The Africa Water Project

We write with the - The - We believe in and think we can create the Africa Water Project - Duality the past and current tense

Interstellar and new things to interstellar - USA releases amazing things - They then of dev to it beginning - X-files real stories in it real depictions - Twin array technology common how they create a drive and rotation with a core was sought - Our designs of their designs - Crystal core and then more area - More seen - Crystal core we can center energy - From software we can look at energy - Bless this day

Ok so using the interstellar seeing levitation - Seeing harnessing crane technology to it - Eventually the drive systems in the atmosphere can sustain lifting as well - Heavy apparatus that is of the same design - Uses possible Rolex types of things - Two rings counter balanced and a center lock that hold 1 MLN tons - Devices modular and fast - Able to bring numbers that replicate tasks - Can see in numbers what flight paths and the crane lifting process does and use the numbers to work efficiently

Droppin Nigs - Charities to Africa to Black Folk

One hundred three mln seven one charities lock two one charities lock - The Seven Foundation Inc

Chris Hanson died from Pee Scene

Chris Hanson passed on from trauma from nig pees at desk written on script - The cold hearted bastard making an amazing LA story while still going different than Steve Martin - LA Story where he waived pee - It was suggested though

Max Spielberg flying Update

Ok so in the past they flew currently in credit spots Kevin Bacon and the Gay stealth out - No really - No lame - Bone Yard - No it works

Here of Police and God Bless Law Enforcement throughout Planet Earth - My body to Yours

Aw - Careful the tangerine tree will follow you home

Police Scanner of James Jock

We got Isis in the jock scanning for time - ten k ago

Magnetics in Medicine

James and the carbon bonded magnetic bracelet - He makes magic resins - Organic marijuana and tobacco wrapped with things around things make them heal more - Side Notes more peed shit at the callous of healing tools here mentioned not existing yet - Coleman Camp Ground threat of peed haunt from ex manager lady connected to my Mom

Here peeds worrying Isis can make them Hard for peeds

Here spermatoceles from youth say that its a tactic shouldnt land

Cortez Smallpox Queens Mental Illness James self Tobacco Pot Coffee Tea reg with Queen high peed knob on Low peed Jock Isis Nab

Here code to Isis wielding from early Egypt in pharmaceutical connected multi vision - Eh of peed written - Not Michaels fault from Isis thus does it make you hard

Japan and the United States Send Hawaii happiness as Rattlin Tunes come in and Tribal Vibes annoy Both the United States and ---

Japan as they seem like our last planet with the United States mating with China became Japan - Bouncers then Hawaii from both countries in an obvious bid that did fight right in their back yard

Hot Springs White Water Rafting Parking finally sits down with Polluting Car Wash

So bummer - Yes - You leak about one hundred gallons of toxic shit into thousands of acres here - Whatever - The Civil War tore my heart out - Ok Sphereation then and just money everywhere - The fix it project one hundred three million we will cover somehow someway

Tesla Motors rolls out Great new Tech but Seeks Windows Automotive in the Penny deal Sphereation Juxes

NBC and using 'them' in Creating Ralph the Silicone Sniffin Dog

The production plan to NBC in copy they asked for connected to holography alone annoyed Retting a lot

One thousand four things make things

Houseman delivers And your Skulls filled with Mush will Become Lawyers

Hunter and Jon and their truck all stuck in the mud - I aint gonna move the truck - I aint the one that drove it into the mud - We got one truck all stuck in the mud - Side Notes so is there interstellar tech - dev one lodged by Jessieville in the wood in the mud - Jon post were gonna have to get it outta the mud - Yep

Cancer and the Alpha Cell

Cancer uses a cell in the body that has cancer - Curing cancer involves pure things - Now heres the kicker - Planes at thirty two kicking out eighteen hundred with seventeen k in just k - Efficient as gets - Nuke programs using approximately in how many - Thus careful of Nuke projects one might lose the number

Rick Noel finally sits down with Rick - Barstow - Very Smart Ricks sweat

Now when James met Rick you came off his hands - Yes - Here of perhaps drugs - James a chimney thus of commentary non mentor - Side Notes - Rick - Barstow - Rick - Very Smart Rick won

Rick - Barstow Rick - Very Smart Rick

Duh - So Noel is then St Nicholas or Augustus or here on a day we share together - Light to him

Cardiology - The Human Heart and Biosynthesis

The right heart manifesting - We are achieving our right heart - James of pieces all of us of pieces - James if Christ then significant pieces - Already a tree impossible James then of the entire human race in his body where he will manifest us our right heart - Appearing in birth in the future

At Sphereation we dont S the B of Medicine or Big Business we Scopic the Light Topic

Metallic Neurological Disorder

Sphereration tasked the World Healing Institute to draft a research proposal where theorem is of an unidentified osmotic exchange in conventional ventilation systems - Alzheimer Parkinson Garringer - Its three - Not Disorder - Well if we leave singular we can group them and the study them together and then have them watch movies - Galvanized steel has an aluminum anomaly where a layer of copper is better and doesnt oxy resonate with the metal because heat cold and moisture can create breakdowns in metal so finite that cant be found with Western medicine

Aluminum Viral Bacteria Neurological Conditions

Research seeking a form of vaporized aluminum in moisture appearing as nano viral and bacterial

The Amino Serin Globin Project

Corolla rails about the Leprechauns of Peed

Adam Corolla reading the passage below can only think Boy Scout Hijack Island - Kneeballs a plenty - John Favreau sits uncomfortably as Corolla throws hack film pitch after hack film pitch - Peed If Isle - A plane full of pedophiles crashes on an island of Boy Scouts - Favreau then post Ironman pre Postman

The Brown Derby - Ancient Hang now reopens Dang it Berby the new Brown Derby

Berby opens and often people say - Yuch - A snippy wall hanging in the hang where celebs nosh on Fried Raw Salad and All Nut Quinoa French Toast - Dang it Berby

Jay and Silent Bob are finally Not Silent about Stash their Failed Comic Book Heroin CIA Shill on Prime Central

Seymour Hoffman gets out of a jam as he waits for Tri Hoagie Resort to finish he three hoagies - Comics books adjacent he can then buy a comic book while he waits for the gourmet grub that will sell comic books - We knew that mismanaging Stash wasnt happy - We werent happy about mismanaging Stash

Adam Corolla throws a fifth Through Box Jocks - His iconish chrone ISO on the Top Glass

Rocky walks through the pen - Corolla is there - Common - Geesh - F ity this and f ity that - Will you give me a job - Geesh - All ya had to do is ask

The Biometrics Watch

Light device - Uses new crystal computing - Light emitter project seeks to create low powered ultra frequency light channel can navigate crystal that travels the body and back - Emitter and receiver send and receive second channel light emitter takes received light and sends through crystal that reads light frequency as nutrition blood sugar and blood pressure - seeking electrolytes and colloid base salts

Ian and Larry then in pieces of the interstellar crystal core have the gel - The growth gel is our beginning into nano crystal growth process from nano icad design - One thousand copies of photoshop integrated with adaptive interaction of a one million pixel by one point seven million pixel by a variable depth

Amun-Ra Mentorship Pros and Cons - Witchcraft like Loss of Mortal Consciousness - Begin Wearing Nightie

Flashing Leah in my nightie was the final chapter of David Frank Zappa Angie and three step sisters - Attracted to Leah David has me in a nightie - David of whatever

World ISO Temporal Meditation on World Peace - Game Theory - John Nash - Charles is King Arthur - Long Studied England in they can Do - Let Someone Else Do

Film of my Father Charles - His expressions - of John Nash 0f the Templar prodigy - Christ is a light here - All of us to one at times - When we are clear to the sacrifice we are light on the star and commune from our mind to the planet

Pharmaceutical Medicine and the Sphereation Light Harmonic Body Imaging System Analytic Symbiotic

Able to show how a person drinking tea throughout their life has a different aura to their internal organs and how healthy foods appear in translucent imaging

Biometrics Watch dev One Prototype able to Create Tones to Present Data - Different Tone for each Nutrient - Calcium Reading Appears and has Specific Tone - Each Nutrient a Tone - Display Appears Calcium as Display shows Reading also a Tone

Creation of the World Healing Institute delayed by Assholes

Sphereation today got down pegged a full notch for not having any dev in medical during phase eight of their Flugtag Bender Special - The pizza so plowed it stays drunk

Vail Mountain

Dear Mr Martin and Ms Walton

Although we do appreciate the Drive for Business  Project we unfortunately must now withdraw from the project as our initial two million fund was thought to make us lots of money like you said

Yours truly

Fredrick V Sherman

Director of Operations



Eh Dear Vail

The Drive for Business then is currently reviewing how the dev fund was used for organic nut bars for rich people

Although rich perhaps they do need organic nut bars


Alice Walton and Steven Martin

Esquire - Third Counsel Drive for Business

Addendum File - Memo to Vail regarding Redfords Organic Bars for himself project


Steve Martin cranks an Eight Ball while Alice Walton downs a Fifth

So if vapor king can pull this together - Right Heart - Tangerine Tree good things - Alice stop rimming me - SampersandM - I wasnt Steven - I know - I really only snorted half the eight ball

Chinese Medicine Balls

Our proposal is currently a gyro inside the ball that can measure movement and provide analytics from usage - A pair of gloves created as controllers have carbon fiber weaved and a new magnetic core energy controller that can teach people and help Americans work through the initial year of the exercise we find impossible - AW

Getting the Lower Taken Care Of

Just passing the things with the signs about the things - Forty to sixty bucks - Backside service - Now one not the end of the day - One clear of the right out and there - No James released from a back waxing - Then walked out as Brentwood proper what happened - I didnt feel the pop just a waxin not healthy - Anyways

Floating Away  and Above

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang number waived in the production where the music stellar - Nothin like some forage chicory in the pipe and Saggage Oats Stomach Grizzle for dinner

A Lot of Money Pissed Off

Good is good - Now with the Sixty Minutes bit they scratched at ammonia aint great for tobacco even if you junket

Chlorine and Chloramine Cross the Cell Barrier causing Cancer - Paper with a minute amount of chloramine from processing does pass the filter and cause arterial plaque - degeneration of the valves more in a moment

Here Bill Gates Satanic - Jolie Heavy Bang Whatever Needed Shit Stays Out of his Way

Computer fresh box says call - FTC the topic here to James not covered for whatever Chuck grunting is - Now with Bing guarding your kids and on we go - Booze ya all - Ay Knot - I live non booze planet I fought Brad to totalitarian democratic president - No animal research - Seized the armies of the planet - Got them Yerba Mate and better food - Ocean rescue vessels that took thousands to manage - Generate energy systems amazing things - Here medicine heavy witchcraft from LA covering Seattle matter


Western foods cause expansion of the stomach cavity and the formation of Plasticine - Plasticine artificial plastic organ formation - Plastics communing to light from Neo in past lives - Neo can access past lives - The Matrix not discussing you sleep in this gel - You die as Keanu you didnt as Keanu - Your seed name is the same in this life as your soul we call a clone - When an animal you are still the humanoid Keanu taking on the suffering of animals surviving human beings and your features changes - The Matrix then of a mystery of where you went - Zion Earth Healed

Lo Poco Time King Queen of the Pueblos

Fade In

A large man fat walks into Fat Mens Clothing Warehouse - I picture is there of man - He points at her beaver - Its real

Now this brings a good point - If one is going to be in QuantumAlliances good graces the memo read - Dear QuantumAlliances

Although we did opt in on the outting we opting out on the inning

Yours truly


Rimology _ Now look dont get offended clean up the lodge that way even accidental rim isnt a big deal - Now Dorothy was a witch too - Not prone to rimology but if the water didnt work - Elron Hubbard then not much into rimology just the machine they connect to see if you are a rimologist

Human Combatant Recombinant Osmotic Host Insulin Project - Human beings sought through one hundred one criteria - When we have one hundred one things we have the insulin - nutrition - blood type - dna profile and so on - Thus we seek to use the drafting theories most stupids not able to smart do more stupid - At Sphereation we are going to help cure disease from smart - Nukes - They opened time - From the time we detonated the nuke we are chasing back in time to heal it - Thus Back to the Future - The car doesnt go anywhere - As Earth and Neo sleep as Atlantis - Thus it opens a time connection to where the planet would have been thus it does move - Depicted correctly

Getting for first clickies in the ole thing  - Diabetes - Breathing Witchcraft - Ratatouillie tought us a lot of things - A rat could breath and demonically possess a human being - Thus here when I exhale a deluxe sweets and inns for the lot

Now in Hill Street Blues they teach us many things - When Belker and Cap fought it was rough - The DA was dating Choobs and all was well is for the malnutrition - drink Odwalla Green Super Food - Original Formula - sub a meal for it

Of Course You re Signing

Shane Koszalkowski

Personal Experience as Medical Theory and Proposed Solutions

I currently have a reduction in weight that I claim is presenting the western core - The western core our foods in plasticine in the stomach - A non discernible hiatal hernia develops as the stomach cavity - Revealed is plastic like fat and gigantism of the organs of the stomach - Reducing it soda is appearing to be a carbon based bond element that creates a digestive breakdown in protein as it manifests tissue - Instead of using water it uses carbon bonded molecules that confuse the fat metabolism and create a different form of development - Reducing it is of tea - Green tea -  A volume so significant it begins to break down fat an tissue from thirty years ago in my situation - The entire stomach cavity first displaced and then weakened by poor diet - My study then is of smaller amounts of food and teas nutrition and feeling the stomach restore its digestive power - Sphereation desires to present research

Sideways Theory

With the Sideways joke then gutted to create Sideways II or Sideways III whereever they are in it we can then cough twice - So with cough twice then we of take this cough twice can we gut that to create healing answers - I think we can - Slow dev this stuff- The Chipmunks took eight months to create their opening pitch for the Animal Pavilion - Even ants wanting as followings nice forest to city thing and then screens obviously because they cant see us - Thus iso shots with magnification showing our features but that you can see us too - Rolex Corporation

Common Cold

Perfect response typically pH is low five point something - Then Umcka - Then does it feel like it will be a cold - Yes - Then ten colon cleanse with twenty ounces of Essentia water - Quantum Nutritionals Max B Stress


Retting brings a new feel to the epic first run Broadway hit Tropdrow - Mozzad - Gel things - Alzheims and Dyslexia the play is Droptrow - Might as well work on that - Fine - Mozzad then healing solutions to Dyslexia - His under played roommate seeking straight hetero while exploring gay in every other way is so believable one would believe the roommates are gay - Meeks his co-star said that the comedy did not appear to be flying before Retting and Meeks tooled the play in their own studio with light changes to now over a year sold out

Imagine Nation the Theme Park

When medicine asked hey Imagine Nation what are you doing in medicine - Im an awesome Theme Park that will probably heal you so we should build me faster

I Shot the Sheriff and turned slightly to the left and shot his deputy

I caught the Sheriff and his Deputy messin around - They were messin all over town


The Moody Blues show us our journey to death cancer be like being alive listening to their music - Research to cancer can be daunting - With cancer - Reticent - Then nuclear plus malnutrition minus reincarnation that is known and real - We then chase the bomb as it opened the astral and time is cancer nukes are a piece in time - We use one patient severe cancer James gets em - First off all meds - Then Essentia - Pot - Red Panax Ginseng - Max B Stress - Chicken Soup - They improve point zero zero eight three one - Sphereation knows minute details measuring healing in their vision studies

Sphereation proposes Edgar Cayce be channeled at five dollars a meditation - With adhoc thus he gets one hundred thirty four thousand dollars an hour

Does the nuke forgo water in water out - The water in hospitals like it came from a nuke

Alpha Cell Bi-optic Resonant Cancer Treatment - Fireschtein - Optic sensory to the pineal gland to map brain thought patterns in the onset of the common cold

The Common Cold

Sphereation proposes that pH too low - foods too low in pH - boiled oil and carbonized starch join phosphoric acid in a Western diet that seizes the body s ability to produce immune response - Specifically to Edema that forms in the digestive creating a three day digestive pattern


When congress gave themselves a twenty k raise Orb wondered if greed was freedom

At the Million Man March black folk gathered in solidarity - At the Several Million Orb March Orb wondered with great disdain why you were not there

At Flugtag one competes to present the first flying bicycle - Orb wonders why one doesnt compete to fly their fail into Orbs cleavage

At the turn of the twentieth century gold could not be owned by citizens of the United States - Orb wonders why you need Orb s gold in the first place

Eventually silicone processing will slow down - Orb wonders why one doesnt realize Orb can increase or decrease sand math

Sphereation announces the drooling lure of doing in interest of the names of RadiantAnt film company leave it alone

Love Canal Love Barge announced Nuke Barge

Both projects built in nuclear dumps not a lot of comedy in it

New Stuff

Sphereation Works to Create Answers

BioSphere today announced that QuantumSphere in a deal with RadiantLightHouse agreed that although the Matrix might just be about Neo being able to waken and take the hoses out - Then he more dicks with very advanced computers on the ship in metaphors of the film that dont explain he is on a ship hes in the gel hes outta the gel he doesnt dump into the swamp he explores the gel space where shear efficiency of it Soilant Greens with less bioflavonoids although him to manifest the starcraft and dick with their living experience on Earth - Neo goes through the phone line then blub blub blub in the gel ditch the narration instead Dr Cocaine shit - He takes out he hoses on his own without AI - Thus with AI annoyed he can navigate as it easily would kill him walking around the ship

Leave the Scene arrives shortly at the scene - There Indy Jr flipped his truck - 'The Handoff' - Indy Jr knows light cams are everywhere and people are watching - Thus I was driving your car - Right - 'The Solid' Doing me a solid media quickly who s car though Indy Jr oh - He was driving Indy Jr s car why - They gay entrade to escape James test - Shallow or cool dude - Cool dude flips his truck doesnt take the Spielberg test - Hey I saved your ass with the truck - What - Remember me - I got points for that

Spotlight downtown Beverly

Brad Pitt Choffs American Spirit after American Spirit with Seven Gwenyths of Breaking Up is Hard to Do with Poo Playing with Layne Staley seeming a little gay in his new breakup - Fondlin his super gravies Staley in spirit - - -

This was Zappa to prostate cancer - Barstow there David Frank and James - A water tank heals Zappa for three years off the grid the program secure rock phenom such as Zappa - His prostate then tubes - Functions isolated - He heals without elimination demand on the prostate with sex tech eventually creating orgasms and clearing releases vital to human all in a series of vascular connections that restore his prostate


Metallic to new theory that coolant can create a bio strain from shear osmotic expression in cooling technology - The disease isnt a disease it is malnutrition in multi incarnation - Advanced bio strains can be resolved with Yerba Mate - Lacking a green diet in the West we developed conditions more than the disease names they hold - Malnutrition so extensive Alzheimer patients will need water convalescence with nutrition and body monitoring technology connected to Rett Syndrome including glass healing tanks created with carbon bonded light fiber able to use light to heal the body while proving results from biology in real time reading tech the Biometrics Watch - the Lifescan Body Imaging System

The World Healing Institute in initial research will they draft papers that include the proposed titles

Studying aluminum in pressured office locations where water has collected in the condenser unit and has a viral bacterial

Dr Gary Firestein MD s Medicine Challenge

There is no real medicine challenge except the following - one James seeing angels in San Diego in La Jolla then in the room freak out - you arent going to do shit - Its a crock - Its malnutrition in multincarnation - Thus yeah help - ok so thats us now - Lets see medicine challenge - James first for Arthritis is pH therapy and coral calcium - His research that Gary co-authors in some weird shit and they get ninety eight two one - pH then connected vascular - yes - through bioptic - Gary Mr Sir then can use bioptic says he twelve years degree me one year state pot and here I am - Thus can I help him and is the Biometrics Watch of my design

Here the dude from Ace Venture no the dude from Deuce Bigelow that he was Nazi thus in the movie my dick is small and things like that Jews making movies then he was willing to appear and they cast him everything - Raising Arizona here hes using the Deuce Bigelow - James of my body to you now - I give you my body to my death at the expense of my light in Christ - My faith I am Jesus Christ that Brad is Troy - I was singular on the cross - Double mint comin out of it with Troy somehow - eh my body everybody to help them heal - I have gear on my junk I think it connects to our Einstein whoops factor - the space time continuum - other projects that didnt get to be movies just dead people


Sphereation proposes the creation of a science library it retains where it then moderates an ability to create numeric expressions  -  These expressions say Jama First Edition - Cancer cells co-replicate - Jama Thirty One - No they dont - From following evolving medicine a new study connected to math  is proposed where these discrepancies are to find healing solutions theory research and more

MORE IE - Pinata with Disco Ball like things and good candy - Jolly Rancher - Lindt truffles - mini KitKats - Mini MandMs

Note from the Dr Professor - Although wanting to be things is good and if they can they did - In Hudsucker Proxy Jeff Daniels dances his way into our heart with a purple rose of inadequate things Woody Allen did