If the Planet was Black with a Little Honk could Honks Stand the same amount of Honk

Einstein knew that Rerun did Steal It - Being a Nig he thought to Himself Gimme

Not that funny - Rerun - Haywood Nelson rails on set designer Chakawee Johnson who has blown it - Sphereation Charities Foundation Inc - United Negroe College Fund - Black Folk United Charities Rock Inc - Gay - Next - Gay Charities Foundation Inc - Six million seven hundred forty eight thousand twenty three dollars eighteen cents - Two One Eight Seven One Lock


H Ionic Fission wins first Dev Project




Eco Study Hot Springs  Village - No EPA in Arkansas cold burns of plastics - Car wash leaks into one hundred million recovery Project to this Date

Dave seeming insane - EPA no guideline in an entire state with crystal Satanic underground and leave us alone - Car wash leaking cleaning solvents into ground water river release directly adjacent - Entire population not EPA focused folks

If Einstein provided a report on the Great Lakes he would know considerable things - He would know the releases of the different industry in a finite mathematics he uses in everything

This definition we call EcoEinstein