Quarantined - See Bay - Alcoholism - Sex Witchcraft - Dudes from the Beer Vampire Pee Chick Show - Alcoholism thinking movie things Are Engineering things

Michael Bay stares as visual diarrhea Claiming to be Things - Look George - George Lucas sits in his Office looking at Yoda doll - If it was going to Be thirteen year olds on Acid I already had it - I thought it was going Engineering not ---

SG - One Flush Spacing Courtesy Right

Seth Green busted for Sphereation web Hacking finally Speaks Out

Paroode - So they crack the code in seconds - Redford does a double nose notch and you drop through that Haunted thing the Little Rascals had except it gets more creepy - The kids are grown - They dont grope you but Froggie seems he would feel up Hobos

Shapiro and the Pig Lady

James again of a Legalzoom ad where he affected the person - Her appearance of what the fuck is it - A company focused on interstellar - James then of her past lives - Your pig is doubting me in the picture - Too bad - Thats pretty accurate her pig is saying swears - James of other picture he thinks she looks better - She goes through no the pig one

Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson dine upon It

So again in Bottle Rocket time stopped - Andersons patented scarf now floats the table - Look Wes I gotta roll soon - No worries - Again his scarf floats the table now chastising Wilson so Anderson doesnt have to - Set Director Bill Ebz walks to Tim Allen - No Wilson should say this - No fuck off you are fired

Sphereation Wobbles the Fench of Viability with Blue Writing and the Third Rim

Rick Brandon telepathically wields rim in what seems adolescent interactions - Ricky missing several shots goes off on the team

Alcoholism - Jim Rome - North Dallas Forty - North Dallas Sixty - Buckets of Shit

Danny from Matt and Teri Danny

Smack the fanny of a cross dressing nanny my name is Danny

Thus thought he stole my cell phone and that lingered because he did - That Matt would steal it - Whoever stole it got cancer from the research project connected to it - They torque Christ not others unless they steal his phone then you are in the land of anything goes - MITs James Sucks Project where electronics give him cancer - Cheryl Crow even no not Crosby drugging shit - Here of the Church of Satan and they are both in it  but you have to get out of it to get in it as Zappa said - They rub my face in poo even though he drugged women for sex - Cosbys dog upset over it - Here fat Mafia Mobsters can get him off - Their billboard in Vegas and whatnot - Kneeballs in the form of the complaining - Its in beefs - the Bone Yard

Not Great for the Thinkins Elderberry

Elderberry of elder thus older thus things older people may need - Cognitive of working to regain grey matter

Lot of Beefs Goin in Other Tabs

Heavy use of heading one for content - Get that taken care of - Here Elderberries - Arsenic and Old Lace - Elderberries produce a small amount of arsenic - Not lethal unleash the following - one glowed naked out of a ko eche latent storyline with decent model work - HG Wells - dont drink Elderberry not great for the flyins

James Recruits JV Football Coach to the Team

Rebuilding out and cry to out and up - Scrapping with a Detroit team in pre season a hard knocker upon the Plasticine was notted

Beefs Below Thus Moved to Beefs - Tangents is Beefs

I am John Philips you might know me from my portrayal or Mortimer in the motion picture On the Island of Cats and Dogs - There I work to bring an island to peace as Madeline is the only other human survivor of planet Earth - When I was John the Baptist I realized thousands of years ago James was writing well and this was ok - Me of vulnerability both as John the Baptist and here as any dev to On the Island of Cats and Dogs - James now can secure the copyright in his current dev and needs to - John needs to take omega three fish oil and coenzyme qten

Tangents aside or in front of it we now a moment with Rick Noel - Now when I was St Augustus here a niblet of it - St Nicholas creating Christmas - here bone again - Anyways why does this have to read like this - Ass comes up when James types thus Jim and fine Rick ok - Richard - eh see - kind of I like James - not really Richard - James of a cool ad-on for Jim - Jim opens things - James - jams things - JamES - now JamES is of course just new stuff - Yesterday things forgetting which ones a few em not sure how many took off resin - Thus Supernova Resin Remover - Clonk - Does my magic gravy make it work - Here holy light saying yeah - Then we got Lipstick Remover

The Green Eyed Panther

Paul Olsen - Director at Starbucks - Thus biz plan to dev from Chuck and Paul - Matt Nagy then to dev in design - theme - light - sound - his things - Food build discussed - Here quantum math no biz plan - seven thousand square feet - adjacent gift shop alcove - modern large kitchens - hickory and mesquite cooking tech - food prep two am to ten am handoff to starting team - Beginning pieces

Projects Scope

Imagine Nation the Theme Park - Brad Grey this am Mr Sir of what bringing Corporate Sun and Sorcery to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg - Imagineering James had WED and they have to buy their stage one dev - Five hundred four million to get Rolex and ILM to Corporate Sun and Sorcery - Lightens - Eh Professional Managers Thus - Different Approach - Me of eight bln seventeen bln final cost - Five hundred and four million the design cost - The Tall Ship Ride using one hundred four ballast engines one hundred four visual projection atmosphere elements most expensive presentation in a theme ride to date by ten x

Lights But Dicks

My clone sleeps on Atlantis - When I was a Jurassic creature I could see through my Neo  holy light - Here I see but we connected to the Jeopardy clicker thing and then it fails and Alec lies and say too bad when really just anyone there on the set can say no they clicked first

The Dirty Dirty Mob

Pon Guiblo walked the rails - Even ancient Jews able to make one a dog couldnt affect his positive grooves - Ancient Jews would use mind tricks to throw things in peoples breathing to sooth their revenge

Biometrics Watch

Dev on the Biometrics Watch slowed as no review do we have the iWatch - Thought completed it would have to have touch screen scroll and multi touch - multi touch - tap once for main menu then tap once for menu one tap twice for menu two - device needing small interface to access Apple menu - The Biometrics Watch same types of approaches for the display that will present current readings in the blood of nutrition - calcium - 0.0000381 nano liters

The Axel Rose theme plays while Jeffrey Katzenberg and Eddie Murphy listen in a meeting reviewing it - It sounds like nigs on the moon - The wop thinks it about nigs on the moon

The Star Wars Defense System was Thought a Goof - Like the Bell Flying Suit It Lagged

Satellites able to use lasers to disable intercontinental missiles became a myth of the electromagnetic pulse project that in theory would be able to neutralize by pulse frequency frying the trigger mechanism - Instead cross variant light frequency can neutralize plutonium - Oooooohhh - Cheetoh Cheetah dont pee on our quantum ionic resonant defense network - I wooooonnttt - Stoooooop Taaaallkin soooo much about peeeee - Noooohhhhhhh

Tuesday in a Food Thing

So ancient Pagans would pee in things on Tuesday - Ruby was a witch who would pee in things more often

Harley Ghosts of Fat Villa

She walked through the place like siren - Her moves salient - Yet the cheese sticks had rBST - Nitrogenous for cows their pineal said yeah more milk while their bodies said no like a foreman Monsanto pulled out of its ass with greed malice and intent - More milk an essential the water grass eating overhead that had built for the creature now whose male just dies in sacrifice and female who provides us milk

Below Lack of Beefs

Witchcraft from Cortez - Smallpox here in CO from travels ancient - Christ would be here - Me of anyone else in downschooling my current upschool - Smallpox here then a nuke below and we are screwed - A research project into Christs ability to help Smallpox turned into Brad Pitts ability to hand himself ten billion from his previous Thomas Jefferson

Infinite Competition to Todays Briefs

Grooves today heavy as the working title of Black Phoenix black vag seemed to retrograde the planet - Now four thousand chicks plopped on Earth then of cosmic bum out from Astrology based theology - Another day for Sphereation - The City Building Clock of new magnet pieces with New Era Gems helping facet semi precious gems to city facade where each minute a piece builds a city or each second - Can set the rate the build from time - The World Healing Institute - Meal tech - Larger dieting occasionally need a full meal - Digestive used to processing two thousand calories to start secreting - Cortez of Mind Babies

Mind Babies

Fade Up

A town sits in the distance with a sign and different buildings clearly where Mind Babies might live

Phenzy:(rubs his groikin and then provokes) We are the Mind Babies - Our baby early in time and older in rhyme

How Its Choffin Off the Gloads

Beefs - Juarez with no comedy soyjoists - just fat witch happy - Rachel black witch nasty - Both cloaked here in room grooves - Z then of Foil wherest after their concert at Shea Stadium the following occurred - After the third encore at Shea Foil lead drummer Adolfo Juarez unspooled into a non discernible diatribe about Mexico and Chinos in Willy Wonka - He then wrapped himself in foil  - Cheetoh yeah there was pee in the reference - He soiled the foil - He soiled himself - He did it all for Foil - Gave his life to it - Time to it - It meant all the world to him - Pissed his foil - Pissed the astroturf - reader sides - Stone Temple Pilots - Cheetoh Cheetah - Food movies about  pee

Pierce LA Confidential Pierce good dude wont roll in the poo for light poo

Crossing the Rockford Files with SNL to align Chevy Chase and Rockfords back issues - One stunts other drunk on the set - Back pills - Can we use the machine from the Fly and get clean drugs somehow - No but a good idea - Problems with it - Their linearity in time resonance says it wouldnt be clean drugs thats one - Two then of if we got past the first phase of the project - Then of prat falls - Lawsuit to NBC - Couple extra mln for pills - We cant resolve it - Here waiving from beefs Brian David Systems Architect - how to save money on whippets - glade with a cloth - its nitrogenous - no its mercury vapor in a light heavy toxicity - solvents used in air cleaner not really for whipped cream or just the gas in human creamed - Ah - Welcome to Beefs

side notes lack of rebuttal possible from Brian  - get lightly poisoning nitrogenous compounds

side side note create better things - air extraction tech uses oils - carbon dioxide a poison respiratory gas - thus food grade carbon dioxide

Beefs - breathing witchcraft - here of witches or fat rats - Ratatouille take out some of the lack of sex clones eating corpse and replace it with light rat fetish of the dead not in the movie

Beefs Beefs - Seconds - Lasitus looks at the pile of cole slaw - It is the Twentieth Annual Farrells Southfield Michigan Worlds Record Cole Slaw Competition - Mid July never the right time - Ninety eight and the Massetis is fuming out of the bottle - Teams of salad shooter armed technicians where life suits so as not to pollute the cole slaw as they crawl and grind