Lightwave Sciences


Retting has a Press Conference on the Lightwave Sciences Tab while James Unveils Lightwave Harmonics in a Dewey Loses Again Pre-Empt

Donna Trapp - Systems Architect - Sphereation - Retting downplays Chesterfields as he rallies the group with nico stains from yesteryear upon his lapel - Retting - There is of course - 'bloehoehjob' is heard from the audience God Bless You -  Issues with the research on Lightwave Harmonics - Mr Retting the Lightwave Harmonics Tab has that you are a incompetent idiot sir - Retting stirs as if Casey at Bat but takes roids to assure victory - No that was not called for - 'Retchettingzmomzawhoreaaahe' is heard from the press - God Bless You - Mr Retting the Lightwave Harmonics Tab just announced that Lightwave Sciences will not receive funding the NIHs med projects with  Sphereation funneled now to Divinity Design Inc in Raleigh NC and Berlin Germany - Do have any comments - Well the name is available - Div I Vergent Inc is available - Side Notes Fat Mobsters - Turtlenecks

Retting vies 'Questionable' Viability in Initial Lightwave Science Research

I know Jon wasnt happy - We werent happy that Jon wasnt happy - James in scratch notes to seven researchers from Harvard Brown Peppermint UCSD and so on vied on just measure research to Qualcomm against Jons Petro Jet

Lightwave Sciences division meeting argument of viability turns to James in Lightwave Harmonics paper Tit from the Nit - Astral Wave Frequency from Cross Variant Crystal Copper Inlay Fractional Measure

Mighty House still two am proper Western - Eastern studios Divinity Design Inc cuts the wire - One terabyte pipe to Retting broken - Paper to the NIH bound to medical from James vying against Jon in a click - The paper ready just sitting - We can submit in 2019 but a lost edge - Thus why not - Click to the NIH full proposal grant seed - seven uses of their system in what appeared apps from them - No - Geesh - Final is the app - Seems clean like seven levels of dev - Oh

Lightwave Sciences Eludes to Lightwave Electricity Project

Retting downplays at an even lightwave sciences as Seth Green and Retting look like Chimpee the Mural - Drinks in hand and whatnot walking through a  party Retting has an astral toy - A tech device from Sphereation not licensed to Perpetual Dynamics Inc - Lee - Well whatever - Why - No - Huh - What - No - I dont care - The DOD - Fine - Really - Dumbass - Get Dean - What - Really - What - Get Mel - Dont fuck with Jon - Find out whats goin on - James - Leopoldt - Deis - Whatever really - No really - Seven of it - Whew - Hey - So whatever - Seven - Fleuh - One three - Dero in it - Nah - Click

Light Energy from Tesla vexed in Poor Tesla Motors Tucker Like Lucas Lick

Variety - SPI - Tucker was a film about the urban legend of US business run by the Mob and witches able to petal and mortar bone dust into tri snort - Chrysler Ford and Durant all able to fold the company in a secret tri snort they didnt even have to participate in - Side Notes - Might return funny at some point - Here just lack of new magnetic engine and ongoing 'ribs'

Amazing Comedy pieces seem like we Have seen Their Comedy

Tim Allen opens the door - Jon Retting - Jon Tesla Nicola Tesla Retting is there do you need help - Fuck you kid

Jon then has his choice for Captain Wonderful

Pen and Teller talk to James on the Actors Studio about losing Six Hundred Million in the 'handoff' of Comedy Central

Leons Pickles got a downtick as Leon asked Mrs Jolie-Pitt about the Pee things - You know from Comedy Central

Dev Team Succeeds in the Lighwave Frequency Modulator Prism Inverse Osmiotic Inversion Crystal Cell as Long Pitt and Tom all fail Team Compo

Flugtag under their unders Pitt flails as Tom has run out of goats to flog in booze latent reverse osmosis of booze for debates

Sphereation Interstellar Dev Compo goes shrinko in the tento as Pitt Long and Tom cant Foil Stephen Hawking and his LightSerenadeSymphonyArmegeddonDominion - Comic Con frought with why they were there - A new LED light toy from Sphereation then bringing their different design teams

Board admits Lighwave Sciences Go it dont Got

Thus here go - Brad professor arrogant - Complex things explained to me quickly go - Here booze Tom and Brad quickly down grade Van Buren and upgrade alcoholic

Board Nix Nix on Lack of Lightwave Sci Flick Pix

Lightwave Sciences is the science of light in wave harmonics connected to physics specifically to Tieslers Theorem - Muchos Apologeticos for unaccuros

James Thomas CEO of Sphereation finally Speaks Out about Seth Greens Hack of the Website

I was working on the Quantum Wave Mechanics research theorem when they told me Green hacked the site - Magnetic wave resonance is a lot like hacking websites pffft - My paper then suffering greatly I notified the NIH and DOH that both grants Green was seventh author on then had fraudulent research from Green some directly connected to his Discover card - Thus LLC status on Greens door not really able to help him keep his Dune and Brad Street from large knobs

Lightwave Sciences

In general Sphereation is proposing the colors the crystal computer makes when James looks at it on another planet - Light frequency as silicone and electricity

Tennis Shorts Knives West Side Thugs

Sphereation begins the introduction of lighwave sciences - Here then Heather Fleming and Alice Towey of a new science in light - Now our prep is a tennis club and a dude being Mcenroe already at the Beverly Hills Racket club - Thus one we go - No dude is finding ether memories that vag right to the course

Im being a jerk - Tobacco or I am of being raped by the tennis dude I was a dick mostly to your Dad - Krav Maga all a ya - Here of in my jock in vampire jock things - Everyone gettin - Tennis dick dude being funny maybe he isnt - Maybe he is tennis dick dude - Thus meds - Healing things - Here why cant I use Cathys black vag to have access to you ever fly a UFO - it makes sex trite