Gaming Devices


The Wall Street Game

Proposal of game with adaptive interface touch screen and expensive design build - Has touch screen scroll of stocks fund and bank and ability to buy and sell stock - Trading day goes by accelerated with one minute per day - Ability to set the duration - Uses existing data from the stock market and creates an algorithm

AntiGravity Pinball

Divinity Design Inc is the name sought by Sphereation in a floating name bid to the dev of a three dimension holographic pinball game that uses an antigravity field to levitate a ball while ten flippers allow the player to manage trying to keep the ball in the solar system failing it then travels the black hole

Chop Shop

Hot Springs Mike - No - Hot Springs Village Mike - right dont do the Village like things ok Ill take that instead - Mike opts in on the Village - M Night Shyamalan and the Village - Ok India brought penicillin what did you guys bring - Germany electron microscope - Egypt - sex will parasites - Luciferia trans will parasitical livestock research - ok M will be then M - EM and M thus of light - Eh M of the character from the Matrix - Looks exactly like him from the film - Mouse

Sphereation seeks designs so complex they protect patent and intellectual until it is viable as Western commerce - Trademark - Copyright - Patent - Without having them the complexity of the projects holds the desire of Sphereation to present a philanthropy in private business so strong it can secure them - Vision with the planet in meditations thus finding recent - Light sensory tactile - They of all research to now and some way of finding companies and dev they have done - Recruiting them or having them bow out to other pieces of Sphereation - Sphereation returning design challenges in pieces of their partnership proposals

Sphereation proposes the creation of the most refined remote controlled toy interactive performances - BattleChoppers - Remote controlled devices designed to simulate damage in battle with break apart and reassemble design - Water in a sophisticated missile prep station provide air to air missile simulation using software - Device controllers have scoring displays and a targeting radar - Pete Salinas - Sphereation seeks Pete Salinas to manage pieces of software to device dev to his interests in interstellar dev - The mini air jet - The accelerated air chamber in Texas - Using Texas to create air cells oxygen air cells - Nick McCune able to manifest a program growing trees at ten x - able to create air - bring water from the ocean and water growing fields - Monsanto - The company s name would be Monsanto - Seeks to feed and heal the Earth

Sphereation proposes the creation of the subsidiary Divinity Design Inc to support its mission to create interstellar technologies and proposes the following design projects

AntiGravity Pinball

A reinvention of pinball AntiGravity Pinball uses an electromagnetic rectangular play-field that uses magnetic center balance systems to animate a new ball with a core iridium shell able to animate pinball analog gravity game-play into advanced adaptable game-play - ten buttons are used to allow the player to command ten different flippers

Above Sphereation seeks the research we will create - Center Balance Systems - Magnetics to software via a new ball with electromagnetic reactivity the game simulates pinball with mechanical to digital interfaces and a real ball

Now Mike in Hot Springs begins - ok so part A1 the Anti part jam that into the A2 the gravity part - Now see how it looks cool - Desi Lucy LCU - Deis - ok so now this is the new ball - It is the Quantum Z Seven and is - Mike makes a hand gesture making quotes - cool as hell - unquotes - the ball he then puts on a pad and it floats engineers designers huh - you can get that from Spencers Gifts - Mike then check this out - Makes AG symbol on the ball very cool floats much higher

Dungeons and Dragons the Game

Sphereation proposes the creation of Dungeons and Dragons the Game - Based on a new tactile roll surface that reads dice toss and instantly presents two minutes of gameplay in options a player has to resolve in seconds - You are a Wizard - You are a High Priestess - You are a Warrior - Ball bearings animate gameplay and players use dice and a touch screen to choose their selections

Project seeks to partner with Dungeons and Dragon with a proposal of gem die - black obsidian - rainbow obsidian - sleep beauty turquoise with a roll surface encouraging players to acquire their own die - Connected to new opaque translucent touch screen and ball bearing magnetic animation

League Bowler

Sphereation proposes the creation of League Bowler - A new eighteen foot bowling device with a reduction based design where a pro bowler can throw a three hundred with a spin - Throwing a three hundred is difficult if one cant throw a spin - The ball is reduced and balanced to a weight that allows pro bowling in a reduction - A working pinsetter and enhanced audio of real bowling mixed to gameplay complete the design proposal that seeks to partner with Brunswick