Walter Krebs - Systems Architect - Divinity Design Inc - the laboress effort to create under the name of floating aspirations - Otherwise dev on AntiGravity Pinball certain phases of other projects classified either through Sphereation or DOD - Eh - Yeeasssee - Wally - Sensory tech - Light sensory tech - Dsorics Acid Compound Project where an IM trips a VM different things ok

John Philips -  Systems Architect - Lighwave Sciences - Creating a lighwave receiver from cross harmonic light resonance in permeable membranes for healing devices

Soo Hom - Systems Architect - IT Professional - papers to unix to light code to initial nano crystal growth projects - light Ralphs - Angels digs - Ralph

Jon Retting Chief Systems Architect - In initial meetings over compete e things other Systems Architects had in fact achieved Chief Systems Architect things in the level of their complete e ness - Striving to complete projects a big part of our complete e thing we then propose we are each colleagues - Systems Architects

Brad Pitt - Chief Systems Architect - In initial dailies that I do in fact get from Megabrain - I am in fact it and that is that - Thus were you a chief like indian one - Native American Indian one if so then put Chief in front of your stuff

Main Vaidyanathan - Systems Architect - In initial screenings of the dailies of Megabrain we then had audio sessions that just didnt work out - We thought of funny and then what makes it

Ash Swaminathan - Now when Chung Chang Zheung appeared in the Tommy Chong movie about the cave chick in the cave bikini I knew we had options beyond Megabrain

Melissa Michaelson - Chief Systems Architect - Running the Electrical and Computer Engineering Admin desk for thirty years I then realized that not only does the glass bridge thing we have inspire but the pee in the elevators might get us there - James of custodians mad thus one rinse the whole floor - start with the cans no one wanting to rail on the UCSD unknown work agreement

Team from Walk Dont Run - Robs seen in production - Seen everyone forgiving - Fog from Robs - James of light wielding Robs has plant pee - Peed in front Kristi - Thus deal offer - Jon hmm that was deal offer shes verbally not into it - But more dev needed

Woodbridge SC Team - Of the days of a time when there is a better place and that place is every place - Woodbridge - pretty cool stuff England - US telling a story

Sphereation Board of Directors

Sphereation proposes the recruitment of its Board of Directors

Malia Obama - Systems Architect - Water Purification Cities Proposal - The copper embed cross align radiant core

Sasha Obama - Systems Architect - Water Purification Cities Proposal - Downgrade high power center coil reduction using copper aligned cross feed transference

Brian Callahan - Systems Architect - Law - Sphereation - the Decriminalization of Cocaine Crystal Meth and Heroin RescueClinicsAnonymous Program

Bill Keene - Systems Architect - Law - Sphereation - House legislation lateral law proposal amendment to the drug rehabilitation program

Chris Short - Graphic Designer - Systems Architect

Tyson Well Heritage Green in a hold on a dick Chris is being to get on this thing research to me - deis - here Tyson we cant float him hes expensive - anyways if we did - Linear realities in dynamic cross linear physics


Brad Pitt

Systems Architect Advanced Propulsion Laboratory - Northern California

Proposed Research

Creating a quantum engine from polarized ionic energy

Angelina Jolie

Systems Architect - Compressive Magnetics and Ionics Laboratory - Northern California

Proposed Research

Creating a dynamic drive shell for interstellar devices using crystal growth and cellular magnetic ionic transfusion

Bill Olsen

Systems Architect - North American Operations - Magnetic Automotive Renovation Project

Heather Fleming

Systems Architect - Electrical Engineer - Vice President East Coast Operations - Bethesda Maryland Magnetic Navigational Systems via Tactile Sorcery

Adolfo Juarez

Systems Architect - Vice President Central American Operations - Mexico City Development Laboratory - Compression in Magnetic Expression via Core Crystal Energy Systems

Angel Acosta

Systems Architect - President Media Operations - Izon Films Animation Consultant to NBC Studios - Director East Coast Magnetic Symbolic Expressions in Sacred Geometry for Interstellar Navigation via Light Frequency

Charles Thomas

Creating chemical signatures in coded digital expressions

Using coded chemical signatures in digital embedded compression to seek the path of human physiology

The Biometrics Watch Project

Barbara Thomas

Creating a viral bacterial study in avian based diseases through cross viral human combination healing therapies - New immunity - Asia - James kisses the ground he walks on collects feathers - Asia of aviary and diseases - Sphereation eats diseases - That one doesnt conquer aviary diseases one acts as host and digests them

Chuck Thomas

Systems Architect - Mid West Operations - Food Services through Nutritional Programs - the Alive Two Chewables a Day Program - Advanced Architecture Laboratory - Oklahoma City OK producing the OSHA Clean Air Office Building Design Project

Cathy and Brian Thomas

Systems Architect - Oceanographic studies in the extraction of petroleum based contaminants via compression in magnetic counter rotational energy for use in ocean water filtration - Divinity Design Inc

Systems Architect - Navigational systems based on light frequency alignment in proportional systems using variance expressions in fractal sciences - Mission Control Development Laboratory - Mitsubishi Development City the Ocean Water Purification Project

Larry Larson

Systems Architect - East Coast President - CEO Crystal Computing Systems - Brown University research projects - Light in frequency as a carrier of electrical signal for crystal devices - Advanced crystal growth via ion reverse silicate osmosis

Alice Towey

Systems Architect - Civil Engineer - Why does Wiki have a lower e for instance - Things of that nature - Syracuse rail through partnership with Japan using Spherations common it goes eighty we need the four twenty in non pot stuff - common

Mani Vaidyanathan

Systems Architect - Circuit design - Note Alices thing with Wiki - James thing only dashes - Nothing else - Frank Zappa - The Apostrophe - No

Su-Young Tsai

Systems Architect

Creating photo optic conversion cells for crystal computing ram

Shake Ketefian

Shafica Ahmed

Paula Caproni

Jeff Daniels

Chevy Chase

Broken Lizard - Sphereation seeking to recruit broken Lizard here of fracture in board log with deletions to below log