Crystal Computing

Keys in Films

James Lipton - James Jim of unlocking the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

So how did you come up with it - Well I thought of the movie and dynamite - They were actually in that scene - Not a light pyro scene

Phil Tippet walks from things they did eating an Aunt Annies and having an emotional moment in James Camersons Avatar - Annie consoling one with yeah lame storyline again but OMG - Blue Leprechaun Gypsies so amazing that one pretty amazing seeing that movie - So amazing like a ten the film - Screen capture and dual panel effects shots not able to achieve above they were then probably not too much dynamited there Butch

Cha Cha Cha Chia - Both off a cliff Agents Death - Both survive - Butch Cassidy and dont Que the Shaman tracking your Where you ARE

In the film on a ridge top they look at the Native American tracking Shaman - Instantly oh they are over there looking at us

Still Redford steamed over Gay rip from Simpsons - James of dust that off - Redford CIA you Dead almost - Academy Awards freezing Paul of being a Dick at times - No one bailing Out said Freeze

James of a call to Redford Im doing a gay dick rip at you you want to dust it - Deis

Hollywood vets Mom seat with Im Wet - So much Celebrity - Sons of sick

Matt Damon - SPI - Greyhound station Vegas old Vegas - There Jeff Daniel plays a familiar tune connected to government skagg boredom - Sons of Anarchy seeming Hollywood - Character from the show needs some scratch - James of a hundred - Seems he needs a grand from I was on Sons of Anarchy thus to James - Show good - Of Brotherhood - Oh yeah - Thus James cheap in a bind - Brother of Anarchy probably could have won and returned with ample - James of fishin single deck in Vegas - Six Deck House Deck on the Way

Crystal Computing

Matt Damon - SPI - Sphereation then James again and Topheavy and pee elevators - Thus working through - Pee dude - Peed their water - Mad at one of the professors - James of separate jug - Oh that says pee in me

Matt goes in the Zone and Psychs out some Kibble bits

Well to Boneyard or to the Graveyard maybe - Too much James does this again

Creating Crystal Computing with a Cross Industry Bid to Intel

Matt Damon SPI - Dev of Intel to Apple - Scribing a graph for Topheavy dot com - James of working in engineering to a build - Circuit insane - Seven dev they call it - Retting - Computers via silicone edge already known - Processes at three point eight Ghz - Crystal of pathway is processor complex one - Eight core Intel with Apple nano design of seeing it and books for dummies - Not jobs thing - My and Steve - That we created Apple IIE based on James - Yes you can you got an E - So Charles England many things not just me - Here harsh habits black carbon addiction - Weed through black resin - Opens Temporal brings ideas energy answers - Often tea - Healing tea balances body of heavy black carbon - Side Notes - marijuana addiction through nutrition and availability

Bill and Normy use DDD tech in a fail to get Jolie Things

Devil Dog Dave Shifts Quantum Matter for Correct Micro

As if DDD changes the time setting just now on the micro as James doesnt hit the start button and it starts on its own

Isis Crystal murderer Dude research Project

Isis downgraded potential of connecting cum Kirk and Crystal Growth Gel research as creating a human being with crystals might not be that possible probably or needing to chop up murderer dude in pictures

Crystal Science murder Dude

Tobe researcher takes slices of murder and different images of entity thought in research

Here Bill again chides Master Path demonic hack - Gary Olsen of Name hack below into Face rape Hack of my Body - Olsen denies in Darvoset - Set One Bill Olsens liver

Demonic able to vibe quite instantly on heinous writing vibe down an otherwise positive writing session

Brothers Grimm - Charles Thomas and Dave Thomas

My Dad and My Uncle Dave stopped production with Theo Haznick who protrays Deckert came down with light flu - Pick up scenes by Desmond Alkery and Sally Deiterick then folded the shoot

Brother Grimm - Lee Helper and Jimmy Helper have another Helper of Queen Spain Poon Skank Salad

Big Bang Theory Admits God may have Left Room for James to make Shit

James uses Sorcery to create star systems using his brain his hands his face and so on - Matt Meeks introducing Dark Resonant a new drug from the Catholic Church - Stay off this shit - Jiaoko Jokioko Admiral King of Japan learns they didnt say go before Douche Biff Rockem Sockem Robots - Meets early deliver of the Catholic drug nagged non endorsed Catholic drug early release fail

David Amun-Ra One Pube Johnson less than Johnny La Rude

James Johnny La Rude - The hedge - Alice and Heather watch A Sick Sense with me where a threesome was supposed to happen and didnt - Thus of flesh gravies in regret - Otherwise of The Hedge in the Dreamworks film Bruce Willis threesomes no ring to poison kid in senile interrogation

Father Gary Callahan and down Nod

Below that St Davids was hacking James to write it when it seems Joel was a cow once but eyeglass hacks Cathys one chicken into all Cow Chicken Glass Hack

Easing through the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and James new Name for It

Dirty sand at the end of the pit - Lake Eerie earning name with carbon dirty sand - The entire great lakes chain needing dredging enough to I Robot it - The film Lake Michigan empty - The key in the film - The Great Lakes Water Rejuvenation Project

Gary Berwick and the Nig Cougarand Special

Coleman Young was a nig and was the Mayor of Detroit often a nig - In the City of the Stellar Light Detroit then of nigs in Africa and nigs here - Protect African nigs wents out to us in a call and even whitey was like dont have Cougarans

Crystal Computing Dev Center 'Blows Up' and Jaysheesh Green was there

Here Jay Berwick - Sunday SNL at the Berwicks with Season One of you have to see this - SNL - Here of Family through the St Davids Church of Satan in group telepathic hack - James Mom Isis - Me not writing this - A black cloak of divine floats James head as I appear to float away

Bill Sawtelle View LLC Westend Hotel Bill

Time waits for no man - Really it does wait - Depends on what one is focusing their lights to for instance - Broken Lizard in making the Masterpiece Super Troopers brought us historians artists time itself in what many called a historians dream of law enforcement in the twentieth century - Side Notes Bill tossed Broken Lizard to then help he of give me a biscuit we dont know who they are either oh

Pat Wills clonks James with a Non Nod

Again Side Notes right - thus maintenance imminent or not imminent on we go - Here of the South and I am still stupid nig - James is doing my smart things - Thus me - Probably Pat - Its Pat - the Homogeneous Negroe - Offensive so many nigs - Welcome to the Chalks of Honk Alley - The Caucs - Smart Whitey

Smart Whitey

Fade Up

A house sits by a road - There are stores and different other houses - Each different colors - A white person emblazon in honk walks

Chesilin Wheats (makes bigot faces) Nothing like a good day walkin the path of righteousness oh shit a nigger

Master  Path Bill Olsen of Gary Olsen that Dick

Even though light and sound are harmony - Gary Olsen is a dick

Three Thousand Sixty Five Days divided by ten k is the Day Value

Ridic Native Three DS - PD has one thousand six hundred says or so for phase one on the ten k then about four thousand and declining

Crystal Light Sphere and Ten Years from Click E

Each idea ten years to create thus other companies open dev and clock begins click e - Crystal Light Spheres - 1215AM thus 1000 - 1214AM is what 999 eh heh you guys suck at math

Crystal Light Frequency Resonance through Photo Optic Osmotics

We can give Ozzy Osbourne Osmotics - So what do you think - I have yes - We have yes - Thus with Ozzymotics we can then coin a phrase in crystal computing associated with photo optic sensory in crystal growth - Whew - Some of the Matrix E things are of RAM it holds memory like the Matrix display holds code for brief moment - Ridic

Spielberg Meets with Ridley about a Non Peed E Gladiator

No instead of the peed things he isnt like that - Gladiator recently more of the other actor who libeled or ad libbed man woman boy - You and me Gladiator - Ridley leaving in the line not able to argue with Van Hellington until his name returns I know I know him - Drinks - Yeah Piss Head Crowe about him alcoholic - Your playing a peed walked back to peed farm - Not much there anyways - Wife was in Rome kid wasnt killed - General might have gone peed insane

Hitler Created the VW Bug - Herbie the Lovebug and US the ko eche headed alcoholic monsters

Variety - Lou Costello did frequent Samsons Diner returning to Los Angeles - Amazing pause Cathy of chicken me of cooking amazing chicken me working all the time if she is chicken is the only thing that made her happy - He would be blessing and serving then as chickens do - Well here of blue blog of negative types of positive things - Now just the nugget below sittin in the ole cookery

Mel Gibson goes off on the Set of Beaver Movie

Variety - Mel Gibson unspooled during the making Beaver Movie where the lighthearted film then of a dude carrying a stuffed beaver then countered a key grip tape error remisiscent of Christian Bail - Ho Lee Fuck - God Dammed It - Shit - Fuck - Fuck - Cant you get the cords taped right God Dammit - Gibson now guzzles the Family Cabinet wardrobe the witch all of it - Get this shit right fucking beaver movie - A tattered stuffed beaver hits the set floor as beaver number four much like Indies hat - He had several hats

Beavers able to see Beaver - James hasnt seen Beaver Movie

James is a trans temporal where Beavers can see movies below beefs section from Beavers

Mel Holds Beaver - We Dont Why


Nano ICAD and the next Computer Design Platform

Siragusa - Jensen - Larson - Galton - Thomas - Jolie

Power to Light - Light as Power - Wireless Networks - Astral Wave Energy - The Next Electricity


Oh Nostradamus and Lights of the Realm

Well we are the HauntedMansion and when Nostradamus was first like lets chat have a tea or something we were aaaaaayyyyy and I jumped from behind the grave stone like yeah good idea

So anyways the Manifesto and the HauntedHouse working through Quantum Theory both had that QuantumSphere in their dev proposal although finding Shaman tones as James said the dev would involve didnt find the OM light thus we still balancing projects

Crystal Computer Modulator

Crystal computing pursues nano crystal to be silicone diode - Both the board and the print is silicone diode - Using light to do this first of teams working to create - Thus what is a transistor - With ones mind knowing computers can we spend time until our minds find the components - Processor IO RAM Motherboard CPU all grown in crystal in our proposal we stop at transistor - Trans crosses - istor energy - Side notes Istor Hitler half assed psychics

Crystal Computing Interface Module

Sphereation working to balance creation of crystal computing - Rod Rosa then is recruited to manage the initial dev of several research projects interfacing with Larry Larson Ian Galton Ed Yu Bang-Sup Song Truong Nguyen Peter Asbeck SS Lau Adam Dsoric Cathy Thomas Chuck Thomas Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Jason Long Martina Deviana Nichole Etieri

Creating a crystal growth gel from titanium barium cadmium chloride metastasized in a electro magnetic field


Sphereation proposes the creation of pathways based on research and published gravies that pour from you did that - Ridic

Two and Half Men is then based on Apollo and that the Discovery project when the show fades being Sheen and the other guy and kid gets a show clattered to the ground like an alcoholic and coche head Kirk looking down at Mudds Women then just shriveling illusions - No seems gays and straights the Egyptians were into anything game

Here just the correction - based on Sheen and the other guy being the rocket boosters that got him there and they fall from the thing rusty and kind of dinged up when you see Nasa


Below then computing and a computer then uses what to create a screen in a color - The test project one can press a button and color appears on the crystal display - Already using spectrum analysis to isolate each light frequency and use it as a modulated signal to create initially a simulation of silicone processing

With the day of the condor we now have we can use literally one day of the CIA recovering it from failed three day cases that should have been two ones

Crystal Computing

Lee calls and gets us one day of the Condor back - He does credit haggling things - Just gets senior phone management to then even more management on the line and complains in different very psychiatric things he knows had to do - Crafting each piece of the call to the next level of supervisor that manages American Express

Sphereation sees a device that uses light - Unix can be written in light code - The way code is written for silicone will change - In meditation code is seen written to a metronome like music - When a coder writes correctly of music in tempo and time and measure - Coder then works to write in thirty eight gigabyte code and improves through time

Dr Larry Larson pHd Excelsior Wizard

Now Retting may have us all seeing good things but you know Jon so he probably doesnt with quantum nano but when his granny saw his great things they werent that great they argued as he then noshed - peeps - spoiler alert - Jon his presented Quantum Nano and obviously a Sader supper with little advent on his new RadiantLightHouse - Apple Computer wants it - Dr Larson can I talk to you for a moment - Deis - James is restoring your dirty keyboard - He has begun to create the crystal computing compression magnetic ionic fission stuff in the keyboard its dusty notes taking you back to dont clean my keyboard - Here James Cameron loses a lot of stuff - Cameron

Crystal Computing

Using light to a pathway modulated by frequency to create zero one light code - Using crystal growth to study where the a nano structure crystal growth process can be achieved - pixels with cyan - light frequency prism to cyan cyan is variable one - zero - magenta is two - a prism is a piece of the crystal processor in a design Sphereation proposes will be able to utilize hand language

Sphereation proposes the creation of Crystal Computing Systems Inc and the recruitment of its board Larry Larson - Ian Galton - Bang-Sup Song - Truong Nguyen - Ed Yu - Peter Asbeck - SS Lau - Paula Caproni - Jim Walsh - Jon Retting - James Thomas - Cathy Thomas - Chuck Thomas - Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt - Stephen Hawking - Art Bell - the Cray Family Foundation