Magnetic Automotive


Mike - Hot Springs Village Mike finally sits down with his Hot Wife and they discuss with Prototype Magazine theft of Three AntiGravity Pinball Prototypes right Before They failed in Dev

Three AntiGravity Pinball devices mysteriously disappeared during testing right before their NIH grant funding would fail - Sphereation is being investigated for insurance fraud - What - Mike sipping some Melindas Coffee is set back slightly - Well the dev project failed - Mike interrupting well again we had quantum engines thought to create wave pulse levitation and then something happened and they were gone - Riiiiighhhtt - Seven million dollars of NIH magnetic healing dev just walks away - No it didnt walk away - It vaporized in front of us like Star Trek things you wouldnt believe - Riiiight

X One Prototype throws an Array Ring destroying slightly a Dev Facility as it was Being Stolen

Slight damage occurred to the left exterior wall and interior walls and they both disappeared somehow during dev of the X One - Theft of the walls is being investigated  - How someone during a dev test stole walls almost a million of damage they caused as a prototype test failed at the time

New X One Prototype Fails in Early Dev as Seth Green again Chastised for Internet Hack

Engineering Quarterly - Systems Architect Seth Green said in a release today although my stuff 'blows up everytime' I think I am on an uptick

Systems Architect Jon Retting briefly remarked that the brownies had a clear affect on the process and then retorted brownies poo and life in general in a later release

Thus licenses to the automotive industry via completion of the magnetic engine project at one point three billion - the transmission project Leo de Vreede and working to create first design centers that begin the V Project - Magnetic concentric variable rotating disks - Its called a concentric dissension the transmission - Leo to manage - Uses magnetic cross conversion - Spins one direction causes concentric to the next disk done by variable magnetic energy in polar expression from twin atmosphere magnetic core energy from crystal through a radiated core - LD

Twin arrays to a project Einstein from the dead is James - Thus often Detroit of how they build and design and what is it - Again James I used medicine balls for days I fast a few days then I meditate with Einstein for minutes - I jot the notes and then his foundation and Family guide from there

Ok so Neo Nazis of the New Knowledge Dominion is a mess - Izonfilms couped by a foreign interest then leaves Paradime - The parot and the parakeet and Truman assuring us they can score this film

Twin array magnetics - Two arrays counter spin - The Gyrobee of inventors saying this is where the project finished no variable pitch transmission - Twin array magnetics is pinball in successful very challenging play - We seek the device that will allow - Pete Townsend sought for design position - Brings the Who and Pinball Wizard - England using the occult - Perpetual motion - Me to my body to ills - To youth trying to access adults through ancient Egyptian parasites - Here any discussion changes to ancient manifestation - Isisian design Satanic - Parasitical feeds back other in meditation - Entire skillset - To here of animation from starcraft - Seeking to see project - Uses Jurassic - One star cell incarnates Jurassic joins one hundred thirty cant protect from Jurassic Satanic oil the creatures emits - They then enter spirit some of the Matrix - Wealth first lifeforms genetically created for an Earth competition - Their Jurassic lives Psoriasis here - Thus argue no just us - You goin everyones goin - Thus we brought them and are healing - Temporal first of Psoriasis - Reincarnate anomaly - Oils - Use Ivory on everything and wash everything by hand - Bring more attention to bathing and any cloth - Condition will heal

First large fonts - nah - Kazlowski gets a large font on the other page and bleh with large font below

No it isnt

This meditation is over

Here Puddle of Mudd and a hurl of meditations and bitching

Michael Moore stands by a pile of drugs and money - Now how are you going to make the magnetic car

Tim Allen stands by a pile of drugs and money - Now how is he going to build the magnetic car