Motion Pictures and Television

Could Two Hundred a Week be Grindery

No from me of last person was of David no shes smart moron - Studied many ways to study you - Much seems real - Psychiatrists helped me throughout my life

The Grindery Tab

Inverse psychiatry when James needs invoice types of psychiatry - So I bum everybody out with first person to third person types of notation - This would be Fourth Person - He channels his psych from the SSi disability - Refer to invoice above

Donald Fagen chided for New York to London that much is Clear

So why would that be - James of the seventh star of Israel the entity Jesus Christ - Thus designer financier to build expected to - Many things

Matt Damon some inspiration and dev from film - Vision for rail of Google to new perhaps not Film they would have Shown Already

Rail to Hawaii shown in a film would be breathtaking in what we vision - Native Three Dimensional Imaging Systems Inc manifests gel growth crystal that can displace from a projection into the device instead of electricity - The same projection technology inexpensive compared to using LED panels and computer conventional display - A light crystal display able to receive Googles Living Oceans and Seas Project - Where computers map animation and translucency it is adjusted with real ocean visual - Traveling by rail the framerate at different speeds can be adjusted by the Google display system - Four hundred miles per hour the conduit seams appear as frames in sideways projection thus amazing affects and light and the train in synch with display systems

Thus in sketch just looking at speed rail one design from Japan of a shark with a long snout the only design that said large front difficult to manage in unpredictable wind - In ocean rail perfect no under current possible

The Tall Ship Ride - Master and Commander and the Drop Kick Murphies create the Basis for the Tall Ship Ride

The HMS Surprise fighting the Acheron proved not viable in the dev of the ride - A competition between France and England was not the desired presentation - The HMS Surprise engineered through England and France with the USA then phase one - Two then was the HMS Surprise - Rolex challenged with the entire desire in reduced metal heave reinforced frame brought a surreal reality to engineers - Nerf Balls bounce into light expressions in one of the many pieces of hidden magic in the ride - Even knowing still amazing to see cant understand how its done - Sphereation Building Magic

Spotlight - Ralph TSSD

Holography - Animation

Creating a performance studio with elements of new technology projects including aura central sensory sound technology able to geo location audience members in decent audio capture - RTSSD presents the audience and their responses in clear broadcast quality audio - The mix presented to the audience - The audience releases their image and remarks during the recording - RTSSD through NBC argues then to audience members - More needed - Audio excepts and goofs on audience members requiring full release on the animated episode

A Warrior Spirit

On the Island of Cats and Dogs

The Preeshan Family Formula

The Knights Templar


Founders Attack

Twelve Days in a Life Lost Dreaming

The Oreo Brothers

Earth 2120

Sphereation leverages to another 70 MLN earn on Light Trading and Heavy Hedged Bets

Down 1.32 BLN Sphereation now Up 70 MLN in addition to current House Deck

Stan Winston Studios creates Excalibur

Ten mln down the ole guttery as SWS creates a Jurassic Park type of series of flying horses several depicted in real robotic entities

On the Island of Cats and Dogs - Outline and Treatment

Sphereation to dev outline and treatment to Plan B in initial animation proposal or live action build - Cesar Milan and green screen with dogs and cats and real actors - Side Notes - meditations became new world order in vision of this film thirteen seconds of animals communicating about making the film captured during the making of the film