The Jew Double Weave

Ralph Lauren sought to wash off the dirties of black carbon from Sphereation that gets on anyone from their interstellar stuff - Beyond that Gunga Din forgot that Attila the Hun created the Double Weave - James created it - So whoever did it - Ralph Lauren sought to create Egyptian cotton double weave - With pants with fabric jock weave different allows breathing and the genits - the pants have bands that wrap the upper body holding the pants up - A second layer of pants cover the weave on the jock and again of a bus from Jolie with the ads instead for jocks - Allows them to breath and cant see the jock - The upper the same bands around the body of one hundred percent cotton garments to help fat people lose weight and be comfortable

The Double Weave

Matt Nagy and Family inner fighting over smoked tacos he then opting to work on clothes with Ralph Lauren while the Nagy Family chews at the cusp of greed and family - The Coen Brothers making their Jew parents money by getting along - Dave and Matt even fighting through Stalins ring - Here a Voodoo nig sees James scanning for Stalins grave her trying to find it first - Matt willing to opt in in a lot of directions

The Israeliian Weave

Sphereation proposes that Ralph Lauren be recruited to create garments thought based on ancient lost weaves - processes to cotton - Ralph looks Mr Sir at Darth Vader who then is Drowning in a Pool of Misery both are - Thus difficult here - Pools of misery appear to be blocking the project

Clothing from the Hun

Sphereation proposes the creation of garments divine lost in the last thousands of years - Where weaves where able to create a breathable garment that allowed one to not develop the Satanic core - Foods amassing as a reduction of the musculature of the stomach in acid oil imbalance - As a diet in youth the human then has a non discernible cavity in their digestive that can manifest demonic anomaly - The interaction with spirit - Either present in the body or in spirit light - Ones own desire to perceive that spirit world is here on Earth - God infinitely patient has a light realm after life - Where one meditates