Celebrit E Things


Patrick Stewart sees Will Shatner at the Paramount Commercy

Hey dick so you make like twenty movies and then hoagie o stuff what next - Next Generation Twelve you need to be in that - Patrick they are not going to make Next Generation Twelve with you or me - One is like you are such a dick - The Special please - So the law thing is good - You in space jocks Shakespeare

Rutt Rutt Bloody Well Rutt You Got a Bloody Rutt to Say

Good things - Awesome

With Photo Optics In Nano Crystal Growth - LA Cerindipitus Faining

Variety - Cerindipitus the new stud low res high three seat released early on its production of Sugar Queen Fatties - The production actually doing well Director James Thomas shuttled second release with four thousand theaters - He will just wring it out of Fotochem if Spielberg doesnt pay - This good stuff - With Sphereation not really making shit - Above mental illness one could call codes from past lives to help James - Reading later just more notes to himself letting the 'team' write

Celebrities Think They Build Things

Woody holds it - Its not engineering - Its a script - Now if we cram it into engineering things we can create as seen below - No Cheetoh Cheetah Woody common - No Cheetah - common - No

The Heebatorium

The Will Frazer

Whole wheat - tofu - tomato - lettuce - home made truffle mayo - onion - smoked shredded pork

The House

House is this guy - In Return of the Phoenix a more Sideways portrayal - Native America mad let us check in - Me of the museum the tribes numbers things - Here of working through as if we have to - Thus light covens

The Rage

Now when large sets of men and small sets of women helped it was because of equality - Otherwise booze

The James Capers

Capers flies the Seven Prototype crashes it on purpose like every appearance from Sphereation at Red Bull Flugtag