecks the Vet - Johnny Kennington and fast Things - They had Nice Jet Skis - Northern Michigan Politics fast Jet Skies - Mom and Terry McNichols Timothy McVay Dead People its like Killing People with Bombs - Being eighty one on Pharmaceuticals

Barb wraps it with OKC Native America two hundred mile an hour tornadoes - Its James fault for not inspiring people to not blow up people - Thus booze more the conversation did Timothy McVeigh have an alcohol problem - Did Terry McNichols - Terry is still alive - I pray for both

Porn Mechanics attacks with Boat Freak Out When James stole his Porn

James and little ride with Skippy the mechanic - His hot wife and their extra curric not really the tone of the smashy dont steal my porn ride

Godaddy Phone Nig - Sit Down Down School at Every Login

Login fifty and James and the internet personality portraying a Godaddy phone tech  - Often internet personalities - No a phone tech at Godaddy - Here pieces of the Godaddy proposal to Nascar then held up by the phone nig for a while until black people either feel welcome as they already are or just show up at Whitey Fiasco - The Nascar Story - Not Biggots Argued - Matt argued with you about it

How Many Laughs Dot Com

With initial on Facebook accidentally unleashing Egyptian ancient witchcraft that kind of gropes you in the Friend unfriend of it we are slow to dev some of our current proposals -Yet with Sidewaysology we can then move forward we had Kit Kats they jam failed Kit Kats into new ones until they get it right - Can we jam Facebook into other stuff - A new catalog of dev - We have unique cookoo clocks - We have a Solar System toy - We have a world rotational magnetic toy three k - white gold - We have LED healing - Boudraeche' all is well in the luscious spell Michelle Boudreau gorgeous - She could star in my star

Sphereation proposes the creation of Addictive Fun Inc to manage internet properties including How Many Laughs Dot Com - An internet site that catalogs the entire Western comedy archive with users able to rate each comedy based on laughs

The site having a television that presents fragments of comedy attempts the site admits are lame - The website backend having a television - You can add titles to a clock - The website plays each piece of programming - Designers of the challenge to web as broadcasting no interface just a schedule - Program your own television station - It aired at three pm - Internet delivery of not being able to provide Nielsen rating back analytic until Systems Architect JR of a widget not able to confirm it aired anything - Edgar Cayce and the long walk of the seven dark deeds