Quantum Wave Mechanics

Daily Digest 12 9 19

QWM is then the study of using Fractional Wave Patterns in Space for Energy

Quantum Wave Mechanics is Sphereations proposal that Magnetic Waves in Space carry Magnetic Signatures in Frequency Based Baud Rate Analog Seventh Wave

Quantum Wave Mechanics is Sphereations beginning Study on Time and Service Light and Love - No Punctuation is the Female Period on Earth to One Person as they Sleep Neo


Daily Digest - Quantum Wave Mechanics - Thursday October 4 2018


Quantum Wave Mechanics is the science of magnetic energy from Wave Symbolism mapped to Computer Algorithmic Coding

Please guide as to Toms Beefs Regarding Quantum Wave Theory being Navigational Systems Control for Twin Array Drive Technologies

Tom knew that the projects were slowed by fractures in research had on many occasions thought he could They were gone. Their voices came back to the crowd on the depot platform-- high, clear young voices; almost like the voices of children, shouting.

Well, you wrote letters--fat, bulging letters--and in turn you received equally plump envelopes with a red emblem in one corner.

You sent boxes of homemade fudge (nut variety) and cookies and the more durable forms of cake.

Then, unaccountably, Chuck was whisked all the way to California.

He was furious at parting with his mates, and his indignation was expressed in his letters to Tessie. She sympathized with him in her replies. She tried to make light of it, but there was a


Mike 'Bad Dad' Litner chastises the Reading saying he is a Dick

Scenes from a Courtesan's Life by Honore de Balzac:

here; let them make fools of themselves. I am faking to help a pal who is awfully down on his luck."

He spoke with the unction of a priest trying to convert the wretched, and a look which flashed round the yard, took in the warders under the archways, and pointed them out with a wink to his three companions.

"Are there not narks about? Keep your peepers open and a sharp lookout. Don't know me, Nanty parnarly, and soap me down for a priest, or I will do for you all, you and your molls and your blunt."

"What, do you funk our blabbing?" said Fil-de-Soie. "Have you come to help your boy to guy?"

"Madeleine is getting ready to be turned off in the Square" (the Place

Again Why Do I feel that Mike - 'Litner' Mike is using Witchcraft Negative to Get type E Vibes

Litner fired again by the World Healing Institute when Chief Magistrate did draw the response Mike are you Drunk

The United States Surgeon General Chezwan Sheets down pegged Mike for Ten of Plot Pseudo Apostle

Fade Up

A pile of booze sits on a hit - The Earth of early biblical tones from biblical movies - A man sits there as if a drunk now but an apostle in the past

Man (rubs brow of alcohol filled sweat) Oh the days of remembering when I was a Saint and not shaggin with low government deals - Envelopes of corrupt muttering juveniles populate federal halls like Rachel of Israel in Bob Zombies The Cell Hole Well Chick TV Haunting Broad - Mike Liter Productions - A Walter Krebs Film - Robin - Tom Franklin - Julia

Bumout for the Firemen really just Sex Out for Towey and Litner

The Central Feds cited Sphereation System Architects Mike Litner and Alice Towey for heinous grooves at the Holiday Party where Arm a Kimbo in Seinfeld meet honky witchcraft in spermatoceles

Witchcraft Clones Light Effects and my Family Again

Here holy my Dad appears my clone from Jurassic also sees the blue light we just saw - So pork barreled by my Dad it accidentally forgot I was straight - Forgot Mike isnt God and so on

Quantum Wave Mechanics

Space has magnetic energy that appears in forms of wave degenerating circular compression reversing

Swimming Pool of Tea or Mikes Piss

Here as I think I am Jesus sugarplum Calis have gallons o pee even able to find one on a corner somewhere drivin around - Beacons in Cal the pee o gals - Side Notes - pee o galls - a gallon of pee when my spermatoceles are screwin up and I dont want the pee action

Litner fired from DOD Seven Command for Goofs exceeding Reasonable Senior Attache Behavior

Mike Litner speechless downgrooved again for mouthing to a commander during training - Like the blow up doll in Airplane - Yes Mike but no on you training anymore or anything else your fired - These seem related to my witchcraft attacks from Towey - I wrote gallons o pee Cali and the Litner then of her drinking his pee and three days of hell

Now getting the Grooves - Interstellar Flights Stalled by Bail of Liars Sail

Towey takes a sail rope and up ropens it - Guy her husband sits adjacent lets not get this the Keanu Face Dive Luni Holiday Ok - Geesh

On numberology CB4 a Six - Yet Eight from Us Thus Chris Rock6 - If one follows the arc of the k one can see It is better than Six - CB4

Krebs skags to Mike to get ASP as something smart instead of he is Drunk

Olsen 'master paths' his way into a room - O Jage uses poonology - So does Dead Mike - CB4 Gets a Six

Walter Krebs responds to Allegations of Witchcraft as he takes on ASP Correspondent

Walter Krebs - ASP - When I was given the Quantum Mechanics story I didnt really know James is pulling it from hats - He doesnt have eight years a degree - He writes from I think space has magnetism we can harness through Quantum Wave Science - So as colleagues at Sphereation we challenge to Ian Galton - Analog Circuit Design - Lets look up a book he wrote or something he does

Data converters, frequency synthesizers, clock-recovery systems, digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to mitigate the effects of non-ideal analog circuit behavior in mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) implemented in CMOS (silicon chips).

So above says Data converters for instant - Now a slide rule is a data converter - Working through reading Ians research and the our groove on it is the compendium of books for dummies One has be awaiting


Quantum Wave Mechanics


Matt Maylen the God Orion - Yet Dunn and Bradstreet issues Demerit for Picnic Jam

I know Dunn and Bradstreet wasnt happy with Picnic Jam - I wasnt happy that they werent happy - Overall we got the Ghostbuster goo thing to show it - It was ok - A dream wherest his team AO in picnic group or no design instead large white Ghostbuster appears in dream and blows them away instead

Ghostbuster Picnic jam Tries to Attack Raphael

Team AO more Jealous of Raphael O

James the Fourth Light of Christ in Raphael - Is it Ego

And Never Leave the Stream of Warm Impermanence and - Never leave Atlantis and lose my ability to Fuck with You by taking Mortal Incarnate

I watch the Willows change Their Size - I take the Red Pill waken on Atlantis leave the Gel stay on the Ship and Watch you when you were a Tree on a Monitor thing kind of Pink Gel E Too

Gary Coleman on why its Not Funny being not Funny and Dead

Although I got the ball if quickly got me - Redd Foxx - Side Notes - dont channel Redd before maintenance

The Carl Reiner Fortune Teller thing Insulting at times

Quarter Inserted

Ding dongity cling Cliakj

When we made All in the Family I would come up with other Meathead nicknames and passive aggressively motivate my cast members - Sagittarius - You will have a great day

Tickets Please - Blackballed

I would like to get some tickets for the movie - Ok - Have you ever heard of that Director who created it was about Jews - Fireflight - No not Fireflight - Four tickets please

Interstellar Program finally goes off at Board Meeting as Three Prototypes play more Primus anti Tones to the project Fails

Close Encounters of the Third Kind more one boredom of one kind the Flash movie bit funny the meeting then of prototype audio tone tech and more seven one prototype jealousy from other prototypes

Quantum Wave Mechanics Magazine

Sphereations Quantum Wave Mechanics vies space travel from magnetic wave science based on being able to polarize Earths Orb Sphere and Cher heinous Killed my Ex Husband and John Denver Colorado Haunted Witch haunts - Side Notes - occult - demonic armies - charges - seem voided yet defenses built

Danny smack the nannys fanny Danny and Blue Eyed Danny waive on the Elton John bit as tired and Lame

Danny smack the nannys fanny Danny chides Blue Eyed Danny for only a few plays of Babys Got Blue Eyes

Well its a good song - Monica beefs beef E grooves in it - So what - A house sits by a meadow there is a tree with a sign - This land cursed travel in sted

House Light

Fade Up

Writing outta the Gullet slow on the Ticker

Heavy moods of heavy salaries the morning in the tidings - Blue eyed Danny so pure his Nazi parents made his eyes Boys of Brazil blue - Of Pluto - Deis

Please tell me of Angeline Jolie and if  the Starfish Project will help Her Pre Cancer Minority Report types of Things

Protagoras by Plato:

was that they were destroyed by the wild beasts, for they were utterly weak in comparison of them, and their art was only sufficient to provide them with the means of life, and did not enable them to carry on war against the animals: food they had, but not as yet the art of government, of which the art of war is a part. After a while the desire of self-preservation gathered them into cities; but when they were gathered together, having no art of government, they evil intreated one another, and were again in process of dispersion and destruction. Zeus feared that the entire race would be exterminated, and so he sent Hermes to them, bearing reverence and justice to be the ordering principles of cities and the bonds of friendship and conciliation. Hermes asked Zeus how he should impart justice and

Jolie visits Tom Von Kwang - He can Thusly Thrash Carpet and Clear the Spirits

Getting Other Internet Pitch dude who Wouldnt Blue It - Blue It - To spermatoceles in my Fall down the stairs Concussion Kid

Using Witchcraft to Advertise my Pyramid Scheme

Web thunderstorm dude and the house walk through to cash - James of the dude with Jolie in weird underground things and sound financial planning and guidance upperground things - He pitch walking through his home - His breath of one monologue study in acting and he would then seize what appeared a competent dude bring more from his pitch - James of takes where he seemed to struggled to breath - Dissolves remove the breathing pattern - Acting helping him achieve the shot - Side notes shot - cum - internet pyramid dude - Side side notes - the addition of side notes

Using Orb Science to define the center of Earth as an Orb off centered by Magnetic Pitch

Harnessing Solar Magnetic Energy for Navigation in Space Travel

Solar Magnetics create Energy

Dsoric Licks the Stalin Ring to get Initial Notes on Quantum Mechanics

Now I knew that Adam was not happy - We werent happy that Adam wasnt happy - Now we create motion capture - Now in film effects work this is called 'new' Phil Tippet then often maybe I will lick the Stalin Ring but at this point we are working on our different thesis in comp sci specific to work to MIT in the motion derivative project

Using Tactile Sensory to Create Codes that Start Interstellar Drive Engines via Fractional Counter Rotation in Harmonic Catatonic Motion Balance

Creating research that supports a thesis building navigation for interstellar travel from Earth Magnetic Center Orb Variance

How Wave Mechanics can be Modulated with Light via Frequency Harmonics to Reveal the Earths Rotation with One Hundred Other Solar Systems as the Measure

The New Element Orion and How its Discovery then helps Sphereation pursue Interstellar

Letter from Seth McFarland to Sphereation

Dear Sphereation

Please find enclosed dirty pubes in lieu of said agreement - Please take and consider this the entire payment in final and due complete - Signed below then in full agreement

SPHEREATION INTERNAL NOTES - What they hell is this - Who is he - Animator douche bag - Make a copy put it in an envelope draw him on it burn it take the ashes and put in another envelope that says all shows cancelled because of personal spool unknown event

Move to Chop Shop

James in meditations has extraordinary things happen - He seeks knowledge and achieves it - Ten hours of medicine balls one gallon of teas sixty thousand mg of vitamin c today with eight coenzyme qten omega three today bring minutes and within it information at times