Civil Engineering


Norm Naimy and James Thomas break Limbs in the Seven Zeon Crash

Crane coefficients reduced as Naimy and Thomas lose over three hundred million in damages to a Seven One prototype as the Crane test 'obviously' failed - Thomas later with a separate shoulder I know George wanted movie done and with leprechauns - Who doesnt want Leprechauns - Naimy then down played major financial reports for New York where stock options to CentraLegion Naimys stock fund plummeted - Later in the Two One Prototype flew tests with Derrick Masey able to fly the Eterngenius Crane Carriage and carry one point eight tons in light testing

Betty Nagy makes Penis Chocolates

I forget where this was going


Sphereation proposes the creation of Land Dynamic Systems Inc or another name to be chosen at the incorporation of the company at the completion of the phase one design of a landfill reclamation

More resources through the collection process brings a complete proposal - The site uses new magnetic energy devices to create a centrifuge that can sort trash - Efficiently removing storage in the ground - Studies then of interstellar as crane technology able to bring hope by restoring areas and opening aquifers a mile into the Earth affected by trash storage - Amnesty as the project continues with a desire to move to the future and clear polluted locations efficiently and quickly and retaining analytic that will go to the government in a beginning of their need for leverage to bring accurate reviews and how storage errors created aquifer toxicities that have brought diseases and the ability in the future to know exactly what and exactly who - Conditions from polluted aquifers then we seek to heal in the United States

Syracuse NY Rail Proposal

Sphereation seeks development cities including eight billion dollars for commuter rail in Syracuse New York

Integrated proposal for rail for New York - New network of interactive rail stations allow self maintained network of rail transportation - Guests enter and move throughout connected trains without having to stop - Entering a roundabout one has a few minutes to move to their destination via car and shifting location on the train itself - Their destination finally separating from the train as it travels and stopping at a station - Of train management travel human arteries and cells - Each car advanced eight passengers two handicapped people Max - has redundancy to protect handicapped people

Rail management able to channel resources like a cell - Able to send cars towards Buffalo to ease demand stations in rural areas of requests on traveling in Kingston - Station then of bus drivers migration to managers and traffic controllers take personal responsibility for portions of routes and monitor - travel the route - have some connectivity with the car - each car has door systems control systems advanced subway with more and smaller - able to navigate cities - Approvals of concrete reduced train platforms and new colors plastics design - clean edges of speed rail being five hundred here we need seventy to Buffalo thus the remaining speed to Japan helping us with passenger management fails of the rail system and that they never occur again

Ocean Speed Rail

Los Angeles to Hawaii via speed rail with enhanced visual of the entire trip - Google Geo Scan aligned to cameras embedded in the tunnel connect to a computer simulation of the actual sea life and flow of the Pacific Ocean

Sought Partners


Lockheed Martin