Environmental Engineering

Weekend Digest - EE - Week ending Sunday October 7 2018


Tip 1113 in Excel is a Haunted Dude with No Claim on his Teachings

Sphereation Secures Doc says Charlie and Dave creating real Fake Mind Freak

Image the name bid from Sphereation was quickly thrown to the night club wolves that held the name in some engineering dev connected to their disco ball types of heavy art projection gear - Opt in - Side Notes - clear it - done - dev money - 700 MLN

The Brothers Grimm Designers Inc

Charles Thomas and David Thomas open BGDI with little fanfare as the two dressed in what appeared casual expensive clothing discussed breaking from Sphereations Design Team and creating their own level one dev of the project - Side Notes - cleared they didnt - Sphereation records request

Excel Grid

Sphereation Air Filtration Centers

Budget 8 BLN Initial Dev Phase     LEAD Thomas et al    Cost Variant OS

TECH AND TACTIC - Create sub-phase co social media company competing using blue political extreme military tactic with dead uncle and living Grandpa 87 seen - Light Scopie life - More Egyptian tea study tech tactic

TECH AND TACTIC CLOAK - Dont let others see tech dev of coded communications - Reserve Center One - Seed Project Opinion Banter Wheel Broken Code 1 Project 7

Creating a large Air Cleaning City from a design that builds the worlds largest Turbine

Patent reflections return to Sphereation CEO James Thomas that in over a series of years the design is capable of achieving patents to design and build

CO2 binds to the Human Astral Cell that each human being has in an invisible Nutrition and Energy

CO2 and the Beer I burped up from Three years Ago

Carbon bonded liquids create a form of digestive seizure known as Dissentia - From nuclear - foods - food dyes - food processing and flavoring concentrations - acids and soda - boiled oil and starch - grilled beef and carbonized fat the stomach struggles through development to prevent a core bound seizure - Here that I fused CO2 to my stomach in a connection to the human astral that manifests the CO2 as bound tissue and carbonized internal organs - Sphereation seeks to create healing formula for this condition - Science documenting it and Technology capable of photographing the digestive cavity in translucent mapping presenting the condition

Using PHP CSS and HTML to create Floating Grid Animated gif Code

Embedded Branding HTML Code with Logo Emblazen Technology

Sphereation Quarantines the Environmental Engineering Tab over Assertions Katan is actually a Monkey in a Human

Lorne Michaels eats a bagel as he talks with Scientist Magazine - So Chris Katan really a monkey - I have yes - We do as well - The research says that Belushi alone could secrete enough co eche to be able to allow Katan to morph using many different things - The movie the Fly - He could use the machines and then Jeff Goldbloom in the Making of Jurassic Park - Take three on the Goldbloom is scared because a Tyrannosaurus Rex is going to eat him - Thus Jurassic Creatures not really of human if you know what I  mean - So the movie a huge hurdle - Jame Lipton - Jurassic Creatures and the last thing they would eat in a movie about it being the first thing - DooDoo brings up a good point in what he wrote about writing music - He can cut some good grooves - Yet - The Kurtzweil is a good choice - Side Notes - Again Kurt Gershwin - the Mob - Charlie doesnt seem gay yet dont channel me before mainenance

With One Point Three Bln Dev Model Mechanical Rescue Ocean Drive Train Project Completed

The U Spring Carbide Array Chain Modular Energy System - Using upper and lower torso energy harnessing tech similar to very expensive Kayak exercise tech connects to the impossible energy - Side Notes - katan - witchcraft seeping from the story below into this one

Chris Katan then what if I Hate James SphereBtion

James of OSHA project OKC - Air from garden in oxygen chamber in the center of the structure is drawn into the structure - - Side Notes - meditations stops from booze - the z vent is why the initial proposal has exterior design - new design - two pieces - adding the oxygen chamber - Christ Katan an idiot thus Sphereation idiots

Chris Katan argued Rob Schneiders portray of James Meister

The Chuck meister - Makin the copies - Weird jars of fluids in the basement - Making the copies

Shellymeister - Three dudes and goat meister making the copies - Changing the sheets I hope meister

Polar Dynamics - Earth - Rotation and how England et al formed the Zero - The clock Starts and the time will be Zero

Our planet turns and our clock started - At that time it was by those who discovered - We then connect to other - How do we start with our calendar - A position on the planet faces the sun and that is Zero - From this our calendar and time and the Mayan Calendar - Breaks a New Calendar has Begun

If England accidentally took tribal Bird Experiments and Created the Native American Nation then accidentally used Smallpox in a witchcraft cell connected to CERN pentacles and circular witchcraft

Light News - US seems a little Pensive in It

Light reports that Route Sixty Six add the Matrix and the hotel death see Sopranos Episode US chopping people in the US - Connected to the Mafia - the Smallpox Project - Amazing Country - From Space then a Meteor with if that is true - Everyone in the states can say yes here - If we have a underground channel below a road where we gather above it and celebrities asphyxiate below it - That wields Smallpox and homicide to advance in Hollywood

New Air Cleaning City marvels at Route Sixty Six whaling Cosmic Meats

Below of fractions end of meditation my Mother can enter and then tunes conversations outside - Thus Sphereation and nuclear sub ground Satanic Small Pox Cell Experiment Seventeen and so on - Below weekly Kneeballs - Dropped N bomb - Ten MLN - Seven One Charities Foundation Inc one million six hundred seven three thousand eight dollars three cent - lock two one eight - Seven one lock

Jolie says thanks for not being annoyed at Jolie a Crazy Whore

Our house is a very very very fine house with three cats in the yard life used to be so hard now everything is easy because of problems with James gear the flying things paused - Budget for Egypt in jock sweat shuttled as we venture in new horizons - Davids pitch for a tv show then he folds into Valient

Fade Up

A leaf tosses on the ground - Now lookin here you gonna do as you told like that leaf fittin the grounds rattlin in the sage of Gods holiday the Earth - No is itins I ain - You gonna change your ways else I be fittins to fester upon your festerin in a reverse festerin - No it aint no day - Smack on the back of the head - Ah you aint fittin do that - I aint gonna sit in the wood and be chittling for your fixins


Harob Cholsen (stirs a pot while making a series of smellin faces with different synch audio problems to accentuate the flavorin) We take old notes of law and we see that knew so as to be focused in the day we live - These words from the past they carry to the future - Now gettins on the plob belly furnace over there and bounce around like you do so often - It pleases me

Elub (bounces on the stove top furnace) Oh I jumpin and fittin to a day that cause me great irritation - Today I best get the place fittin - All tidins done to a wind from the window it carry the day

Harob (looks at a picture of pirate with rings through family good fortune) Aint not fittin to put nipple rings on your tits -

Bob - The Nipple Ring Ghost (tosses about the room lookin at each fittin) Now this aint fittin

Harob: Bob you aint sittin and nipple stories today - I ain fittin hearin the ringin

William Authright Johnson Swage (walks into the room fittin wearing fine clothing and fine attire to a day must be yesterday he thinks) Well you aint all fittin of the day where we once sittin fittinin

Bob - The Nipple Ring Ghost (looks at a series of pictures on the wall) Aint that you fittin the Sheriff back in the day fittin Johnson Swage they called the man - What dat

William Southridge Southernhampton Williamson (enters the room) Not fitting you ask so many questions of ole Sheriff Johnson Authright Swage

The Ghost of Swage (takes a penny and pushes up a wall) Now you fittin thinkin Nigger on the other side might go honk I tellin you get that forage rat diet stop fittin your face

William Cottonright Williamson Authright Swage (enters the room makes a gesture with a piece of cotton from their coat pocket) Gin didnt make the cotton gin and fittin wall fittins to a divine difficulty many find fittin aint your fittin (Cottonright make a gesture as to licking of the confection fittin and continue into the room)

Bob - The Nipple Ring Ghost (a chain appears in spirit through his nipple rings and he begins moving it) Now I aint fitting to rattle my nipple ring chain over small tidens - When you were Sheriff that robbery money done disappear

to be continued



Here Cum - Witches nuance Food instead of Cum

Below would denote a connection with my liking food and others having wide sexual types of expression - Thus me of food others of nuance laden Bins of Osama - Osama a dish made from spinach chicken broth - James things - aged cheeses three days - aged spices with olive

Fat WOPs wobble at Manicoti Day

Still in dev Manicoti Day contested for possible 'things' - Clean and clean end to end clean it - Light - Error - Torque on hair because you are going bald and the only way to bring back the wave not mention clean manicot HS - Newcastle scubby dubby - Good rinse - Now clothing clean clean - Ok one throw and then not much left for seconds or revenge - James of four pounds of the amazing stuff

The Human Made Lake

With the man made lake we learned men cant make lakes no matter how high they jump evade taxes or hold their ejaculate - All failed theology in Manhood - Thus both men and women creating a lake project - Wicked witchery of Woody hold my ejaculate Harrelson in project doubt - Not really just what rape gettith me in and then out at my convenience - Where did they crystals like a dog returnith to its vomith - Often our reflections - That Woody is in this thing - Thirty dont get along maybe heavy oral at the dinner - Whatever it is - On we go

Matt Damon Storms off the Set of Water for Africa

Damon walks from a Two One Seven Prototype the Naimy effect Mao scribed - I cant stand this shit - Nomo Dimbo over there or whatever his name is cant get me a Metrx bar like I wanted and Jobo Jimbo or whatever his name is is like no I dont see why prototype seven cant lift the Northern Sudan series today - Look Dimbo Mimbo we aint in no thing where we need to things - Akebo Taibien - Mr Damon Sir do you think we brought the seven series here - Look what does that say - Matt Damon - Ok

The Clover Oxygen Field

Health reading for Nick McCune

pH is six point three - liver is moderate many internal organs moderate - thus - Essentia - vitamin c therapy to vaporize toxins - American Health Chewable Acerola Plus - American Health Chewable Papaya - Red Panax Ginseng from Paraside Herbs - Adaptogen and Orac Energy Greens - Heart formula from Dr Schulze American Botanical Pharmacy - Brain for Dr Schulze American Botanical Pharmacy

Sphereation proposes that Nick McCune be recruited to lead the dev of a Clover Oxygen Field - Elements of the Dessert Growth Facility are used to create a panel light dispersion clover field - Light able to channel twenty layers of clover in cells throughout a structure then used to create advanced oxygen cells

Liquid Plasma via High Energy Field Ionized Magnetic Compression to Create Oxygen from Vaporized Ionized Smog

Compression able to use core convergence in energy to technology not currently used in up grade power coil voltage to wattage conversion that can map and multiply energy fields creating enormous energy release from carbon alloy embedded with Uranium

Adolf Hitler appears in Hot Springs - Can the United States forgive move forward design and create - James there of many things - Is he of light of the criminality or the divinity that appears working to help - David Amun-Ra appears at the Crystal Cole Man and hands Hitler a crystal - He appears looks at James the window open in the car and that he forgives - Thus on we go

Sphereation proposes the creation of air cleaning technologies based on large turbines - new synthetic materials and three turbines able to push air into a city atmosphere - A second project seeks to create a liquid plasma ionization that will be able to sustain enormous air pressure and ionize air - Current vision is three turbines in a three mile complex - The size of three nuclear reactors

Uses large turbines and gravity seeking elements of perpetual motion enhanced by compression of magnetic generators built in connected arrays

Seeks to find if three turbines can create a form of osmotic atmospheric air exchange via two external turbines sending air and the center turbine sending air as well - The two outer turbines shift their arrays and reverse - A mechanical expression is sought of exchange with the atmosphere - Seeks to burn pollution from a deep atmosphere air jet - Ozone turns into oxygen through a liquid plasma field as its ozone molecules re-ionize via polar ionization

BP Oil Spill Recovery Design Proposal

Sphereation proposes the creation of Environmental Dynamic Systems Inc to design support and create oil recovery services for the oil industry available during disasters

Our proposal for the BP oil spill includes a half shell steel weld proposal on a floating platform able to submerge allowing a new technology to cap and capture oil spills

The Wind Turbine Adaptive Transmission Energy Project

Sphereation proposes the creation of EcoEinstein Inc or given estate and preference an acceptable name to create environmental solutions including the Wind Turbine Adaptive Transmission Energy Advancement Project

Seeking to improve wind energy technologies a five turbine prototype project is proposed connecting five turbines together via different geared transmissions able to modulate a variable pitch seeking more air and more air balance in a wind farm design

With balancing a wind farm even pulling air to the wind farm seems possible

CleanAir Office Building Design

Sphereation proposes the creation of a forty four level office building seeking to integrate new air standards from design to construction - A new ventilation proposal for sixteen wall systems leave the top floors for gardens and meeting space - A center atrium and windows that open seek to provide the best ergonomic work space for an employee in the world - New ZFreshAir windows allow tenants to open windows in offices via a button that allows airflow but can be controlled by the buildings air systems - The building able to use a more powerful ventilation proposal to vent the air of the building and have ergo atmospheric balance via new multiple fan array ventilation built into the frame of the building - The ability to vent the building at seventy degrees outside or raise the temperature of the building during evening hour- Seeking to utilize the existing temperature to balance the building for the day - The mean temperature seventy two degrees for many in working environments

Do you feel office building air gets you sick - Drink Yerba Mate with Essentia water and filtered water - Seek first if your body has a pH response Essentia water helping your body balance some of work place air sensitivity is the body pH and immunity - I found Yerba Mate concurred workplace illness - One could manage their office and breathe balance in their off hours

Also note Abignail concurs Frank Abagnale