Chimbian Bombazo

From the Desk of Ash Swaminathan

Golden Tate on why I may take a Tab on the Sphereation Website - We already In

No dont jinx em - Sphereation jinxed - Golden Tate Tab

A Monkey looks at Retting and scans The Klumps to Murphy and a Trans and Opt Ins and Outs all in Jons Brain in different forms of Brain Plaque

Now Dr Schulze - Brain plaque is a concern - Yes - Air Schoize - Schulze makes now the Sphereation patented air quotes - Brain plaque then appearing in many different meetings and topics - Yes - Retting seems incoherent in the meetings on Quantum Science - Jon wrote the thesis we are working through do any of you brainiacs have anything - No - Retting wrote Light Matter Equals Time Science - LME over E to the Z equals T


Mani Vaidyanathan makes a move on the First Bombazo Writins

Now I know that Mani wanted first jchoib on this - Dyet here we are - Lightwave Harmonics as Retting knows is seeking energy from his Tesla alcove wherest he is and of and also ten k with interest large envelope - Thus not sayin anything - Working through 'it' Deis - Jon owed - Sphereation having monies to him for dev things - Wellst it is good then that we reflect on Rettings abysmal dev on three projects