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Rick Noel makes a St Nicholas Run at Channel Lab - Please Guide as to Rick in dev of Channel Lab including Graphs below

The Human Drift by Jack London:

Island. And on that drift they encountered races who had accomplished the drift before them, and they, the Aryans, passed, in turn, before the drift of other and subsequent races whom we to-day call the Polynesian and the Melanesian.

Man early discovered death. As soon as his evolution permitted, he made himself better devices for killing than the old natural ones of fang and claw. He devoted himself to the invention of killing devices before he discovered fire or manufactured for himself religion. And to this day, his finest creative energy and technical skill are devoted to the same old task of making better and ever better killing weapons. All his days, down all the past,

Sphereation proposes Lee secure Channel Lab

Incorporate in Delaware or have a one bln co fund for Vegas - Incorporate the names Channel Lab Inc - Should be corporation - Articles - Channel Lab Incorporated is a media development firm working in brand analytics in a three part interface it is developing to the creation of its subsidiary - Your Network Inc - Lee then to incorporate Your Network Inc - Subsidiary - Articles - Your Network Incorporated is a broadcast engineering firm working in broadband cable internet cross platform interface via carrier band signal used for HTML in back end cable internet - Icann retained through brand network media design - Side Notes -two of three dev verbiage to protect initial dev - names can change - project is the coding