New Electrical


Belil Lup - David appears in the window at ECE

A sound of appearing from spirit into the mortal David sees James video taping upskirts from the nearby sitting lounge where the GL2 has the shot - Topheavy James thesis expelling Pseudomonas on his desk from the new NFL blow standard - James of Mike Ilitch and the Death Pool being Howard Stern Emercy - Joan Rivers then Howard to her next life to Sphereation and to a cane from Jews

Throwin Venom - Sasha Opens a Key

Organic tobacco healing powerful amazing

A Primer on take a Primer

One amazing hamburger cheeseburger perhaps - Thus no soda one gallon balanced teas as follows - various green teas - when brewing use filtered water - pure water - add some Essentia or Eight Point Eight to balance nutrition - use Yogi perfect energy - use Simply Truth Peppermint - one box of each to thirty five ml of water one gallon - drink the tea every time a craving for food appears - seeking to have the body digest it - Rough travels my Friends

Scott and James Open Nazi Burger - Scott and James Close Nazi Burger

Well if you got past Nazi Burger it probably makes amazing food - Back in the peace days - Hials for Peace

Gandolfini choffs Down three Cheeseburgers and three Chocolate Shakes reading Michael Beckwiths Its Not Your Fault

My heart is a little achy James Gandolfi wants to hear Achy Breaky Heart - No I didnt I am having angina - James Gandolfini wants to hear Z Rail Mina - No my heart hurts a little - James Gandolfini want to hear It Hurts So Good - No not really just maybe aspirin - James Gandolfini wants to hear Basprin the Flight Fairies of Aortica - No thats not funny Im clogged with piles of food - James Gandolfini wants to hear Awwdoged the Supernatural Third Percent Hedgedog

Gandolfini from the Dead yet Fat thinks maybe Imperlioli from the Show gets a Beef Because on Other Planets its Real

Mike sits on another planet with different pieces of our movies - Some of Godfather many films - Angie still has a picture of Will Farrells dick - Thus me of the lack of long term in it and Imperlioli there of heart attack that fat bastard - Thus probably not - James of dev to film in a few years

West Side Story - Cathy and Crotch Jam - Hair from It in his Body - Large Company

No blame Johnsons - Moving through supernatural shit on my body

James is Wolverine - His lack of It then Adam and the Effect - Every other Life of James liking the Film - James not Seeing it Yet - Awesome

Dsoric demonically possesses James with brown nose after brown nose to the apparently epic Wolverine - Each reference of shit James can do he does from other lives with Scott and Adam and Dave I think each jamming James with the lack of faith

Heart Carriage - The Cheryl Crow TV Show Canned after three bobs at the lob Rod

Variety - Cheryl Crow shines then unshines in even smells as her show seems to even bo in the third episode - Ghost Ship viewers were taken to low voltage shock when people die - Thus the theory

Derrick Massey Speaks Out about the Lewis Carrol reference to his name Spelling

James does a clear read to the proper spelling and instead Aaron Spelling not gay a lot his Friends are - There I was in naked volleyball but that was about it - More naked volleyball in different ways I didnt have

CSG Scott

Light entrude from Illitch as the sign said six decks and no fucking way to win - MGM cleared ninety two percent in a wield fucked grin - I said to the man cant you share some of that money too and ad appeared that said if we can put ads on the field - Did Mike Illitch in an Orb like take over the planetism say can we put ads on the field - No he didnt

Wall Street Knockers

Well here Denise continues to Dreamcatcher James with low ball Chuck Ramses - You poonberry farm

Flaming Gas Dude Olsen and his Mom then Wield Gas Church

Here gas in my stomach and Catholic dogma - Alcohol here no SampersandM on non alcohol planet - Thus nuke torqued sex robots we arent - Yet we have green check marks in all the sex robot things


One doesnt know Orb - Orb only knows one - One doesnt send cards to Mother on Mothers Day - One sends cards to Orb - Woody Allen doesnt get an Academy Award for Annie Hall - Orb wonders if Woody has forgotten things - Orb knows more about dumpster diving then Woody Allen - Old things is new things to Orb revenge - Woody doesnt recycle some things - One acquires a high end product with recycle on it - Then Woody as he just quirped 'recycle' - Al Gore shows Earth except he needs here Akeeva - Liasha - Miteki - Auhiaya - They of Earth - In then thousand years of their existence their cap polar then did this - In two thousand years we did seven hundred eight percent of their study - Thus we can say yeah fuels processes are melting the ice caps

New Magnetic Engine Dev is Magnetic Engineering - Wait wiki it - Deis - Magnetic Engineering uses magnetic energy via anything not just Tesla and Edison

My ko eche is bro eche go fix

My Mom then me of keys when shes old - Shes old

Tonight actually now we left a planet waking in eight hundred thirteen days on Atlantis and they know they are - Here this evening they dont know how to play it - Again Bill Master Path Olsen watching the Infasionistiables with Cloones his vote is Sryiana except I did it I told you

Harry Potter walks into a wall fifty times to get the abilities of Christ - Fifty Rock

I am nothing like you

I dont believe in what you do

I want the abilities

I dont want to have to deal with you

I dont think its fair often

Fiftieth clonk super Harry

Why a discipline - Two different engineering fields bundled by universities in schools - The power to light converter for crystal computing uses ECE - Both electrical and computer engineering - Their connection then in industry funding from grants from specified fields

Below of a rant over recent things - Me then a horse - Lucifer then Joel - Angie his wife then - Alice his daughter - Now the parasites on my nuts then are here with or without the James fights eight billion alcoholics - here of a David Blaine fast James then uses Egypt Israel Interview with a Vampire and dead sex clone unic the film then used deletion - James here of not able to delete Colo death craft - Only medicine balls helping here of new electricity instead fuck you

Sphereation then to electricity to cluster mind fuck from Tesla and Edison where here Edison rants cunt in thats my shit - James of haunted urban legend in the US of not being able to create things - Edison appearing you fucking cock sucking fucking cunt to me - Thus then I would have psychic attack to prevent new things - Edison able to fowl mouth his curve

Using Sidewaysology to then use KitKatology to create things

LA heavy groove a ticket meter maid can break you - James witnessing one lay a five hundred whammy - Red zone is for not parking even if in the drivers seat conveniently waiting - Its for emergency services and thus the beef - I am the meter maid in my job I have ten minutes to get this down or another form of five hundred dollar bitching comes to me - Simple is my math in the city of complex money - Our jobs to other jobs - New advanced transportation - New jobs I work for the new subway upway - Japan to LA - We had enough time - What do they got

Ok ELO and a cover except its Semening down on me - They sneak it in and geesh - Even the writer didnt - Now it sounds like his kid or something - Connerys kid we are the Excelsior Robots of Tomorrow Armageddon

The IOne Power Station

Sphereation proposes the creation of the IOne Power Station - Entergy of Arkansas is sought as a partner to provide seven two forty volt supply lines that are bound to two ballast engines in an up converter chain connected to a generator able to send electricity back to a form of real time monitor that measures energy usage

The log here Al Gore good yet poops has to be written - Thus current - we have Current Joel Hyatt and Al Gore then electricity - Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla - current then ac and dc together in a new form of electricity called current

Rosie choffs hoagie number four realizing we are going to need more than Hoagieology to get this done

Giant Leprechaun Energy Machines

Sphereation is a company - Leprechaun is a thing - Their stuff then is called our stuff - See other companies they see Leprechaun Energy Machines and go ha ha ha very funny now if you look at the deck we are going to put together a proposal with less of tactile alky Less - Less met in Orlando sleeping at Walmart he slept in the wood with a black panther - We seek him to designer