Crystal Computing

Core energy systems for interstellar prototypes run on light so do crystal computers


The Airship Alpha Seven One

Interstellar prototype Alpha Seven One in a rendering - One point three miles in diameter the craft utilizes sixteen Seven One prototypes for its assembly process


Cross Discipline Opportunities

Designing in almost every field Sphereation believes it creates from allowing its staff the most freedom of any design firm on the planet - Designers work on a diverse project portfolio including designs for the theme park Imagine Nation

Bill Sprague - Sprague Astronautics

Sphereation seeks to recruit Bill Sprague and Sprague Astronautics to consult in the development of telemetry alignment in lightwave frequency via software interfaces including the new tactile sensory navigation drive system

Relevant Space Research Stalled because of Internet Hack

DOD seniors officials voiced significant disdain in response to Seth Green and his tirade at Comic Con where someone obtained the three failed prototype projects where over one hundred seven million stuck in the mud - My truck is stuck in the mud

More on Relevant Space

If one vision our current NASA Mission Control it then connects to China and Russia where they have large platform Mission Controls as well - Interstellar flights fly under the flag of Chile - Thus the US Horizon flies under of flag of Chile - Chile sponsoring the flight - Chile has a bid to a Mission Control and they currently have a Control Center - Control Centers identical but smaller - By hierarchy command teams using sorcery are able to align locations of the planet and navigation for the flight - Navigation teams flying this mission - At the different locations in Chilean English is heard from Cape Canaveral - Russian is heard from North Moscow Command - Mandarin is heard from Command One in India - Linguistic fluency one can study in the interstellar network - Translations instant - Mixed in volume with native language and other languages - AJ

Relevant Space

Our solar system resides in the Milky Way Galaxy and has a position that helps as one studies astronomy - By seeing our position in Orion that it sits in the third tier of the Milky Way - That our solar system is called Attena - Here to the Attila the Hun - Ateena the current spelling Attena proposed - Brad and James both were crucified thus Brads Beef - Thus Attena - We get to name it - Thus as Ateena Jupiter Two travels in a recent vision about eighteen years from Earth - Meditations with God - Return well none of you really believe that much in me but anyways - With heart you traveled it will take you eighteen years to get home - Thus plot the course and do the research - Often on the show they want back home soon - Not methodical space travel where they entered a solar storm it breached their centry navigation system and they entered space warp at eight - They traveled a distance they cant recover in the same time - In eighteen years they return to Earth - With research and path back to Earth - We traveled one hundred forty six thousand light years - We are traveling at Quantum to East Orion at three times the speed of light - One can travel faster than the speed of light Quantum Wave Science

speed Rail Side Panel - opacity animation elements

Ten Tactile Command Sorcery

Commanding interstellar navigation systems a new form of control and code is needed - Ten Tactile Command Sorcery allows ten variable algebraic expression in interstellar navigation systems and control

Here then is the under water rail proposal where cross discipline design appears in light channel able to create the ocean floor in real time animation

Seventy Two Ideas

Sphereation retains the proposal of over seventy two innovations retained by its holding company Supernova Private Holdings Inc as the basis of pursuing interstellar from many different disciplines


Next Steps...

Sphereation pursues the creation of two prototype projects while presenting the Open Source Interstellar Design Project