Dorothy Taps her Feet Together to get Graphs Below into Boneyard

Mike realizes sitting Next to Bill Murray in the Making of Mel Brooks Comedy People in Normal Things

That pee in buckets does bother them - Even drinking - Gary Moeler UOM of coach did a wall Sandler and was arrested - James of tree adjacent - Thus co ecch and pee use the tree - Just dodge behind a tree - Mel then of Thomas senility at fifty two - Strong the flow of it - Its senile so young its promise so faded

Wally finally gets a chance to sit down and Discuss why he opted against Walking with Dark Tribe to Climb in Blog Vibe

No I knew Mike could do things with pee and the past to get into James dirty kingdom - Walkin in those grooves one in National Treasure finds a precious government attache to the houses of Fallen Mexico Bigots so bent on gettin enough Bud they enter it - Side Notes - Ed O Neill - We are alcoholics as he knows - Our set magic - We have to raise money the old fart is expensive - Fhead - Me and Ed - Yep - Scratching Knights Templar for day shoot - Edits and teams wanting access - James open sequence and music goes to team - Many directors in Daves apostles

Week NFL Day Ending September 23rd

This week watch Detroit at 2-0 as they work to be 3-0 - Denver now 1-1 looks to make it to 2-1 - Seattle 2-0 is 3-0 at the onset of the endset

Mike seeing this for the first time of Death from the Mob how am I Alive even if Dave is Stalin - James is Jesus

Languages then from Alice - Slow in dev with her poon revenge

Rome of Whores that stalk me in 'see below'

James to James Whereever other life contact is occurring it Shouldnt Be

Here Alice and sex and time and space ships and Neo and others and a game they dont have - On other star vessel my body allows one to fly - On Mike and Alices they get good sex for themselves out of eight billion

Dave admits Im Stalin not Jesus

Daves mug on a Catholic church in Hot Springs - David Amun-Ra had the church as a condo - So one of your picture - David there to the artist what does Jesus look like - Like David did - Starring at the picture - Litner - Robin - Wally - Bill - Daves ten with horns and different things

Pitchin Wilikin

Criss Angel float of a building - Bill Olsen runs the Master Mob - Together in just alcoholism one can feel their Mafia powers

Ditched a Story found Love and Need

Rome cant be built in a day but the Broncos did turn the boat with Brandon Marshall - Seven catches this weekend for one hundred thirty four yards - Eighty yard catch - The goat walking from he Cubs where they were in Fourth Place and Now are in First Place - Goat Power - Side Notes - sixty three that that is correct - they stayed at fourth - in baseball fourth maybe third place half the season over - in fourth half the season pitchin wiliken

Litner Robin Franklin Olsen and Krebbs

Balking at getting James name spellings all ride a boat of betrayal to see Cap - Hes nuts - Hey you guys hey Jim - Head - None of us like the nicknames - Whats goin on - Seven K Each as if in time

Jim Rome finally gets a Chance to have Lunch with Mike Litner - Litner fired from Seven Divisions

Edgar Cayce used to have a secretary sit and take notes as his eyeballs rattled in his head - Rat tat tattelly - There is gold in these coordinates - Rat tit tatelly - There is silver in the them there hills - Thus when it got - There are dead Aburiginees in the Exxon parking lot we had eco problems - Yeah Mike it was a bad time - Brandon Marshall had a great week with the Broncos - Yeah he did - He was cut what was that like - I wasnt cut I was fired from different divisions claiming incompetency for one remark sent to another division finally landing with Mike Hot Springs Village Mike - Scratchin at different designs me and Mike shuttled to Raleigh - Thats great Mike - I didnt know you had that recorded and with you - Yeah I did

Jim Rome - Pennant Ready Philly dodges Dog nod to Fourth Run to the Pennant in Sept

Using Symbology to know that Hair Sandwich equals Poor writing Probably

Rosie at one Hundred pounds - Georgie got Mad when I was Fat and Jokes about me Being Fat

Right balls up here I throw at self balls can control medicine balls even in Cloon E Ology

Clones almost Knocks out James Teeth

George seems good - Here keys I didnt like yet love we both as noted - waxing full rear - bleaching rear - then a good deal comin down the ole pike

DooDoo finally gets a chance to talk About Dave - Rank Nicknames - Music - Al Nalis and How to Create

Al Green and his Blue Sky BBQue Rate One on Planet Fun

Al Green the Producer of Nightline makes better ribs than news - Moving to Southfield apparently where Dave is the food magnet of food heaven - Pros for Dave - Side Notes - Zingermanns - Algierios - Middle Kingdom - House chicken heaven - shredded raw carrot snap peas bamboo with chicken broth a little bean sprouts - a lot of bean sprouts one in heaven

Rome finally gets a chance to sit down with Gary Firestein and discuss the Biometrics Watch

Now James of three days of meditations to get you two graphs on anything functional - Thus I was thinking we could use people with eighteen years of study to Spherebtion where new dev in an actor like Brad Pitt = reading a script and Director who complain about I didnt do it and so on - Yeah Jim thats true - Its eh not easily being a Physician studying Arthritis - Earl Thomas Defense End for Seattle is looking great this season - Quick Rugby vision Earl and Gary and Rome and Crowe and James and Jon and Hunter and The Crowe Bar - Thats awesome stuff Jim - No when I had the study on Arthritis in B Gene Therapy I didnt realize that Btion was real - No when Kobe had that thing it was like prude stuck up US - No she was like working and then they were like together then real action yeah - no - That was the gist - The gist was rear action with no trackbtion

Rome marvels at It

Philly loses this week while Seattle in preseason looking pretty good as Shazmon the Magician - Pete Carroll rides and chides Defense End Earl Thomas who Carroll then ridin up and down fittin it - Now roll it Earl - Earl carries down the field - Runs for the forty faster than a nig stealin shit

Memo to Earl Thomas

Seattle Seahawks

National Football League

Dear Earl

Although entertained by Sphereations chiding notes we then abstain from any connection with the firm - Its half assed interstellar approach - Failed soup missions and more

I concur


Earl Thomas


Jim Rome finally Speaks Out about Von Eyeball haunting Him from Sportcenter

Romes Reflects Sphereations potential from a lack of Greed

With 3D imaging being what it is Sphereation humbled as Jason Long goes long in the gut seeking demon babies - Where was this one going

Jim Rome on the Set of the Making of HBOs Rome refrains from Jock Remarks

Johnny Kilt used to up shirt his own reflection and they would know if the season would be plentiful - As far as Green and Sphereation - With the new rail project to Hawaii Perpetual Dynamics has to balance creating twin panel array ocean display systems with bundling Google and Matsushita while unbundling Greens penchant for pranks

Jim Rome covers Day Thirteen of Elevator Duke Gate

Violent interaction with and NFL player and his wife was of violent sexuality they have caught on cameras where the following

Dear Elevator Slammies

From NFL Commissioner WTF

RE Elevator Gate

Seeming of some personal and violent and sexuality not able to resolve thirteen days of coverage that has become one thousand four outlets covering three hundred some stories

Anderson Cooper as you know on day seven of broadcast three of the day said and oh yea some is in porn and relationships Ill be back in a moment