Chop Shop


Dichroic Glass Panther brand icon of the Green Eye Panther Restaurants with both the Bear and Dreamcatcher Boutiques Selling as their Names finalize with either close or similar or Exact and Inc by Them


An Interstellar Design and Manufacturing Firm - Managing the Development of One Point Seven Trillion Dollars of Interstellar Pursuits

TO Subsidiaries

FROM Sphereation

RE Dev of Real Things in Floating Names of Non Secured Things

Companies vesting in names they wont own the names through sites they do own challenged to become relevant - Some pieces of dev are possible - But initially Sphereation has liability involved in fractured dev by subsidiaries pursuing names that involve forms sending in said forms waiting on return of said forms and so on - Instead vague premise conjecture biz dev often precludes a realistic vision for us

When Prototype Seven One needed DOD clearance and seven studios responded with Clearance Clearance we then of Kareem very possibly sought as pilot - No one else will be - There seven one clearance cleared voided and tossed to the trash - Jock proximate good things but again pilot in the film Airplane - Interstellar pilot sought by Sphereation - The rest of you and you Beautiful Mind wrist things how they glowin

Adjacent entities then of many things - Kareem in his training program is giving some amazing things - He has two copies of a training manual one then DOD clearance seven so cars and things

Keep it realm

Lee A Helper

President Sphereation

Divisional Director North American Operations

The Green Eyed Panther

If James wants he secures the Green Eyed Panther Inc to build restaurants - Paul Olsen sought with Andrea and Jim to build first Little Rock location - Sphereation to Starbucks East Coast DM to Olsen - Side Notes - chop shop means rewrite - James wants he then doesnt get in what I have seen - Thus should be Sphereation proposes the creation of Amazing Foods Inc and the recruit of Paul Olsen to Food Services President East Coast Divisions - Seven soup kitchens - Organix in its third year of dev - We will take the name - Do it

Sphereation Lead Counsel Brian Callahan downplays Light Sensory as Just Really Good

Fingers with light are in western films - James and I then of how Popular Mechanics would get 18000 watts to it - Sides Notes - went gay - not judging just Isis to the jock - Nancy we think we dont care but GAY checked on FACEBOOK instead of HETERO was some of COUNSELING