Angry Wops


Diazanone Guy drives his Truck of Hate

Now this is not good for the road fittins - Just for the waste disposal oh so dont spray it all over the city - No definitely not - Memo to Diazanone Guy

FROM - Roads Coated with Diazanone

RE - Cancer effects of Diazanone

Dear Diazanone Road Guy

Diazanone is a toxic chemical and shouldnt be sprayed on roads - Please refrain from spraying anymore

Yours truly


Diazanone Road City

Somebodys not Thinking in the Room

Now look clean clean clean - Manicoti Day - Plastic tarpene one throw and not much to throw again - Just a little sample and one we go

Get this to the Chop Shop - Chop Shop First before Pub already Chop Shop

Pasta Fazoo and Grandma Farts Funny

Mostly work on the Dirty Dirty Mob delayed as the things to do with dead animals books we bring back with annoying sentences and large Mafia print

Did James Create the WOP WOP WOP

Ah this brings up a good point Dave lickin the Stalin from his boney bones - Thus throw a wop wop wop who created this - Im not sure I think it was WOP