Life Sciences

Daily Digest 12 9 19

Often Cleopatra and 14 Men - In the Film Henry Ford Plays Steve Martin Cocaine Headed Witch Like Comedian able to Suck Straws hetero Jolie Medicine Balls Core Healing and Instead Cocaine

Sphereation balks at James With tab for the site

James with the Holy Spirit his spirit that he has Never fucked With then to Save the World

Well James of the four light in Raphael - The fourth light of Christ in Raphael - What does it mean

Here of spirit not Diggin Lets go Watch a Homicide Together

Lore of an underground shock murder drink blood place where vision quest meets seize your spirit - James of never seizing his spirit of his spirit being the Holy Spirit - Free from the beginning - Rick Brandon for instance hacks his spirit watching different psycho horror porn to no avail as referenced below

Thirty Nine Apostles scrap for language divinity only to find porn Habits

Ok so here Dude kills Spider must a Peed - They yeah Mexico to Si

I get a Si must mean yes - Thus again be kind to spiders there of me and just escorting spider Devil Dogs of escort spider before dumb ass kills it and curses us Devil Dog Dave and Rob both communicate with it

Spider Smasher YMCA awkward Peed Spider Smasher

Si comes up but the spider smasher maybe not a pedophile just cruel in ways to James they meditate there and a spider joins their meditation and he kills it - All of them nah - We will just let it float - James was dive God Dammit

Devil Dog Dave and James discuss the Amino Solvents and the overall Military Inoculation Program

Ok so here we dont need much what the fuck - Innoculation - two nns in it thats all next topic - I will meditate with Von Haymen we will present Minority Report like things

Here topics of the Week  - How Light Resonance and Fireschtein - Here again first Devil Dog Dave with the Marines Brita Filter Your Face

James weaving Good writing health grooves has Devil Dog Dave and Rick Noel thinking oh you worked at Thoracic Surgery and I didnt Thus Jolie Wax Assassins James is Tool

Waiving again past lives where Entity may unspool in not Drano but just Drinking It

The human body has an Astral Wave

When we die their is a circle around our aura that is nutrition energy expressions both positive and negative - Devil Dog Dave and Rick Noel of some waived points - Frozen now they are in the film with the chicks so it goes that way instead

Harvard Research - Gut Leak

Gut leak from the nutritional and lifestyle oriented breakdown of the passage of the stomach to the small intestine

James of one gallon of teas forcing this passage open using medicine balls to pull teas to unhealthy core issues that above need additional we would argue - Harvard identified Dissentia - An ancient condition to the Village where we reawaken to significant knowledge - Sing scribed uppercased - Dissentia then foods and nuclear - Tap water and electricity - Pollution and Adaptive Neurological Disorder - Our bodies expanding - Neo we sleeping - the Matrix divine two and three still sleeping - two Neo sleeps in the gel - More meditations - He sleeps lives in an entire life dies to mortal matter and remanifests to his next life all while he sleeps in the gel - that is the movie - our lives exists behind him as he sleeps in a light sphere that Atlantis can create that is plant Earth - We never have had in many that a computer of AI heart divine of God light divine of God serves us - A robot to us its expression light and matter to Atlantis - Able to defy mortal reality in its abilities - James carried by it - Rare often that it interact even with human more or less carry them on the starcraft

Chris Thomas and Light Optic Healing Devices

Sphereation proposes a thesis be written by Christopher defining a meditation of a LCD and glasses combination first for the sight impaired next to healing for the eyes - Light Optics Systems Inc is proposed by Sphereation in a name to design it then releases holding Light Optic Life Sciences and the devices it will create - If the name to the company Light Optic Systems Inc is secured by other interest then Light Sensory Optics Systems Inc is then desired by Sphereation in open dev of their subsidiary structure

Benevolence in the End but Bonnie and Clyde Now

Sphereation proposes the tab and science of Life - Life Sciences - Arguing here James then of the astral field carries nutrition in reincarnation and one has a ball light light field around their mortal that carries nutrition from life to life - One has incentive to begin now bringing nutrition to their body