Wide Branding James of something from someone - Expensive and then US things

New drink - Difficult to see its thirteen percent margin - Luscious

Sphereation new formula for Vampt to dev 403K Ian Nascar off sheet into next Project - Parent - Sub - Lee - Light need Promo - Nascar was Ian we Like E But No Money

Ian seen then held from an event at Nascar and flown there in interstellar - From Lee from two years of probation from Nascar to dev to numbers from his biz school shit - Ian biz school shit - Says Nascar three year - Company floats - Cars drink perhaps Vampt - Side Notes - vampire like pressure said nut

Aluminum Booze Vampt Vampire Alzheimers from Aluminum

Vampt Beverage Company again in linquis able to reform would need no malt liquor James of fine rum or vodka from existing providing lost the seventy from the formula and still float

Vampt from the Mob

Beverage Company Vampt brought Lee build wherest a few cans sat in the LA lights - Friday Night Lights Vampt just burning in the can - Still a sample to be had overall BHI bev dev needs a product cab - Beyond the product of bad mojo from James eh product dev sat in the sun three days Im outta the op - Need prod demo cans write on them sat in sun use fresh product for flavor demos - Use sun can product for sun can demos - Side Notes Vampt - Malt Liquor - Fine Liquors - the labels together which witch one

Chickory Nuts and Wheats

Ole sage brush the walking wood - Right can you just decide - Ill have the pine bark and echinacea latte oats

Tofu Burger Possibly in James Brain

Sphereation today argued with the HauntedMansion and the Manifesto regarding dev of the tofu joints - The Manifesto has philanthropy based investing thus argues a one build - Thats to us in dev - Veggie - We are the monsters of veggie - Thus Cloones - Well it takes a little - Quintin music plays haunting the vail of alcohol plus Catholicism S and M - No alcohol just really good sex - Bodies not blocked by booze - Pharmaceuticals dont make sense - Johnny Cheese was Mayor of Hometown - He knew how it went - England and his Darth Vader nose rube disses eventually throw house - English preliterate French Proletariat spill to the grounds with impro rugby - Queen wallop - Weighted bag - Snifter Sage Wheats - Entity takes a drink continues to fight

Nagy Family Squats on Food Dev until Further Notice

Sphereation shuttled dev of a biz plan for restaurants and food dev as the Nagy Family peppered the batch and said Von hault to it

The Dessert Growth Facility

Sphereation proposes the creation of Dessert Growth Systems Inc to pursue the design of an office structure circular placed in desserts able to cross radiate the sun to levels of the structure - Able to access deep well air vent technology to keep the structures radiant temperate at sixty three degrees year round - Ongoing Monsanto research into chemical fertilizers and light optics research creating light from reflective arrays in computer aligned yearly rotation pitch tuning - The light of our system having sound as well - Using sound to tune mercury vapor in glass - Charles Thomas - Mercury vapor in reflective cells

Adam Dsoric - Light refractance in optics systems seeking lumen balance in color frequency

Menu change

Emeril wraps a taping with four people at chairs - One hundred with Snickers bars small ones - Emeril begins - Now you just take some of this amazing Creole and put it down the gulletry - Oh thats good stuff

Sphereation then if Emeril got bumped we have the Sidewaysology he needed to feed everyone a heart portion of what he cooked - Other chefs prepare a meal for the audience - There the beef on go to my restaurants here you got a nibble - No cancelled you got a bite

Amazing Foods Inc

Seeks to recruit Matt and Teri Maylen to the board of Sphereation in the creation of food products and restaurants - The Great Lakes Chip company purchased and both operated by Matt and Teri - Paul Olsen Southwest Region - The Green Eyed Panther Restaurants - Organix - The Supernatural Healing Tea Emporiums - Starbucks with tea everything and coffee three different coffees - Essential water pH water infused Celestial Seasonings True Blue - brewed with eight teabags and sixteen ounces of Essentia - cost is four - would be six thus how can we provide - healing place - same things - of Starbucks having limit of coffee - teas all day energy - there of value - four dollar healing tea they create - have in volume

The Brad Pitt

Geesh - Two slices of LaBrea Whole Wheat - Light Olive Oil - Hictory Smoked - Tofu smoked in mesquite with lemon honey real salt sucanat and so on - Hmmm - Well - Ooooh - Now Cheetoh Cheetah when we make the breads Yeaaase

Sphereation proposes that the dream of Brad Pitt making a copper cooking kettle for the Sphereation studios wherest it scraps the bottom to make rues and sauces and soups and so on

The device running on Quad Energy Core Align Natural Gas delivery then optimizes energy release to the sides of the kettle in a study Pitt is doing - ie tea in ceramic - tea likes ceramic covered during steeping I dont know why - Maybe I do - gas that if pours the sides of kettles still efficient - not really thus James Im making piles o grub gas not a big deal - No optimize fine - Doesnt taste the same - What it is to me Brad Pitt - here our logs Mr Sir we throw em as if again Walter Schmitty world he can access things - We address each other - Mr Sir - here then hose it down a little - put some yogurt on it and spray it off quick