Picture of One Eye Human of Real of Divine - If we Can 'Deal' with It

SPI - Space commune basically Men in Black everybodys having coffee maybe get the jelly squid baby out of it - Max Spielberg reads the 'Consumate James Dean' No that shot is great - Also expensive - Mary Poppins author lady is on the phone do you want to take it - Deis - What - I told Disney to get Dick Van Dyke or the van or when he was a dyke Outtive It - Look old pizzas - New things - We got this squid scene - UC Squid - Good things - Ridic

Squid Picture Squid finally gets a chance to discuss Urbo Squid Phenom

SPI - For a time squid knew we cared - An giant squid ashore from a gash from hunters - Clean kill from the oceans - Take your kill dont partially hunt