Charity Foundations

Sprague Astronautics and Gary Firestein University Conflict of Interest First Light Dev

Charity funds from Retting releasing if I am Tesla and Opeenheimer then my Family thus Industries to name Thomas buses - Thus us often ego to dev - Above of us to funding to papers to Biogenics to Firestein - Biogenics can be as we build Biogenics is taken Biogenics Two - Articles - We are developing light sensory technologies in medical sciences and have competing research in many fields - Biogenics Light Sensory Systems have potential in creating a live module Agilent Technologies cells in a proposal for new sensory technologies


Pod Racer finally sits down the Tall Ship Ride and the NFL ride

Theme Park Digest calls the NFL Ride the best ride ever created ever - So what - Pod Racer was a levitation race yes - Whatever - So then the dragon thing at Epcot is closer with the floating dragon - At least it floats

The Spielberg-Capshaw-Irving Family Charity Foundation Inc

The Thomas Family Charity Foundation Inc

The Nagy Family Charity Foundation Inc

The Pitt-Jolie-Jolie Pitt Family Charity Foundation Inc


Here Families work it - Beth - Jim Andrea and the Golden Crest

Ducking the Golden Crest we could not - Jim and Andrea develop properties invest and help people - Who needs to crack a whip on somebody - Jim rattles by Jim - James Jim puffery Johnson - Closer to the slavery other Jim then good things - Both of work and create but slavery not cool how they did it we have no idea

The Nagy Charity Foundation Inc

Sphereation proposes the creation of charity foundations based on private incorporation where funding structure is tiered to product development research and prototype dev and success - Shadowed funds invested in charities throughout the world retain the portfolio for the company as it seeks charitable investment in the development of restaurants interstellar technologies and more