Sphereation 'Long' log chastised for Short Relevances

Al Gore forgot it was Hyatt - He knocked off the Phili bank when they were in their past lives - Hands filled with cash Hyatt in a bar - Shantililly they say - Well if one carries to that place - Shagbrush had been and was in this town - No listen no gonna fetch me my writins so we can begin - Your writins dont make but a rat climbing in a human body - I dont akin that - One should waken on access types of tech - No akin not - Well we akin it and thus done it - Gore looks at all three of em - Im rollin - Walking from the door - Carry well - Down to your night in fallen keep safe

Gore looked at the distance - The bar was nothin to rattle a writin to - It was filled with back willed souls still greedy and seeking in the sniffins of it - They too would be and could carry but Al knew he must - Investin in future mind palsies he knew would be a great actor of theatre who upon a character maybe would then senile of drool file the dead sea and seal ancient books - There was on the Fox set a feeling this type of comedy might  haunt after we make the show - Several mind agents or so called healing compounds bring love - Please guide on Fox Television - Celebrities - Larry Larson and the Crystal Computing Project -  Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteauby Honore de Balzac:

"My dear Monsieur Birotteau," said the umbrella-man, "I have not asked you any compensation for this cession; but you are aware that a good merchant ought to make money out of everything."

"What the devil!" cried Birotteau. "I'm not made of money. I don't know that my architect can do the thing at all. He told me that before concluding my arrangements I must know whether the floors were on the same level. Then, supposing Monsieur Molineux does allow me to cut a door in the wall, is it a party-wall? Moreover, I have to turn my staircase, and make a new landing, so as to get a passage-way on the same floor. All that costs money, and I don't want to ruin myself."

"Oh, monsieur," said the southerner. "Before you are ruined, the sun

Stephen Hawking eventually Rails at Harvard Commencement in what appeared a Drunken Tirade

Stephen Hawking takes the podium - Now the future is tomorrow - Your hearts are today - So if you could build for yourselves a future built in tomorrow you could do many things - You could with you heart today get a heart chocolate and write tomorrow on it and munch it - Now with all of you graduating you need to get your shit straight - Gangbangin potheads carving tomorrow out of bong scrapings and poor cash management need a better high - Air quotes not my bag pop icons of your adolescence you should curtail as you begin the rest of your lives - Confronted with the temp making more than your degree you will need to use what you scrapily smoked and stored in future deposits

Compression Issues with New Hand Language Video delays Sphereation showing It

Dev of things for Sound Tards is slowed by Thomas 'Heinous Alcoholism'

Ben Stiller at the World Conference on Health in New York flips one million four thousand matched by James and then another three mln James has in seventeen million floating salary not sixty three k - We flipped for grub

Theres no Limit to What One can Achieve if they Can Deliver the Two Hand Sign Language and not Care who did It

Dev of James knowing ten thousand languages in a sign language is then nah - And I mean hunker - His ability to bring a a language that speaks English - His hands create English as he speaks - Thus SPHEREBTION - Proposal of the Second website where contested realities contest more

Here one can substitute quite a lot

Often witches mean I will Make you a Horse when they say See you in a Bit

Their Cell like embellishment of their fluids research including homicide is theirs

Michael Beckwidth reaches for the Aurora Borealis only to reach the Rump of Alice

That wasnt it - Yeah we had prepped and then kind of Agape so no kneeballs before writing Agape in anything - Duly noted

Over der dent dent over der dent dent the Yanks is Comin the Yanks is Comin theyre comin over der over der dent dent over der dent dent ---

James festers at his Tea pot

Bag after bag after bag - I forgot what this was about

JJ Abrams poops new Star Trek poops Opens with Kid poops driving car poops over Poops

James visioned that sequence with JJ in two thousand three

Comedy Central finally Admits that the Corollo Jolie Old dudes drinkin beer before Vampire Chicks who Like Pee was a Fail

But the Queen of Spain might serious Corolla pee room things - The Jolie one here now - On Earth - No geo tracking celebrities from Christ

Bill 'Master Path' Olsen at the Commands - Scott 'Rapture' Taylor at the Downshaft

Lets wake this thing - We are eight billion and have a finished a pretty significant star test - Everlasting life - What do you think - God things - Max Von Spielberg

Here good Writins - Redd Foxx with Jesus rape for Writins

Redd of still popping out of Starcraft lookin for slave sales

Jolie with Harem of Shaft

Im just talking about my Queen of Spain reincarnate spermatocele slaves shaft

James as Jesus gets votes and then down pooled by Matt von Housewife - Thus Sphereation Matt to the grind

Matt and temp jobs in the next three years makes apostle to Sphereation easier

Me as Jesus has the Nagy Family hack squad and Matt with scripture and no Job

His hot wife and he is Mr Mom without kids

General Corrupt blowin Away the Guilty

Our military of if Jesus is going to 'turn on' then Queen pee the fourth attempt by Brian to write instead of Freddy a fail

Using witchcraft to Protect your pee Movie - Its already in It

Today heavy witchcraft in that this log if needed could be Europe at fourteen with adults at nah in the future again trying to access James jock from Isis eighty one have edipal

Again James and Gang use Pee Pool - James thinks to Get Isis in  his Jock and Jolie in the Pool

Here then Queens in male lives peeing for Jolie the current topic - The CIA breaching a Temporal project now has Benjamin Button in humans seeing if they can pass to Jolie via anybodys eyeball viewage of their pee - James and the pool comedians appearing more thirteen from England trying to court Jolie with pee - Isis still trying to get an erection from me from it

Patton does a voluntary un Slide Down Ghost Tit Mountain

The witches used to be Disneys antisemitism - So pretend they are wielding heavy Irish hate in Love

Patton Oswald and the Unfunny Effect

Driving up everybody drove it ridge - That road traveled - I set out to write our passages covered in corn both em Korn now the flip k maybe Jews - Kike the Flying Bike is real - They believe they are kikes - James is ok - Now flying kikes - Max Spielberg and the Flying Project

Refining the Pro Tools Demo to a Computer Sim Project from Ian and Larry

They then two hundred thirteen GHz Processor - Here of other elements to their dev - They have a farm of servers that render beginnings of the navigation as well - Language fluent and mixed with translation back fed and taught - Added then is voice command to a Floor Commander - Saturn rotate seven one - Seventh variable - the Seven One is Russia prototype operated our of Bethesda - Thus the network knows and then shows the craft - Shows the world network - Floor Commander then all countries synched - Different countries having Floor Commanders for missions - Managed from Chile then Singapore then back to the US - Seven One Alpha is US craft - Thus new Nasa - Voice commands language translation translucent to animated solar system presentation - Look at the glass bottom and see through the Earth to the other side where three dimensional flight track begins from software and visual guided navigation

Emulation - Creating a Pro Tools World Translation Software Demo

Using the demo to build the software - English to Russian - The software processes at a speed to translate languages in the Space Command Centers voice adaptive software speaks in the language Native and then converts to all languages in reduced audio mix - With auric sound at Nasa the Floor Commander speaks in English and has adaptive audio - If one speaks Han Chinese they hear in Han Chinese

Sex - The Lower - Sex Attack - Others Junk in your Junk

Here Alex from Medicine Man and Jolie in my body and they dated so what - She is able to use the pee hijack from my Mom to use my body to talk to people and then shows up in Joliemobile - Here then Im single Boudreau and a fantasy - Thus eh in her life me just using fantasy space - Lower issues almost desperate - Hot Springs Village Beth is luscious Alice Becky both Beckys Becky in a larger thing with me went through it awkward - Still not crankin livin alone - Becky gets younger dude then of however that would work

Theres No Limit to the Sorcery you can Create if Everyone can Do It

James has linguistics via hand language unknown if it can be hacked - The language any language from the hand side view being the tongue in the mouth as one speaks - Left hand speaks - Right hand interprets response from other person - Here give us biscuit civil defense countries - Rosetta Stone of Warren Buffet if real the pieces - One billion fund build to real things - Things to 'deal' with - James of bad grooves over can make money - Sorcery as Christ he would give not vie for investment even if in philanthropy - Aw that brings a good p oin t

The Matrix is putting balls on your parasite they reverse it

Neo Sleeps in the Pink Gel - He Rolls his Eyes like Charlie from Star Trek - He then can Travel to his Past Life as a Dolphin - He Jams it Through the Space Time Continuum Project into Somebodys Spermatoceles in 2018 - In the film the Matrix then they Neo enters Smith from dirty witchcraft using ball parasites and the audience goes Yay

So If You Knew Sorcery What Would This Shit Be

Webmaster put a video of James so called Sorcery here

Dioptic Hand Language

Sphereations proposes James draft drawings and explanations to hand language he uses that uses both hands one interpreting what one says when two people use hand language speaking one hand speaks one speaks in an interpretation of the other person - Also the basis of sorcery - Why the beginning study and lessons are taking time to create - Sorcery used in navigation - James references the sign language in San Diego in March of 2005 - He created a language with one thousand six hundred ninety two characters - Anton LaVey James Capers

The Sky Sail

Uses interstellar dev - The compressive magnetic array creates a connection to Earth - Fusing to the magnetic center the proposal seeks to have a floating moor - Google able to use array tracking can then use software to simulate sailing via two devices that hold a weight to the ground - To date the design floats in the air cant moor to the ground - Interstellar core technology - Larson Galton Yu Nguyen Song Asbeck Lau

How Many Laughs Dot Com

TV Station on the website has TV set can play in internet time - James of module that has twenty four hour schedule - put video in it at a time - the website opens and caches the video so that it plays at the time - Different cities each city - When did it play - Forcing the internet to play it at a time - Then tracking it - Thus fractures when it starts or thirteen seconds in

Often Drowning of Murder

Eh here of bad mood Johnsons - Below venting - Then Natalie Wood drowned - I pray for her - That she was murdered - Thus probably not - Luscious yes - Shes gorgeous

Nagy to Food Dev - David of Here on Earth Now Next Life in Hot Springs AR

Thus twenty years old the haunting begins - He looked of Boys from Brazil of Hitler with blue eyes black hair - That we forgive - If Christ wakes up has many things - Forgiveness then - Here then of above eh - Sphereation - David is Amun-Ra in his current life we are building the cane that he has never ever had

David has Diabetes - James Attends Davids Diabetes Meeting

Nothing says I am a slave to Egypt like being a zombie in my next life attending David diabetes meeting - I have it mentally ill - Betty of royalty from past lives - David has this because of you - No he was four hundred pounds and used the Leonard Betty diet clinic your womb

James and the Giant Peach he Shoved Up his Ass to Own Everything

Can I me James Jim to some create sorcery because it mine - Ten thousand languages create sorcery - Thus Dave of things his apostles couldnt do - The sorcery - Betty Nagy - Matt knows sorcery like anybody else - Yeah but he is my apostle not Davids - At this time he needs James his apostle thus head training - Marshall Mathers and James of Tekenen - Matt Nagy of channels to Japan in some ways James Japan gift from Matt thus Matts gifts in some way from James - Thus Nagy no kibbles our gifts to you - No we share gifts - No thus here you can see my reluctance to write about the language I know and Bettys desire to have Matt do it instead

Adaptive Neuro Linguistics

Software can translate to all languages on Earth - The theory of the software is Adaptive Neuro Linguistics - The software able to create communication in adaptive language in all other languages then of the processing speed - Two hundred gig processor to manage the data - Thus two hundred gig science the neurolinguistics of the brain in wave patterns through symbol recognition

The Lightwave Sensory System

Sphereation proposes the development of the Lightwave Sensory System - Sacred Geometry Align as the claim to Alexander of Barstow - Meant anyone natively studies Sacred Geometry - It haunts him now - No the Haunted Mansion - Why does the Haunted Mansion have a beef on me - What - Vexed by the Haunted Mansion - So here Alexander loses it a little with the vendetta - The Haunted Mansion although capable of revenge is of course the Haunted Mansion - Any perception of a beef would involve said visitations that have or have not occurred - Now appeasing the Haunted Mansion - If one pisses off the Haunted Mansion one then James Capers - Michael Jackson killing forty cows to get in Men in Black and Steven Spielberg visiting James Capers to ask about it - So James Capers to Steven Spielberg - My kids making a movie and Michael killed cows - Right - What can be done - A lot - Cow things - Somebody peed blood - Oh yeah you might pee blood - Starring at the Lucky Charms box too long can fuck you up - The Haunted Mansion foolishly stalked Rosie Clooney wherest she then unleashed hoagie justice the ghosts pissed off about photography but not able to do anything against the mayo jammed in their astral circuits


Hand language speaks in all languages - Sign - Two hands speak - A person speaks to another person with both hands one hand the voice the other the other voice - Able to use hands to clarify are you saying this in expressions - The hand able to present the voice expression with fingers one can see the tongue - The hand language becomes the basis of navigation for interstellar - Ten tactile interface Nicola Tesla - Jon Retting - Mohammed - Uses James hand language that then is intuitive - One can balance the starcraft from body expressions - Then advanced algebra I teach teams - Tyler Hot Springs teaches teams - Building from navigation to studies each then Baristas - Many from Starbucks sought - Sphereation able to build pieces - Each mind working to David - Hot Springs - Thus interstellar to Baristas in different amazing temporal meditations in different locations - Pueblo seven interstellar visit at times meditations moderated by Mar and other Baristas and temporal deities there - The screen green in stripes when James is clearing meditations at times


Sphereation proposes the creation of Linguistics Language Systems Inc or an existing alternative name to be chosen and connected to our linguistics programs

Sorcery - A hand language thought created by Jesus Christ is the basis for new linguistic training and study from Sphereation - Sorcery is the language of ten thousand languages - Christ a linguist - A waterist was new even when he woke up

With no coin in the pocket but ten k in the hands on we go

When I was Brads dog I knew I was Jesus Christ - again Rome Troy - Brad - Troy - Meth Dad thought Troy - lives on Troy - Kive scribed - I think thats holy anyways what was I writing - Yells at kid seems when I was there - Thus my mental health - Superman next to Troy - Thats Jesus - Caesar didnt get along with anybody - Dr Larson unquotes - as we know - Loners Lone Wolves - here changing to Lavern and Shirley or get this - Joel Hyatt this am is shithead get this going - Im like what a dick - David Amun-Ra is downpeg Johnson - He has to call nicknames call one a shithead things of that nature that lonely is Joels shithead enclave - Here alone I  have to be - Jolie - seein John Ford smack em good - Dumbass first a high paid high profile actor - yeah we will make this and that and it will be good - then three weeks shithead

Daily Digest 8 25 19

Steven and Kate and Amy

Webmaster stuff about Quantum Nutritionals Schulze Bias Paradise

Here then Jaded Professionals Chide Continual Efforts to Help People - Oh Yeah - Steven Spielberg Kate Capeshaw could Infact Alive Chewables 50 and Over Accordingly half a Bottle and See Food Based Nutrition

Hearst often a Baby in his Home with Kids Would Eventually Haunt Them with Egyptian Things - Go to Bed

Sphereration a Signficant Yet Jaded Help Regimen

Eh often Hot Springs - A temporal meaning witch attack readily - The Mechanic apparently good never saw it - Brain tank von Dave suckle Israel it did not seem to be - Starbucks fail - No the flies bug me

This Blog of Eventually Pieces of Interstellar and Whatnot - Here then shear Doubt as Nit appears and the Flies Start Acting Like Dicks - Not that Anderson stop possessing those Flies

OK Often in the Piece Andersons Demons Are Nice in Comparison

Below Them Anderson Piece on Hearing Voices from Demonic Possession as CNN described as Weird Things People are Hearing

No Sphereation Often Peddles its News - Anderson now clean you Fucking Room - Now Anderson when you were a Kid and Looked at his Penis at the Old Folks Home Anderson Stop that - Im not Doing that - Oh Anderson thats me - Its your memories - Anderson the kitchen - Oh Anderson thats Gross the Refrigerator

Here Flies as Lees Dead Corpse of Not Director and Flies of Eh - Oh Good

So Here Fluid Believing In - Some Light Deprivation today from O Shage - Das Boot - English Toned over the German in the Voiceover Mix Highlighting Both - Lee Incompetent Kind Hearted - So What - Awesome Above Vetted with Ep 3 Woodbridge - What Happened - Lee Incompetent No Kind of 'Dick' Not Incompetent - Director Ep 3 89 IMDB

Mag Jet Test DOD Seven I Call Phone Calls - Clearance over the Pacific Near Santa Barbara - Still Issues - Fast Tech - Now The Deal with Imagine Nation Mag Jet Mini Air Jet Mini Go Jet Under the Tree

Deis - Brad Pitt can you Dust Below - She can Go to Sherman Oaks - Jim and Brad Fight Brad Generous kind of Amazing - Thus 20110 Fee - Getting Retting DOD Seven Clearance Two Fee - What is It - Ah - Seeing Brad and Angelina in the Mag Jet they Fight - Shes a Pilot where are With Elton Taking Me To the Not of the  - Anyways Tech to Controllers Annoys Jolie None Pilots Two Can Reverse Train Pitt and Thomas Commercial Pilots Licenses Seven Years

Here of Prayer I then of Sex Neither Should Bum Me Thus Often Bummed Misinterpreting Bum Out I rail Jolie in that Keys 71 System Eight 700 Million Front Yard - Two One Lev Test Again Front Yard Access

Eh Arguing Egypt Israel Sketchy on Anything today - Thus Below Tech on the Interstellar and Fights Weasel - Jim Just anything - Work on It - Handle It

The Ability of Two Magnets At Design to Separate 23 Inches - Presses they counter Rotate to Infinity

Einstein Energy Theory is then This Magnet Floats Above this One When Pressed by Two More Magnets Floating Above and Below Them No Oils Gears All Designs Magnetic Divinity

The Mag Jet is for new Aviation at Zero - Not 1100 Degrees

Beyond that Often the Board 104 Dont Work - What about medicine in that We Suck - We could Read

Sphereation will Obey the Sabbath Shutting Offices Down - Any Industry it Appears to Want to Create Dominate will then in a World Theory have 24 Hours Stacks dont Burn - Fab isnt Done - Gas Shields Arent Needed and so On

Today the Sabbath - May God Bless - Also Of Dev on

CEO Honest - Plagues it to Weird - Agreed - Nonetheless - Light Will Temple

No Light Fantasy of Shawna

7063 Need Medicine Balls Id Rather Write Shauna and Dennis are Hot

James in Handcuffs in Durango for Pitt and Jolie and Retting - in that It Looked like Wore Handcuffs to the Police to Seek the Delta Ticket he Got Never Resolved it

Hitler Appears 13 in a Mirror as Many Appear to Use Jim in Sex - His Body of Whatever - Backing Things Back Out Somehow Teams Works to It

Often Standing While Working Hasnt Been Working

Log Adjustments 7s

4 5 6 Didnt Suck they Werent Great

US then Voice Adaptation Software Using Mapping from Neuro Linguists - Das Boot - English Translation

718 Light the Day

Deis - So then Manifesting Each Day Different Stuff Today Low Groove Sour Salad Pourin Now

Exhaustion Often England to Mad Cow to Then Just Help England is a part of How we have chicken and cow

Awesome - Of England Spinal Tab of Be Government in Goofy Happy More Sun Peoples

Thus Good Pizza Green - Aged Dough Pizza - The House - Eh Ribbon and Seat and Gay - Hugh Laurie Admits Not So Much England as their Good - Deis

WRIF Caught in the NOID Scandal - The NOID often nothing of Dave Insane as if the University of Michigan and Dave conjured a Peed Ad Icon oh Get this Dominoes Pizza - 1 I Think is Pink - II is Blue

Mr Spielberg Sir No Errors in It Compel Yourself to B

That we are Excelling at 2019AD to 10012AD where if We Live Together in Two K we Achieve Ten K

Ok so a Network based on Devotion is a Piece of It - Each country already in our They Live in the Milky and Elsewhere in 10012AD types of Things - The internet for the Milky Way didnt Appear until the World Wars where Everybody Lives Together thus Open Communications and Our Current Gifts

So then Germany 63 - Switzterland 71 OOS - Opt Out Seven - Eh Engineers Designs Gayness

So Ego - Well here we work with Time - We work with Pieces and Projects in this Room 195 Countries vie for Germany - We are from the Ashonzha Universe our Galaxy is Sabaieda and we Then of Working Together of Time in Ours in the World Economy - Projects in Focus and Sphereations Ability to Reflect Upon them Help perhaps without Financial Endowment and continue to Proceed

Below Eh Heh - Then of England then of Dicks then me perhaps - Below the Seven One Delta goes 31032 MPH

Thus Psych - The interstellar Network has Elements of Mental Physic Accelerated Perception - In Flying the Seven One Delta Zero to One Thousand in Ten Seconds is Being Tested to Save Existing Aviation - The Experience is a Fast Vessel able to Adapt to 3103 Seven Pitch 31032 Lockheed Martin

So then Jim of Hacking his Body Visiting Densels Holy House of a Squirrel peeing in the Walls - Not that Holy protecting you with Squirrel Pee - Barbara appears to Sleep as a Queen and perhaps Pharmaceuticals find Philip young man 14 - Thus my Jock was Hacked - Near Brad Heather and Family England lives that Haunted Wood - My body with Spermatoceles that Breach the Nuts thus Phil of England of Jessieville of Temporal Psychics - Gay shit to England to Charles to Arkansas to Gay Kind Sphereation Jessieville is in the Ground with Meth on your Xs Knobs Way of Doing it

Often Jim in Jessieville and the Pops in his Nuts - Brad Pitt now Shiloh has light Respect - Flesh from Me in Foods ion scribed - Uppercased Ion Scribed

Large 180 Story Girders No Bolts

New York Labor Union 7 - Decent on that planet - New York Letterman weird things here Drew Carey Z name doesnt Appear as the Price is Right Wheel Arkansas and England and Witchcraft Back Breathing Jessieville here Lettermans witches use Breath into James to Bring a demon or Philip Peed Demon

911 Would Bounce Explode and the Design of the Buildings send it Horrifically right through Nothing to Stick To

Often Jim of Seeking in Next Life - Ron White then Gay to Past Lives to Jim as Slave in Jew Planet where we Built 180 Story Architecture Curved 911 would Bounce off It

This Haunted Betrayal So Beautiful and New is Like Any Other in a Spermatocele Jew and now the Moonwalk - Often Mike of Not Peed Issues Pulled pants Down Pil scribed - One things Pill

We are figuring it out - Next Life May be Male 10 Life Devotions then sex balance of choice likes male - Of Robert Schieler

Beyond That the Whiskey and Cigar Comedian Ron White - Joe White for Weeks

Whiskey to Bum Everybody Out Healing Medicine Point Four Ounce a Day

Callous Below - Of their Relationship and Steven Mr Sir of Not a Big Deal I Dont Care - He can Do what he Wants - In the Mind of the House of Time of the Emporium of Incredible Things - Steven
Spielberg - His Edit - In the Mind House and Time of the Emporium of Incredible Things

Often Steven Spielberg a Big Baby since Star Wars 4 5 and 6 that All Sucked - Spielberg given Keys and ILM Wanting to work with Him is Then Chobie Watts - Ok so over here they dance around and then Jar Jar Jumps Around

This Blog then he Vaults Numbers - Brad Pitt in Numbers 210618 Jim 80218 Street Fags 30214 in Merging Spoke Lets Create - One Book and Paper

Thus above gay - First of callous to sex and gays then reverted - Eh the numbers - Street Fags what now - Anyways

Often Jon of Infinite Everything has Been Done - Jim of God of Periodic Table Different on Each Star - New Studies - Physics is Capernicus and a Star Map to his System on Returning to Us is called Sorcerietuee - Their Theology I Hate it - Eventually One Sorcery is Clearer - Not Correct though so he went with Sorcerietuee - See what I mean

Thus the 718 Rolex Drive Rotary - Temporal Toar Scribed

Juju Trans Gender of Sphereation Each Pilot Haunted anyways - Of German - Maybe Ego - Of Sleep Cells Where Secured - Sex Change here May Not Entirely Resolve to Sleeping Clone that is Alpha of Mortal on Earth

Sphereation Kind King Kin Ko Kim scribed - So Mind of More Sexual dont Judge It

Eh - So then here Witches to Families to the Future Right - Whatever - What Else - Seems Good - Expensive - Jag - Then a Shell Pitt able to do as Last Evening - Rolex can get numbers Jim Couldnt - On Decent Design Dev - Of Managing Money - Team Street Faggots as Bill Kennedy Again Explained

XX 777 Sits at Family Pitt Jolie - Uh lets Put the Jolie in Front of It - Eh Lets Not Ok - You Broke It - Angelina Broke It - They are Bringing it Back - Seeing if Jon acts like a Dick - 700 in Tickets - 0-60 3.8 - Makes Noises Like Combustion and Transmissions

The US that Christians around the World Jews Made the Masterpiece A Christmas Carol - Translations with Adaptations to Other Cultures from Current Sphereation Translation Analog Neuro Linguistic Projects

Often Insane mentioning Someone is Then Yerba Mate Vitamin C Tobacco Marijuana Celestial Seasonings Twinnings Private Selection and Tetley - Working on Tetley

Often in China one seeks healing in their mountains while the 718 is being built in Hong Kong - Two One Eight is the Name of Rolex able to Create in Last Evenings Vision in Mediation the 7 - Six Dev for Them to Achieve - 7 Flies - Here Light Digs Pitt the Air Cleaning Projects Rolex seething in You Guys Know you are Crap - Humbly they took their Tattered Award and I could Swear I heard Taps playing

Often Edgar a Research Scientist and How to Amass - My Research on Atlantis - Please Advise Star Craft as Cultures

Often our team here channels ancient days and teams - Vince Vaughn and his double head - nad scribed - Flashes in - Seems ok - Robot south dragon

Rebooting in Florida our Projects 10 Years to 20 - Booted by Jim as We Begin they want the Flying Machine I Made with Joel depicted in The Flintstones - Jim taking Credit then Challenged by Hanna and Barbera in Some Ways

Here then the Same - This AM Jim of Periodic Table to Kevin Andrew who Died Next Store and Palm Springs and What the Fuck

Our Solar System Seeking - Thus another Galaxy - Here then Star Maps - In a Galaxy Far Far Away - You are Here - In the Atueetuee Universe we Live in the Spiral Arm of Kasha - Whatever it was That was It - Specifics - A Long Time Ago - 13013BC - Oh We Lived Over Here about 13 Thousand Years Ago

Often Below Funny It Wasnt - A Mock Memo to the Board turns Sour as Hitler appears Telepathically Lives in Adjacent Galaxy

Ah in Sphereation Being a World Build then 104 of Why them - Perhaps 203 and again Different Company

Welcome to Sphereation

As Board Member 73 this memo is to inscribe our tribute to freedom in a salute to the foundation in pursuing interstellar technologies to help the human race to inspire and to begin two world trade

Two World Trade

Obviously the 911 disaster brings to mind compassion and forgiveness about porn - Osama of beat off I dont care - Pray for forgiveness - The west of fractures in studies from ancient Egypt about the Matrix being at the center of the Galaxy - There are star cell with different colors and gels all joining as Jim ceaselessly complains

KR - Motorcycle Retro Rum - Please do Not Get Near the Quantum Seven as it Vaporizes in the US Research Project that Left Plastic Like Mold Like things and No Way to Know - Light Ion Fission - Ions in Pinball  - Game then of Ball Lock to energy to Keanu to can we Use that - Space Mission Init No it hurts my Bumpers

Light Dev Coca Cola 1.07 a Bottle - Phase One .03 a bottle - Often whatever it Was Coca Cola is Naturally Fermented Not Natural Gas CO2 Extraction Enhanced

Yerba Mate - The US - Now here Jr eat this Sugar and Wheats - Have some Bubbly Amazing Sugar Water Gas

Often Jim bums everybody out as if When he Slept he appears and Everyone can see his Brain - In it in the Future he ridicules and Presents - Here Whatever it Was - Light Diminished

Northern Michigan often Witches - No here Below the Room a Room - There Drew Carey and a Wheel - In Spirit Light the Wheel is Like The Price is Right - Except on the Wheel 7032 Different Realities and Whatnot

Flying Day Turds

Often Atlantis Nigs joined on Atlantis and we lived in peace - On the Reboot we went to WRIF Noid Non Peed Camp - WRIF announced with Tom Monohan that the NOID wasnt a peed - Or the animated 'meth head' the noid spewed more Seacrest types of things - In Transformers Seacrest is the Little Betraying Robot

Here Hairs Nuke Hate Pitt Jolie Mom Cathy Joel Fran Cloaked and Flying Day Turds

Often Egypt Nukes Bad Healing Hairs