Design Studios

Boilerhate - John sits by the boiler - Most of his career tearing old units installin new ones - But over just maintaining - There in case of a boiler problem

Boilerplate - So you want to quit Sphereation - One then must attend a meeting - Ah so welcome to the video you want to quit Sphereation - Ok so One - Its over - Pack it up and give up - Its over

Two - Any thought of these thoughts 'its over' not be relevant is 'irrelevant'

Three - Refer to one

Four - Ok any thought of recovering now - Tim Robbins maybe now you bring Tim - So then no - You are done and thats it

Five - The things you did that have you so Im quitting - They arent that great - Using any of our stuff that is done by the 'dot ext' is then our intellectual property and you cant use that either

Six - Demeanor - General interactions as demeanor in interviews - Nah

Seven - Refer to any of the above again noting reciprocated value

Eight - Lifes Good - A whole company on what aint - You aint - It aint and it aint gonna be good

Nine - refer to eight

Sphereation believes that interstellar technologies will involved every country on the planet and this involved deep thought - in a design studio proposal seeking to budget studios in every country or in locations by distance and cross passport international clearance with fairy leprechauns to make sure it works out - Each studio then pieces of a Mission on Main Street and the Annex proposal for the homeless seeking a mission type of feel in a design that doesnt feel the homeless and doesnt let the homeless feel them - The studios have three offices bathrooms kitchens showers and singles - doubles are nickel - beds in rooms where designers traveling can rest dont really let them rest - Design insulation and sound deadening in the design deadens in the design before it deadens in the deadening - The Annex in the back of retail locations where homeless can access directly or through the front of the restaurant where the Missions serve food to the public - By selling foods and providing artisan foods the Missions seek to build a network of homeless resources throughout the country and world - Matt Meeks - Catholic Communications Director for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles - Sphereation then of spiritual unanimity - Our work to the homeless from within not necessarily entirely from Matts spiritual devotions and profession

Again - James believes he is Jesus Christ by amending punctuation to just dashes we then acquire Thirty Eighty Gigabyte Algorithmic Code - Women amend their suffering through their menstrual to James through plant life and other duality he carries - We achieve a coded expression that confounds engineers male and female - That English is the code - no numbers no other symbols then dashes - possessive - conjunctions - think of where punctuation is inefficient in coding - twooneeightsevenonethreedotonedotonesevenv  -

Sphereration seeks to create design studios throughout the world - Linked by Seven One Systems - Seven One  Systems abstract term for Jon Retting Chief Systems Architect creating live one terabyte network