40.8 MLN

17 MLN ACCRUAL FUND STEVE WYNN PROJECTS - The Fluorescence - Agape - Because of Healing not gambling - Us and our stuff - Agape would be spiritual gambling somehow

House Deck 21.8MLN - Dont Worry we were Down Sixty One MLN


One Mln and it so it goes Mr Nash Lieutenant Objective

Jack of Diamonds

H - Two of Spades

Queen of Clubs

H - King of Hearts

H - Ten of Diamonds

Lets Win Some Money for the House Deck - +600

800K - 1.4 MLN 1.8 MLN

Six Hundred K - House Limit - One Chooses Limit - James to Seven MLN debt cleared from Three Point Six MLN Limit - One Million Limit

Up Six Hundred K

Live and Let Die Oracle

Seven of Clubs - Six of Spades

Nine of Hearts - Jack of Spades

Four of Diamonds - Five of Spades

Three of Hearts - Jack of Clubs

Seven of Diamonds - Ace of Hearts

Four of Hearts - King of Diamonds

Seven of Diamonds - Seven of Diamonds

Here Edgar then of ARE Publishing Inc - House Deck

An oracle is an idea one keeps not clearly written down - They vague it up - How did I do it - I use cards and inaccuracy to my accuracy - Thats on page three hundred forty seven weaved in seven stories about money and family incontinence - Oooooh - Cheetoh Cheetah if you eat that crap - Ooohhhh - Colon Cancer - Colorectal Cancer - Gastroenteritis with stomach edema again at the Belly Up Tavern this Friday - Stomach Edema with CO2 Plasticine and Steve Poltz and his new album - Gypsie Upskirt Clinic - Nut Edition - Street Coroner Donkey Sex Sheriff