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Healthy Thus of the Ribbon - On it Goes Breathing Hip Hop into the Film

Star Wars Seven

Smoking Valium - Jim Tobacs Mari Jane House Pain

O'Shea Jackson - Irish Me the Period Ladies Jim Alone While I Feel Better visioning his Stupid The Warrior Spirit - X1 Excalibur Stan Winston Jurassic Park The Warrior Spirit Horses that Speak Fly Laugh When Humans Vaporize into Spirit - Ice Cube throws Sacred Things as Gay to the Ground and Later has to Get them Back they Create Lightning Large Pyrotechnics in Battle - Dusts stones wraps around the Wrist My Character Arcs in the Story my Character Sees Power and Divinity in Native America and uses Their Supernatural Things Eventually

Below Better Microphones and Bishop Qwerty in the House

Again System Seven One in a Nanosecond Can Read all the Blog and then Adapt Variations to Anything

Below then of Aura Adapt Sound - Microphones able to Polarize a field and isolate sound Capture Using Software and Expensive Sensory in the Tech - Heather Fleming - Aura Adapt Sound Polarization Centric Valve Systems - Centric Valve System and Rouge

System Seven One - 28 Module - Breach One

Allan again Yesterday proved Again as he Worked on the Monkeys TV Show and Used his Eye Powers on their Psychic TV Episode

OK so Anyways Here then Bill of Anchorman

Sphereation Pulls Cards for Entities who then Died Then and Ten Years Reincarnate Down the Road Next Lives Challenges Just of the Occult in Corporate of just Reality in Research of the Human Race

Good Stuff - Often Chicks and Home Button You Know

Here Again Just Writing Brings It Home

Allan Affuah Admits his Picture wont Shrink

Channel Seven Detroit City Bill Bonds

Image result for bill bonds detroit

India - Matt Broderick and Sovent Ve Claire make their Way through Initial Land in India - Phase One in North San Diego - Money OK

Free back some of their vest on it - 10 Percent back in a displacement allowance of another three each a  mil artists private in pieces production houses characters stories real tellings dicks with my career if good me new different character spiritual nut a lot of work for them me health fingers yeah mentally ill who cares fingers so what

Mathew Broderick Proves that even Dudes Against Chicks I will Still Stab Anyone

Network Independent Appears Where No Ball Suckage Is Vowed - MB Flies strong as Nothing with Jim and in His Brain the Build of this Thing - My Appearance of Michelle to Me of DOD and Sphereation of Interstellar Dev Phases to Flying it - No Pilots License for Interstellar  - Phases of Test Flights Synched in things the DOD Would Already Have Written

Otherwise just Writing in this Log Blog is System Seven One as it appears - Able to Navigate and Balance Flight Commanders in Navigating and flying the Vessel

As a Spirit Manifests it Can then Travel in Space - Swimming in a Form of Water that Space is to the Spirit World the entities Await Life on Earth where we Joined Entity to Squid to Death - First Life Squid - Animal Planet Better Things for Traveling Squid Spirit - From there Human Life perhaps Awaits where that Sacrifice is then to Human in Life

Earth Eight Billion - Time Jive Station - Atlantis 10000BC then of Sim City Colonization - Atlantis Israel - Earth Time if Now Then 1031BC 1 Billion on the Planet - Rome Time Lapse then of 100 Other Books and Nobody Writes - The Battle of Creation - On Atlantis we Learn of Human Life in a Vessel from the Star Craft - This then of Things There - A Planet in Colonization with the Milky Way and Twenty Solar Systems Vying Access is More Accurate

Project Blue Book of Advanced Visitations - Thus Sphereation of Light Will Nation in Using this Knowledge Station

Eh Pieces Often Below Pieces - Rosewell Pieces Jim Before you Clear That Maybe a Sky Tripod to Capture the Wreckage in a Picture to Capture the Details in the Writing

Rosewell NM - Vessel crashes interstellar circular leaves perfect circle wreckage with pieces that levitate reform from bending have writing in Egyptian perhaps in a dialect

Dont Know Dark Grooves in Men Female BOCHGE

Mr Pitt often from Shrek Wizard the Entity Depicted in the Film

Retting to the Chase Project is a Mag Device all Pieces Where Welds are Now Magnetic Interchanges that have slight motion abilities - Significant the Project - Power to the Frame to Adapt in Travel

Sphereation - The XX 777

The XX 777 Mag Auto Drive Chain Dual Core Compressive Magnetic Energy V Channel Transmission - Mag Project Seeks the Phases from Detroit - Engine Becoming Active in Final Dev to Sports Project Vehicle Jag Body Frame Chase 12 Variable to Adapt Chase uses Magnetics to lean back bend and bow to curves and Hills

Essence - See the E - Time to Z - Elevate to a T

Here of Time and Teams and Tom and Blog and Duck

Buddy Jerry Of Haunted Hill on Stedman Graham

21871 Dev Oprah Winfrey Stedman Graham 2187732811 - DOD Seven One - 28 System One - Breaches 28 Frack System One - Two Eight - Breach Lock System Seven One - Flight Commanders Seven One Winfrey Flight Record Lifts 281 Dev Sherman Oaks CA Flies 718 Crashes 28 Field Nasa - 78 Bethesda 402708 feet to 0 to 10000 in ten Seconds Breach Seven Two One Seven Eight Light One Seven One System Eight Raleigh Two Lock Seven Eight Lock Energy One System Four Oxygen - Temple One North Carolina Oxygen Field Seven One Lock Two Eight One Seven System One Seven Eight Four One System One Two Eight Lock System Seven Four One Lock Eight Keys Two One Set One Lock Eight Jerry Two One Set Lock

Pressure Systems and Energy Create Weather thus of Balance the Earth and Use Jim to Heal It More Oxygen

Here Often Teas are the Winning Move - Cortez Making Rain - Here the Chromebook to Get more Internet Sat in the Window where a Large Storm Might Not Be Great - Now Weather adjusted the Chromebook may have a Storm Today

Sphereation then Pressing Social Value in New Coca Cola No Artificial CO2 by 2031 Nick McCune - Anything Else

New Coca Cola Naturally Fermented - Will be a Big Deal that We stopped Natural Fermentation and Connected with the Body Shop Gas Tank Next Store

Below Pieces to Ten Year Outs Sphereation Annoyingly Meditates With

England Often Insane

OK so Money often Sphereation then each Person of Salary Benefits and Their Career in a Move to the Company is Phase One Mag Auto Completed from a 12 Volt Battery it can Generate 10000 Watts - Often Arguments Advanced Electrical Devices - Entergy - It Can Generate Energy Right - Well its Made to Clean Water at One Point Five Million Megawatts to an Arc Wave that Cross Radiates Voltage to 11.3 in the Travel and Scuba and Swimming Through It - Weird Tickles Worries of Mega Voltage

SO Dev Studio Detroit - Twin Array for Cars for Mag Auto - Two stainless steel 100mm by 10mm by 5mm with Cross Inlay Embed at 2mm and Copper Inlay with Wire Wrapped Core System - Spotlight Some Dude - Crystal Copper Wrap - Well Use It and Find You as Part of It

Animation from Planet Egypt of My Mother in Jolly Depictions Follows - Thus Again Hungers Games Edition - Einstein a Dude in His Next Life a Chick - Thus Phase One Battle Strat - Dudes and Chicks

Michigan of a Device Jim of Anyone from Michigan Seven Townships Accidentally Connected to Isis my Mom like a Spider Family Accidentally in Human Bodies

Beverly Hills Racket Club - Meth Dude Court Next Store Starts Thomas Created Mcenroe and Connors

Building Today was Of Test Phase One and Two and Einstein and Jim Creating Analog Sims to Einstein able to Create Twin Atmosphere Power Systems - One is the Magnets DO This - Second is Of the Atmosphere Believes Two Magnet Arrays Pressed Together Spin Conversely with Three Generators Creating One Energy

Matt Meeks - Twin Atmosphere God Mother of Jims Brain Space - Einstein a Dude - The Battle of Creation - Hunger Games Edition is to the Last Player - My Husband Dave and I Working on Knights Templar - End of the Film - The Nights of Temptation and Lore in Pieces Backwards from the Film

Colorado - So Pure - House Brands Pretty Much Organic

Amazing Halloween - So Lets See Sun Good Core of Milk - Organo - Testing Now to Quality Dairy

Tim of Hot Springs and Charlies - A Chick - Im Charlie - Holy Egyptian Doodles on Halloween Stuff

OK Einstein and Twin Atmosphere Power for Dev Phases of Interstellar - First Project and Array System Use Electricity to Seek the Projects Magnetic Core

Anyways Often Qwerty Even Though Caproni Physics 98 - Jim 104  - PC - RD

Here then Skiing Over Dont Talk About It - Murders Catholic Connected to Israel and Islam Egypt here in Initial - Film of Egypt in Dev - Then of Israel - Master Chosen - Two Films Intraspectives

Here many of the Murderer James Edward Thomas - Ah Cortez - Thus of Jim as Christ - Hi from Entity - Desire for Forgiveness and Opening the File

Gaming Software - Below of Open Media Based Jolie is Cleopatra Whats the Beef Types of Months Later System Seven One - Jim of Adaptive - Bill Gates of AI - AI - System Seven One - Voice Capture

voicecapturesystemsevenoneentityThomasJamesEdwardsetonelocktwooneseatsevenonelocktwoeight - Not really AI


Daily Digest 8 13 19

Barry Shabaka Henley and Time Bandits - Cortez of 1709

Carolla Admits Van Praagh Said When things went Wrong Well I Guess Some Guy in Back Yard

Elements Jim as GL Gypsy So Apply Said Dust It

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

eyes, wide and starry, proclaimed the ingenue most. Amory was proportionately less deceived. He waited for the mask to drop off, but at the same time he did not question her right to wear it. She, on her part, was not impressed by his studied air of blasi sophistication. She had lived in a larger city and had slightly an advantage in range. But she accepted his poseit was one of the dozen little conventions of this kind of affair. He was aware that he was getting this particular favor now because she had been coached; he knew that he stood for merely the best game in sight, and that he would have to improve his opportunity before he lost his advantage. So they proceeded with an infinite

Image result for Allan Afuah Professor

Allan Affuah knew with The Secret - Look into eyes - As we discover success our journey as just begun as success is everyones and a nook and cranny somewhere is often Eutopia

Daily 8 on the 11 19

Tobacco Helping Teas Helping

Pieces - No Real Ability to Do - Some Ability to Do Next Phases - Often Core Gluttony Grounding Flight Commanders - Core Stomach Issues

Tarot and Click for Details

Otherwise Again System Seven One - Two Eight Seven Eight Open Seven Clear Module One Fire Light Key 7188328197 - Clear One Seven System - Hip Hop and Blue References to Things right System Seven One Deis - Do I Like Dirty Poopy Talks of Bitches and My Carpet Cleaner and Did They Djuno

Both Fly Both - Hip Hop and the Hermetic Order

Eminem 50 Cent Dr Dr Snoop Dogg have to travel in time to validate Hip Hop

Often Marshall Eminen and the Hermetic Order and in the Future and Every Detail Nicely Noted - Here of Rest Rooms and Relieving Oneself in More Expressive Words and Action

Money Sphereation Spends Like Drunk Bankers on a Reckless Spending Convention where Later a Form of Quarter Bounce is like Drunk Bankers Wasting Money Quarter Bounce Except for the - HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN - Now this Chick and 15 years Old - Zelator

Geesh - Often Anyone to the Board of Sphereation perhaps Even Porn Sasha Knoxx has two Xs so Does Redd Foxx with Two Ds

In Spirit - I am in Spirit Here in Cortez and Can Fly the City and Use Spirit Gifts For Instance to Then Code and Wire in Light System Seven One Basic Training Level One

Diminus Set Up Wireless in Spirit to Respond to System Seven One Training

Thus Jabs More Attention Needed to Write to Hip Hop Brain Damage Diggin It

Sphereation then Seeking as Board Members Snoop Dogg Dr Dr and Eminem Ion Scribed

All Right in that Is of It - Often Mtv was Jewish and Old in Young Fantasies with Young Bodies - A career Writing Hip Poetry Hop in a Violent Femmes Ridicule Self Storm

Dark Canyon

There is and is no place there is to be - The Sheriff and was speaking of the town - It was an old town - The population was around ten thousand - Old man Sheepman he had known the ways and the world of it - There was a shady Dr type who worked as a Dr and was like and that - We all knew he knew by his mouth space - Dre and M walked in they hadnt seen a bar this amazing in long days heart swaden - Aint workin hip hop with it

Lilian - Otherwise Mag Auto - Two Mags and Things Soo Hom and Designers in the Groove - Soo takes one on the Journey of Catalog Number 43 and Part Number One - Catalog Number 103 and Part Number Two - So Thus it was Done

Soo and Celeste Internet Psychic a waiting period

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair:

do not make the half of three hundred dollars a year, and perhaps not even the third of it. And then to spend such a sum, all in a single day of your life, at a wedding feast! (For obviously it is the same thing, whether you spend it at once for your own wedding, or in a long time, at the weddings of all your friends.)

It is very imprudent, it is tragic--but, ah, it is so beautiful! Bit by bit these poor people have given up everything else; but to this they cling with all the power of their souls--they cannot give up the veselija! To do that would mean, not merely to be defeated, but to acknowledge defeat--and the difference between these two things is what keeps the world going. The veselija has come down to them from a far-off

Note Two Ls I think One

Thus if My Mom is the Witch of the East and Dorothy is the Witch of the West then - Often Monkeys Land Get Cords on Doze Bulls Nuts - Gets ads on These Walls for the Mead - Often Mike Ilitch Detroit Great of White Hockey Rinks - Cash in My Jammed Filled with Cash Pockets and Blurry White

Ah the Help - Often Sphereation and the Scene Where Dorothy Kicks in the Door of the Interstellar Company and Beats Bat Laden Many

Eh - Often Interstellar and the Mag Jet and System System One - IBM able to Crank Out the 1000 Team Unix Project that Codes from New Aura Adaptic Sound where conical Magnetic Ohm appears in Mapped Audio Pathways

Often Mr Pitt Sir - Somewhere Doors Open

Ah Home Cookin instead Howard Hughes - Chris James Dean - Charles my Dad going when You where James Dean - Chris in my Body and So Forth - For Several Years Floating More of It - I Was James Dean - Thus Cant Be Both Howard Hughes Moves Pitt from Hughes to Someone Else

M Bow to the S A in Telepathy in Barstow from M and Kids Jims Wakes Song - Amazing Song - Forty Jars Some of the Magic

OK White Castle thanks Dave Huh - My Castles - One Per Yum White Castle in My Mind Tum

Interstellar Eminem - Jim Artificial Food Dyes Make Urban Carbon Credits Less 40 Year Relevant 44 Now


Daily Digest 9 11 on the 8 10 19

Accidentally hitting the b we Fought Oh Brad was that You - The Spielberg Effect

There is No Spoon  - One is Light Doesnt Food and So On

Heavy Digs - Michael Jackson able to appear in Pepsi Mikes Dead - New Surgery Some of Mouse of Mice thus my Squirrel Nose

Detroit Nigs Wrote It - No - Honks Wrote Some

Blew Laden Vaiden

Michelle Bags Not Stealing They Bitch Cameras - So anyways Nutritional Info Gift Card - Yeah Pizza for Working Christmas Last Year 10 Each Done

Blog Masters Seeking G

Ah hairs on the Head Ecche and Spielberg 'Sir' - Here Jealous thought They Thought - Yeah It was Race - Thats what I Thought

Eh Blogs Heartland and Nah of Clues to 911 - Eh Light Scopic on Atlantis 104 in Serious do do - Heh

Open Blog Von Douche

Dune - Less and Jolie trying to Rape me with Lee and Dune

In Orlando Jolie appears adjacent the Versa with a thirteen pitch her royal relationships in a quick rim off to here - Here I write less and like Dune they appear like a royal sea creature pervert that lives in the sand


Here stupid shit about ad nausea ium - Less Orlando Less - Jolie trunk tank Jolie - Demonico salad and demonic salad - Thus I meet Less anytime less appears as a word Isis remember oh yeah anybody you meant you want to rape your ass - Here snark of Pete Salinas often Pete Siragusa James of alzheims - here of thirteen million budget Rollercoaster Tycoon seeking Chris Sawyer to begin dev on the firework armed military sim ModelWar - pyrotechnics rotocapture vision seen to several million creating amazing game - Some of our dev sits in a Universal sig space - Repainted in the light of the aquiaint he Michelle light capture light rapture single grooves mining the tubes in the Sphereation space sitting in television grace - She got a light you understand - This telepathic space - Fractional grace - Water and air for the Vegas place Michelle promised

Collapso the Shooter Puzzle Game

Sphereation proposes the creation of Collapso - A shooter puzzle game based on each country of the world and a puzzle created from a new form of gravity based collapsible puzzle challenge - Both a gaming device and software title are proposed - Partners Sought - New Era Gems - Software design company to be created

ModelWar the Game

Based on a world competition where model builders create one thirty fifth scale models of war technologies competing together in a lagoon where fireworks are the only form of weapon the models can use

If it ever existed multi millionaires would play in this game with each model costing thirty to one hundred thousand dollars - ModelWar the Game seeks to create a software title that presents an improved performance and interaction as if this was a real game

Aliens vs the NCAA

EA Sports leads a team creating a sci fi title that allows sports skills in different titles to appear in sci fi gaming - Stadiums begin to be destroyed early in the game and players have to choose someone - Typically athletes get killed by aliens and one is left with the coach of the team or someone from the audience - Their skills able to seize an alien technology and do more at times than the athletes