James Does This


Getting off Phamaceuticals to Clint Eastwood how can I help Clint Eastwood I know he is on Heart Meds or some Lame shit like That

Thus Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea - Boxes he can drink to heal his body and his heart and in James opinion get off heart meds clear and bring omega three and coenzyme q10 - My parents as well have different meds and most likely at eighty one and eighty two could just be on  homeopathic remedies

Omega Three and Coezyme Q10 so much Better than Greedy US heart doctors he asserts we should take That

James takes four hundred dollars of Healing Remedy now thought junket in his Junket

James buys about one hundred boxes of tea every four months

Corolla reels at James watching Fight Club with his Woman

Sitting there she is turned on by Brad so I start toning my wimp like hands in a happy feet type of relationship breakup - Watching Fight Club and Brad even appearing affected by the hand toning - My hands so weak Brad pulping my face would probably have me cry - Instead watching the movie with you I start toning my hands - It bothers you a lot - Brad on the screen appears to contort with the toning of my hands - I realize my woman wants a weak handed dude and a strong Brad - Confronted that I should tone my entire body before watching the movie with her

James doesnt Go the Distance Just Three Years without Getting Sick