Architectural Engineering


Blood Will Takes over Meditation with Vampire Like Bad Grooves

Booze claimed in Meditation where Litner and Lidnerman are the Same

David and his Apostles Linderman it with Anonymous

Lightning to Purify Water via Osmotic Oxygenation via Ozone Ionization

High powered devices seeking filtration is one of Sphereations proposals - Enormous energy from magnetic projects seeking cross array magnetic compression via two channel dual atmosphere magnetic energy core conversion

Creating an Air Array from Three Hundred Fans in an Office Building Exzovent

Exzoventing Retting from it - Now what is it - A series of design firms - What is it - A senior architect - What is it - A German engine company making a fan - What is it - A Japanese company making the controllers - What is it - The Exzovent - A Z window that opens every office in the structure - Desk of Jon Retting - Haunted Ball Parasites Keep It Every Name Haunting Not Loving - Every Idea Haunting Not Loving - Here Ball Haunting

The Light Forge

Large forge - Rectangular tumble large block - Boo boo ashebi - What Madonna - Boo boo ashebi diaba - Take the Korg voice chorus and improve the layering on track three - Boo boo shabbi boo boo - With less flange - More then was square with circle in the square circle has final design piece inside it - New Forge Design - Our vision then she saw the scope twenty stories tall - No real meditation on how it would work - Angel Acosta then of our design building has apartment made from two hundred and three blocks each different modular assembly - Thus of laser to cut or small pieces to create entry kitchen bathrooms fitted pieces the forge creates stack in contruction

New York - Hudson - New Architecture - Floor Phase One - One Point Three BLN - Blocks to thirty feet above the Hudson - Tunnels to Manhattan - Electrical - Sewer and Data Conduit - South Manhattan Water Data and Sewage Facilities - Water Filtration Center part of the bid - new

Egyptian Israeliian Deep Well Vent

Sphereation proposes the design of a deep well vent to provide air in triangulated structures - By using the rotation of planet Earth pyramids can utilize the rotation for air flow

Many projects Sphereation proposes will appear from physical dev we do - Deep air vents based on Egyptian design are not thought to exist - Here Sphereation desires to create technology from a mysticism of their prodigy including the amazing visualization of the Egyptian empire in the western film Stargate

Triangulated Housing

Sphereation proposes the recruitment of Howard Stern to its board to lead the development of a triangulated four hundred story architecture in New York - A Hudson rail with advanced underwater vision technology - Clears the Hudson with radar sensory shows animation - Our vision of cleaning bodies of water in the US and providing adaptive animation to inspire travel in lower visibility waters

Creating synthetic granite from high energy expression in molecular ionics

Creating a formula from sand carbon and carbon alloy filament for block modular construction