Adam Sandler admits he threw Richard 'Jaws' Keel a bit part in Happy Gilmore

Dick was looking for something larger in the film - So was I - We tried to work in more bits but had what we had - He played a menacing taunting character who followed me around the golf course with perfect one liners that ripped my spine out

Richard 'Jaws' Keel on biting the Cable in Bonds Winter Vacation Paradise

My character was so strong and menacing he could bite the cable of a gondola and thus peril for Bond as I am apparently dont give a shit and will kill many to get to Bond

Michael Jackson tries to Haunt Adam Carolla and A Warrior Spirit at the Same Time

The Warrior Spirit as James little fantasy folds to a real vision he forgets the other twenty deving it - They then The Warrior Spirit - An essence among many artists creating a singular vision - Michael Jackson keeling on the treadmill as Richard 'Jaws' Keel cant help but be endured to Michael and a one on one conversation about things

Old Vets sought to create the Horses Et Al in A Warrior Spirit

Large dangerous abusive green screen work begins the laboress build for the fight sequences in A Warrior Spirit where combative warriors from other dominion break arms and shoulders on warriors who have to repair in a form of Greek Flying battle

Chided again Jackson as Rolex ez CEO then of selling house to Finish Tall Ship Ride

George Lucas walks through doors the inspiration of Ridgemont High a heavy study with engineers George pals from USC I guess all there from computer sci types of thesis where they saw better effects and waited until Star Wars to deliver them - General conversations about motion control being the element Lucas Phil Tippet Stan Winston Dennis Muren began - Thus ILM able to do first pass seven exposure for lights on the exterior - second pass interior lights and first phase laser effects - By the seventh pass ILM staff creamin their pants the shots so amazing

Michael Jackson again chided for entry into Imagine Nation dev meetings where he then walked from Disney with one hundred million ten in a ride then went backwards as he foiled going forwards - Common Everybody

Mixed emotions from Sphereation

Controls of the Interstellar Tech and Huge things from the US you aint Jesus but you cant Carry a Gun

James or Jon or one team member armed during different Nasa dev as a walk-on approaches Mrs Jolie-Pitt - There of Nasa James that is could be three am not a big deal to armed control - James two seats meetings always mad back from meetings about guns - Sphereation two agents - No need for guns - Yet team four in dev four months James with a gun on Nasa dev projects at least one where attempts on Jon James foils offering his life fleshing out the dude stalking Jon - Both typically unarmed really weird shit with the flying bike where both armed

Jere as Michael Jackson can advertise his Face with returnables - Recyclables here if he gets me to the Recycle Center Phase One

There Howard almost dead is also the Mystique a Ghost appearing in the Airport

Adam getting revenge looks almost dead now but I think he will Live - Thus Howard and deep architecture New York - Our bid new construction block able to be fitted with piece design means stacking a construction - Just Pieces

Carolla didnt fold with a Seven Mln table deal - I dont think so - I think they Folded based on Stern fighting with Adam to the point where you cant change my Tide - Oh yeah

That I wouldnt need to 'Bitch' about the past brings Dreamcatcher Denise in it shes the Alien somehow - Mastro men or just villains in the countdown - Only one I think makes it - Donny Walhberg raps the film with an amazing Appearance

Self Pandering Writing from James - Yeah Dicks like the US well my Sister Rachel and my Mother Isis either attacked me or attacked myself - I am opting I attacked myself - When Earth goes through the stab in the back machine it looks like your doing It

James vexed for personally writings where his Egyptian Israeli Family were more cannibals that Jewables Chewables - New meds get that to products medicine then to Asymmetrics Sphereation Product Dev Inc

Sphereation and the Jimmy Carter effect - Adam looking as if he is working on interstellar dev now - Side Notes - here my body hurts writing this

Anything to logs - Lame - Many reasons - If we wander to stories good things - Yeah they are - Marc with C Wander recruited by Sphereation - High School buds - Bill Keene and Jimnity in the basement of Lucas where super eight and Empire Strike Back polarize James home studio screening room - Keene running the meeting - James clickery - Nigger nigger nigger kike kike kike Jew Jew Jew - Keene fixed in the meeting - All seem to pass initial test - Here Marc Wander strategically steers it from Southfield-Lathrup to the ground - Lucas in his picture from American Graffiti of a Nazi dick Harry Potter type - Stories of Star Wars where he is a dick looked reminiscent on the American Graffiti shot - Almost eyeballing Ron Howard making him pee himself - Lucas not having to pole anybody just your off the picture - So Howard good and chone E fied



Joes Crab Bin - Both Genital Parasites and Wonderful Crabs

Void Gaengston - His Day You Day - His Way You Way

Hey Void hey Chief - We need to get on this case - Witches are attacking the president with peed recycling scams - Got it Chief