Mechanical Divinities


Tim Allen and brokerage of Mechanical Ocean Rescue Vessels - the Seven One Eight - the Largest Catamaran Ocean Rescue Vessel - With Helium Compression Expansion Levitation it Surfs Hurricanes

When James asked me Hot Springs Tim Allen - Son of Admiral Thaddeus Allen to find a design firm I thought of James and how thus we would proceed - Probably not - He isnt building a company where I need to then Juarez his junction if you know what I am saying - We together see a project and possibilities - Black matter fag attack from Angie thirteen in Spain in seven hundred from black matter and so on is the day - Rolex never wanting in initially now drooling as the projects at least one an insect eight billion humans two years nothing - Finally an insect - Its the U Carbide Spring - Oh - Ooohh - Cheetoh Cheetah - Stttooop - We recruited with the Horsie Race thing - Oooohhhh - Thats what she called it - Black Matter Fag Attack - Spirit put thing on James tongue - Can be seen in spirit - Thus no - Takes James a while though - Notes from Systems Architect Tim Allen - I dont get this I like boats - I can talk to military and then pick a design firm - Yeah we had Ether Syrup Robots and Beyond so captivating our heart it was enough - From there military Tim Allen will then sail the sailins fields of dreams

Derrick Massey and the Double Carriage Beef

Sphereation unable to spell his name correctly channels Edgar who then please tell us the correct spelling of Derricks name

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll:

Or would sit making lace in the bow: And had often (the Bellman said) saved them from wreck, Though none of the sailors knew how.

There was one who was famed for the number of things He forgot when he entered the ship: His umbrella, his watch, all his jewels and rings, And the clothes he had bought for the trip.

He had forty-two boxes, all carefully packed, With his name painted clearly on each: But, since he omitted to mention the fact, They were all left behind on the beach.

James Thomas CEO of Sphereation finally Opens Up about the Microsoft Seven One dev Fuddling to Auto Operating Systems

Ah when fuddle is the word for amazing then old meets somebodys not thinkin at the table - No consto - demonico - they got the pee and hair thing my Mom did - Anyways the project slowed at the dev of auto operating systems Windows in the magnetic car the front dash the rear seat panels instant windows for up to this many seats - Apps communications wireless the OS in eight gigs of touch screen dock charging how can you use Windows in the back of the car if built into it

Bill Gates finally Opens Up about Dev of Windows Divinity - Christian Dogma - Isis and Tin Tin - Dog and Ma thus Advantages as Well

Creating computers interpretive to elderly - Their frustrations of youth hacking processes or back end lame code breaches to services to Windows software - The industry at this time one billion a year - Computers one starts them they go bleep call this number - Gates not really able to intercept seven levels of guttery his company does

The Ocean One Seven Vessel Suffers setback from Comedy Genius Hijack

Tim Allen son of Admiral Timothy Allen today shrugged off any relevance at all that the third production yard stopped work on its mechanical combine engine because of Greens internet hack and over steppingly Mr Allen noted Green could just back trying to hack these stupid stupid NPS reports from Sphereation

The Magic Box

Italy sought in creating an artwork that uses weight from the sides of a box to assemble complex designs from steel and titanium pieces that create advanced structures - The Eiffel Tower is the first proposal - The device able to open and use gears and weight

In vision in Sphereation Meeting Minutes the name of the first Italian Design Firm already chosen exists

Sphereation seeks Paul Nagy - Cousin of Amun-Ra - David 'bad grooves' Nagy to curate artworks creations food restaurants and design - Paul then introduced me to Hopi artwork including fine stainless steel creations - Fitted to black obsidian fitted in Germany - Our design studio in Germany works to fitted gold screws bearings and seals - They hold the Hopi artwork a design approach that uses screws not glues

Design phases then of vision not seeing the project - First magnetic pieces are used in computer aided engineering that begins to open mechanical design challenges still not answered here on Earth

The Mechanical Ocean Vessel

Sphereation proposes the creation of a floating hospital utilizing only human energy - The vessel to be designed from existing hull Destroyers studied for reduction to hospital from thick shell defense technology - lighter - twenty four hundred work stations have upper and lower energy in combine that begins how can twenty four human beings create energy for devices - The technology uses U springs in compression arrays that release together - One collapsed and one hundred expand


Sphereation proposes design projects - Below is a design project CEO James Thomas meditates upon for months - Below the initial - Without talking to Jon Retting James vision Jons input in some ways - One - Jon needed a seventeen thousand dollar crank arm - The device Swiss - The slot machine from a Swiss Coin Vault that used an arm to crank a coin into ones savings - Thats all the device did - Italy then added balanced award again the device not for gambling - Ones savings - If they were lucky they could withdraw from their slot bank - Our initial reflections - More on below - Jon has taller so one can have more space to design in - Weights to the horses where the weight can create animation - Rolex seen in a desired partnership - The project to court them - That we would have to create it - Here of their interest in the development phase - Weights added to horses they can create - Pieces of stainless steel connect and the weight connects to their center - The weight then a perfect race each time - Each horse same weighted components should be perfect race - The crank arm pulls the weights and resets the race - Weight does everything else - Coin collects weight dispenses - Small carriage spring small lever with finely tuned expressions releases quarters from a collection chamber

The coin slot bank - The initial proposal is a high end device thirty thousand - Uses reduced expressions to show mechanical engineering in base slot machine design - Six horses race connected to a spring exchange as the spring expands it powers the horse race with weight being everything else - The winning horse crosses the finish line and mechanical expressions complete a circuit - The coin in a crank arm vault then connects to a button choosing the players selection and provides the award if they win - Compartments allow the user to see how the device collects coins - provides awards and stores in the device vault - The vault holding coin the house collects that never returns to the player