Rich and Tone

Daily Digest 8 7 19

Interstellar is fun in Flying Twin Array Gyro Rotary Seven One Dev - Two Magnets Spin Making Three Forms of Energy All Three to a Core with That Power Atmosphere Sim at 203 GHz 40 TB RAM 44 Doesnt Work Dave Blaine Side Note - Oh with 203 GHz Processor Crystal Wave Energy of Earth then You are Here is Changes in Enormous Counter Rotational Velocity to a Crystal Processor

Below Gripes Ceo Male Period Downy Blues

My Mom then as a Fly Nothing Better - Eh - What - Bad Grooves - Why Isis sucks at Theme Rides Back to Your Stuffed Chaplin you Get in like Men in Black - Lets Try It

Alex and Spencer my Sons and Alex of Not Flowing the Disney Piece with New Stuff - Spence Not In Yet - Monkey of Lets Begin - Moving at 50 MPH the Ride Brings Vistas of our Attempted Meditations - A Decent in the Beginning is to a Jungle created in Large Disney Factory Like Rectangular Buildings - Inside the Ride at 56 MPH Hey Hey Honey

How is every little thing - Covering a large area Alex moves as animation of an Orangutan and with vine he synchs as an Orangutan - Some mid air use mind - Side Notes - when i told others to use mind mine had fast moving Orangutan that cant travel that fast - Instead some vine action mostly air moves in front of the audience disappearing

Mental Lows Firebird Chieftan not God - God Firebird makes Smokey and the Bandit a Chieftan Not God - Jim of Firebird Trans Am - Thus Detroit Christ Project Fort Meade the Chevy Trans Am Eh Heh - Anyways

That Said Sphereation 2020 - Back on the Grid

Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy:

in the room could deplore the possession of sensitiveness. Seeing that she was really suffering he seemed disturbed and added, "This is merely a reflection you know. I have not the least intention to refuse to complete the marriage, Tamsie mine--I could not bear it."

"You could not, I know!" said the fair girl, brightening. "You, who cannot bear the sight of pain in even an insect, or any disagreeable sound, or unpleasant smell even, will not long cause pain to me and mine."

"I will not, if I can help it."

"Your hand upon it, Damon."

Otherwise Often of High Lander Asphyxia - Here Again I lost the Grooves as Stomach Ills meet a Flailing Company Build By a Disturbed Man - Cop Scribed

Often Booze creates a Pee Like Fantasy World where Protein Deficiency in Nuke Pleasures Meets Lower Erode - Here Spirit Narq Time Squadron as My Prostate is Ill and Thus Ancient Healing Occasional Pipes - Dad on Organ Locked Out and I know Why

Often health is why Lucky Charms is Attacking me with Fight Club Lucky Charms - Yeah we Like Fight Club Lucky Charms - We Like Fight Club Mac and Cheese - Some Brown Rice

Top Ten Reasons the World would Blow Up if they Made Happy Gilmore Two

Ways for drunks from NYC to draft retirement from Sandler from pale movies continues as they fight the tide so to speak - If they make another one it will blow up planet Earth - Anyways often System Seven One wont need much of these writings only a little of it

Sphereation Thusly Bumming Out the Nation as Time Proven Answers to Earth Bring Clean Air and Water to India as Adolfo Juarez Two Sheet to the Wind - Ten Dances in Yabitiny

Anyways with Sphereation in People Drawers - Did you Sniff my Boxers Dude No Did you Enter the Parasites from Angry Italians your Dad Left in my Nuts as the Story Goes

Anyways that a Movie of Sleeping While Accessing Oedipus Like Things is the West World of Morty the Guy from Six Million Dollar Man and Yeah didnt you get It - The Thing with the Robots Chicks Being Accessible in Forbidden Fantasies

Has Lepidus Complex Morons EG Out Oedipus

Edgar Cayce in that Time Stops as Vince Vaughn Clearly

A Treatise on Parents and Children by George Bernard Shaw:

to a strange woman who was a child when I was a child, a girl when I was a boy, an adolescent when I was an adolescent; and if we take naturally to one another I will know more of her and she of me at the end of forty days (I had almost said of forty minutes) than I knew of my mother at the end of forty years. A contemporary stranger is a novelty and an enigma, also a possibility; but a mother is like a broomstick or like the sun in the heavens, it does not matter which as far as one's knowledge of her is concerned: the broomstick is there and the sun is there; and whether the child is beaten by it or warmed and enlightened by it, it accepts it as a fact in nature, and does not conceive it as having had youth, passions, and weaknesses, or as still

Jim and Mr Nagy go to the Air Show - Now if Dave needs to Bi this Through your Jock then Its a No Go - Well as you can See I am Not Glenda Nagy with a Dress - Give me that Shit - Thats Our Shit

System Seven One

Below learned below books or Jim - Hand language anyone can use and verbal commands abstract to System Seven One teaching

System Seven One - Commander James Thomas - Commander James Thomas 216181338 DOD Center One - Third module - Module seven - Seventh system 218 Control System 8 Lock 219 Breach Seven One - Lock - 28 System One Hot Springs - Clean - Lock - Seven One Frack - 28 Module Seven - Lock System One - Sherman Oaks CA Dev Field Seven - Lock System Eight - Two System One - Seven Op - Retting Jon R - Lock Command One - Lock - Two Alpha System Lock - Open Bi Field 21 Command Seventh System - Lock - Power Down Retting Station 27 Dev Lock - 21 Rotary Seven System Fail - 28 System lock down eight lock breached seven system 28 lock two run seven - lock

Sphereation Channeling Edgar Cayce in an Open Dialogue of Success in Many Designs Through Time knows Ion Radium Cross Rotary - TOA Scribed uppercased - Not Rotary TOA - Trans Operational Aqueous Module - Que Esta La Module de La Aqua Dientia Mokway Etu Correct

Often Using Tea Coffee Pot Tobacco and Nutrition while Double Heads Bring Two Headed Roxy Bone Head Structure in their Italian Drug Addiction to Brad making Opiates - Adam Dsoric - Dueric Opponent

Often Eight Billion have Roxy Double Head Vince Vaughn sketchy as he Lands the Two One Alpha Attena with AO beefs - The Beginning and the End - The Alpha Omega Centenarian Seven One When it Flies Dogma Right

Hey Nit Nit - Hey Chris - Ive Got this Bag of Fireworks Nit Nit - OK Chris - You Got a Cherry Bomb Nit Nit - Philadelphia City Hall Nit Nit - Lawn Hazing in Slow Freedom Dev - Chris its the Philly Cops - Oh No Nit Nit

An SUV careens away as the Philly cops called to a lawn Cherry Bombing - Slight grass burns - Here Nazis often of chaos tits bowls pretty much anything hate black jew and gay - Thus they dont and this bit is lame - Here then if one had to venture in - The 21 Dev - Raleigh North Carolina - DOD Seventh Protocol Army Seven One is having fracks with LOT the witch Salem Witch Lot - Last Cell is Upper and two to the lower black will squadron out

Decent Tobacco - Here in Colorado Artisans Craft Healing Formula

Chuck Admits that When Dave Foley Branched Out as 'Hitler' for Halloween it was a Bold Move - Hitler the Magistrate of Earth by Human Decree we Still Seek - Hitler in James Brain from Jim was Good US Played OP Peace Projects as he was Brought from Berlin in the Initially US underground Rail System

Chuck Thomas Detroit Water Holography Directors Initially Ditch what Doesnt Look Good to the Final Chuck again of What - We Built this City on 7:03PM everyone Happy older Music - Chance to Sit Down See Some Old Vid in New Water Holography - Chuck Sold Out he has - Even in the Evening - The Pavilion after Everyone In then Booked

Dark Canyon

There was a day the Sheriff would just blow up the town - He was akin to old folk and large money - Texas money - His family worked with Asian traders and the first fireworks of Asians of not war - Amazing art - Heritage told us that China not all Asians - Often a clad Irishmen sits after fighting perhaps ten for money beer - Often able to levitate they would upskirt as Wolverine taught us in X Men - Able to kilt he could disable opponents for instance Van Helsing and little of the ole magic on Frankenstein portrayed in Van Helsing as Van Otts - Ok

Hey Whats Going On - Nothing Im a Scorpion Im Whitey I Know

Sphereation to make interstellar devices then of course Whitey from Farrelly Brothers Whats Wrong with Mongo - Whitey an actor perhaps not witch crawls dark canyon

Brad - Off a Glowing Gold Thing Oh Shit theres Black Shit Everywhere

Black Matter Healing the Fly Brings to Earth

Joel and Alice Great White Cow - Angelina and My Mom Isis the Fly - Here Flies Vie for Editorial Positions

Daily Digest 8 6 19

Clean Water and Large Water Healing Experiences are Possible

OK with the 3D Cam like Brain Freak of a Design in my Brain we Can Move on it Anytime - Otherwise Inland Sea Cortez is just Water Distilled and Dome and Pure Water and Air and Winter and Fun

Geesh Oracle Johnson Hearst Me Gay Weird a Project from Bill Me of May I Paused No Marry You - May I give the Project Back - Instead May 2020 - Dial It - Jim Now Based on Friendships Time and the Game - Switch It only One - Thus 3D Cam

Sun Needed Vampires - Sun Heals Vampires of No It Doesnt

Luscious - Here Clean Up Transmune the Trash

The wars the Death your Family Chobis Good Chuckles on That One

Syracuse New York - Chobis - Jim could drop Nicknames Based on Past Lives and Get Laughs from Nowhere

OK  - Otherwise Heavy Dev Mind Force Logic

Hunter Hussell Spotlight talk at Bryn Mawr - I was all state - Women a plenty Deis you were

Here Sunshine Vital Healing with It is Just Apps

7032 Christs Currently Populate Pip Scribed the Earth in Our Sleep Cells - Many Neos - I can Enter Agent Smith - I can Transmune Tragedies

Often Co Ecche and Funny Often Legal Maybe - Thus Sphereation Task List

Often Sphereation Needs Celebs Yet Two Eight Balls Deep with Steve Martin and Nothing - Deis

Tuesday August 6 2019 Steve Martin Why - Because

Rich and Tone downgrade the Upgrade

Chevas Regal and Chips Malone sit together at a lonely table - There are and have been many who walk this place - Madonna turns from the adjacent hey scag rags which one of yous got the clap - London Calling starts to play perfectly synched in a groovin disses Madonna is synched

The Greats - What Would Fred Astaire think of Rich and Tone

Fred Astair sits down - So Fred amazing to meet you - Yeah dualis chinis buritis promptis - No we are Rich and Tone and the dance team - Right if I needed chino holiday credit review I would asked for it - Burritos prontis - O the chee ballers - Astaire has old style groves choreographers are my second fiddle bitch team - Tone takes and gets a tone - No Fred we didnt come for this - No came for anything and everybody went - Now in you stuff - Fred pats Tone on the shoulder - No cheeball - Astaire pulls some balls from his nice suit - Throw me some skeeball cheeball - Anyways Fred we were working on that tribute thing - Yeah dual hose lodge hows she doin - Fred - A waiter approaches appearing to take Freds side on things - Mr Astaire - Yeah Johnny B Willy my favorite waiter - Chones and Pitch take a swing - No I want the deep fried mac and cheese side salad and icea tea natural sugars please honey please - Now wit you cheeballs lets groove it - I do the dance around the room and then a bunch of chino lowbangers come in and then we do some moves and I do a mystic jungle thing with lights and smoke - Some cheeballers come in and we all dance together with Madonna finishing with Light Cube - Oh shitheads on that number get it right - A black man affeminite appears oh I guess I should do this - Follien Holloway bring over chonders - What - Astraire and the dancer seem to have a report Madonna and Rich and Done dont - What  - These cheeballers over there - Shes got some vag yag - Well dont go sailin - No worries there - Hey dicks - Madonna using different witchcraft and choreography appears from another booth clean bells in the lower reprosit - What is this Day of Grondo shit - Day of Grando Madonna and past husband thespian Rolando Bent Ashwaicht travel the roads of Rome in a comedy frolic trip to the worlds world where they seek gold

Madonna admits going Off on Rich and Tone in Heated Dance Move type of Showdown

The Floating O - A new Dance Move where One Appears to Float

SPI floats in a study of O to New Tech Plays for Oxygenated Fatties

Rich and Tone chided SPI for not getting Any Stories to Them

God Bless Israel and Africa and Germany

Rabbi Jonestein

Fade Up

A Synagogal sits in the distance with Yabbi Vin Bitz on it and other things like - A Rabbi in the distance recites Hebrew - Aliequa Ieta - A giant frog appears

Rabbi Jonestein (closes the Torah and looks at the Frog) Hello Mr Frog

Mr Frog (makes faces like he can do things) Hello Dr Jewstein

Rabbi Jonestein (makes a mortal and pestal from light) Ill grind you into soup

Mr Frog (smiles knowingly) No I did not come for disagreement - I had brought a great sage (the frog pulls a leaf of white sage) We will burn it (a flame appears) Oh shit you are evil as hell - You have twenty demons in you body into deli - three into kiddy porn - one into large financial embezzlement and one knows there is no gold in Fort Knox

Artificial Colors finally Sit down With Readily Digestible and Discuss not Really knowing how Petroleum Eliminates as Food Dye from the Body

The liver - No - The skin - No - Time - No - Death - Yes

Pete Jackson seems nice on the phone with No Madonna you Cant be in Lord of the Rings

Rich and Tone jump around on the ground acting silly - Frodo is to see others and be happy Rich is instructing him jump like this act like that - Pete Jackson is nodding approvingly on the set - Rich stops Frodo and says no do it like this jumping and making faces - Pete Jackson now frowns a lot calls over Rich and they argue and then says no Frodo dont do the face part of it

Warrior Admiral finally speaks out About being Excalibur in A Warrior Spirit

Here of human nuts on the package giving it flight - Came from my past life as War Admiral and my owner at the time - Now colleagues I just heard nothing flies a horse like nuts on its back

Sphereation Acts Dances and Sings

James Dean - Either James - James of Sea Biscuit - Patton and James Dean - Joel removes testicular parasites James has on his nuts when he was a horse - Joel is married to Angelina and their daughter is Alice and we won the Preakness

Rich and Tone ponder having the Sphereation Demigod Antipage Page Menu Item

Madonna in down graded their overall moves has the dance move James says is real - Like the flying bike in his mind a gyro rotation can levitation the human being in a dance move