Daily Digest 5 30 19

Brian Callahan Billy Keene Now Buds Phase One - Sphereation announced today that 13 Billion It Allocated to a Coca Cola Redev was Paused by a Med Paper supporting the Biometrics Watch Stating New Blood Serum Nutrition Tech as Cocaine Meth Coca Cola about the Same

Chris admits as Nick showed you it Was Detailed

No Vegas Shit Cows Want Sacrifice Flesh Where Who What Wasted How Many Did I Offer - Jim OK We are Now Inside Me - Thomas Jefferson - Most of the Systems you See then Me Realizing we Live in Jim - So - Systems have Well we have 213 Mont Billion - French Term of Algebra as Census

System 71 One - No Lies - Pitt Codes Entity Channels Troy - Why Pitt are you Channeling Troy - Entity Troy - Mystical Greek Orthodox Reverend Created Planetary System Troy - Created Bleach through 103 Inventor Commune Chlorox

Creep E Hearst One with the Cow

Fat and Negative Gangsters Realize Food Dev aint Sex Church Gangbanger Revenge

Matt and Teri Maylen Foods Custom Healing Yerba Mate Formula - Essentia - True Blue - Quarter Teaspoon Real Salt Rescue Remedy

Barely Tobacco Marijuana Coffee Teas Milk Yerba Mate

Tobacco seeks the lower humans now as if all on Earth - We fly carry Milky Way in space oxygen black matter anti matter to the atmosphere

True Love Charles Barbara Jim They Die He Psychic Channels

Battle of Creation from a Room - Seems Ancients - My Family I Become Mice in Human Bodies in Cortez from Spirit from the Planet Egypt

Again Jim Reg from Paper from Nagys

Jim Competent is Bad

Rick and his Dad Membrane Based Water Tech

Coffee Blames Israel Barstow Rick for Sweat Meth Meth Israel and Witches Meth Israel

Paper Sphereation argued to Christine Nagy - Paper Says no Pharmaceuticals - No Western Cigarette - No Soda - Christine vying the Plan with Consumption

Daily Digest 5 28 19 Second Edition

Leo de Vreede Food to Nagys Next Lives

UOM Proves out serial Alzheimer Like Thesis

Soo then Hong Kong Gaff at the Ritz Light Cyber Cell Inc his one of Many Tech Firms Skates Philanthropy as this Blog Stalks More Than Studies - Witches More than Seed Wills

Soo Hom Hollywood Brown Nosing Upstart Helicopter Office Code Project USB Controller or Soo is much like his Asian Counterparts Lack of Han Zero One in Twelve Prism for Example

In Sphereation Studio A Celeb 400 Gone Helicopter Surveillance Video AM Green 10K Someone 400 from a Few Grand Retting 4 Grand How Did You Know Psychic

Health Memo from Jim Slingblade Jesus - Please Advise is James Jesus if So Brad Troy Nuggies Too

Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde:


MRS. ERLYNNE. [R.C.] No, dear Lord Augustus, you can't explain anything. It is your chief charm.

LORD AUGUSTUS. Ah! if you find charms in me, Mrs. Erlynne -

[They converse together. LORD WINDERMERE moves uneasily about the room watching MRS. ERLYNNE.]


LADY WINDERMERE. Cowards are always pale!

LORD DARLINGTON. You look faint. Come out on the terrace.

LADY WINDERMERE. Yes. [To PARKER.] Parker, send my cloak out.

MRS. ERLYNNE. [Crossing to her.] Lady Windermere, how beautifully

Hearst My Shit

Spence Again of Some Writing Dabs

Daily Digest 5 28 19

Sphereation Admits that Very Powerful Healing Solutions from Foods and Nutrition is a Paper that Reads Arthritis from Serum Blood Calcium Radioactivity in Biofused Cells - Malnutrition - PH imbalance seek Coral Calcium Essentia Water - Arthritis Purified Water imperative Systemic Liver and Digestive Issues - Arthritis - 6.3 to 5.0 PH disorders - Us Calcium Condition we Seek Adaptive Therapies from Decongestants

Light Dev All Arthritis is Malnutrition in Different Forms

Gary Firestein admits that the Biometrics Watch is Like Jews with Hand Pain in Their Malnutrition that involves Teas they Dont Like not Pills they Do

Celebs Admit When Grace Slick Broke Color Barriers by Writing with Poop House Keepers Could Only Know the Real Truth

68217 JB Flying Test

Not Anymore

Side Notes Baseball Batman Crotch - Speaking of Jason Bateman Admits when I was Famous they would get me Extra things on my Bagels my Car and my Nards

Here Depression of Death is in my Body as Promise of a New Hope Star Wars Eleven seems to Bring Luke again seeking Leah Poonology this Time in Batmans Baseball Crotch

If Jesus was to Start Writing Shit - Talking to Himself Jim then Attracts the Dead to his Oractis where they then Can Channel Him and Participate - Romans and English had a Term for it - Some Mayo on Those Deep Fried Potatoes

Here Isis is able to Resent Writings without Readings and her lip discontent Rumblings Rattling into my body from Her OKC Life where she then Appears in Comi Wool Coats in my Body

Matt Nagy is the Que as My Mom can Mafia Mumblings from her Mouth out of My Body - Remove the Splinter from your Eye Before you Talk of my Brother Davids Splinter Eye

Old Ways Brought the Carriage of The Day Whilst Their Dead Bodies Grasping at Greed Latent Bags of Their Desire Only to Rape their Children

So again Anakin almost Dead and His Team Almost Dead New Hope Star War Ten

Im Lucifer though Right - No Joels that Too

Often my Family Gangsters replaced me as Cow Run underground Cow Thug Clinic

So Lucifer the Cow - Joel the Current Cow so wheres the Beef

Biometrics Watch - Spectrum Light in Crystal with Code written in Nano Structure - ICADNANO - Argued in Bond Film with Jonathan Price - Screen Display with 21 Million 1080 Million P - Many of Variable Design with Large Palette - Allows 2 Million by 1 Million - Crystal Design and Native 3DIS

Often Guardians of the Lodge Dicks of It

Ok - So if then Antlers of Deer in Time of Felt Somehow Oxygen and Amazing Things Makes Ems

Works at Subway

1.3 Volt Carrier Wave Trans Mag Auto Shell Power System with Barrier Core - Real Shit

Below Engineers Realize they Need Subway Dude

Not Laundry just a Sub Put the Gloves on - Ok so again General interest from the Dude in Mag Centri New Electrical Ion Beam Radion Beam Tech - Find Email of Dude

Below Damon - 13 Volt Project - Damon Claimed Trans Scribe Mag Protected the Project Somehow Dude Keeps Flaunting Dirty Cow Laundry

Here the Spirit of Subway Dude says he me - In Person no that Was Damon Douching You

Subway Guru unknown - Digits Still no Dinero Hacks Below Me Genius or Network O Douce Please Advise

Little Britain by Washington Irving:

chairs, covered with tarnished brocade, which bear the marks of having seen better days, and have doubtless figured in some of the old palaces of Little Britain. They seem to me to keep together, and to look down with sovereign contempt upon their leathern-bottomed neighbors: as I have seen decayed gentry carry a high head among the plebeian society with which they were reduced to associate. The whole front of my sitting- room is taken up with a bow-window, on the panes of which are recorded the names of previous occupants for many generations, mingled with scraps of very indifferent gentlemanlike poetry, written in characters which I can scarcely

Oracles help in this Way Auto Dev Project One Seven One 103 KHz 21 Network 1.3Volts to DC exchanger via Cross Barrier Magnetics

Mag Auto Detroit - 100 Meters Huh - Car Engine Large Dev Sometimes to Reduction - 100 Meters by point zero eight tthree meters and So on

What a Dick - Anyways Brad somehow seems Nice to Everyone - What a Dick - Gets his Return to Detroit - Dearborn

East Coast Dev - Mag Auto Chris Jim Bill Retting Cow Birds his Sorry Ass - Mike of Money - Brad Pitts Money - 914416 Twin Array Compression Magnetic Shell Megamind - Huh - I guess

Working Class - Spencer Barista Pueblo Next Visit Fag YMCA

Ah One Adam Ahead Sphereation - Carolla the Adam Ahead Poon Trampoline I guess Even

Created for Cow Dissection in Slaughter Light Saber

Here Spirit Rape even Pitt Jolie Family Rape - First Interstellar Chances Pilots Possibilities - Interstellar Flights of Spirit Prep Occurring - Light Dev 82 Dead Mad Team A Anakin - Light Saber Game - Noooo - Light Saber Cow Tool

Light Often on Rape

Sphereation Desires the Release of Charles Manson where again he Wasnt Accused of Physically Doing Anything - Mouth E Person Made Dead People - Egyptians and Euthanasia Presentations - Everyone to Earth

Release on Rapist Though

Anyways - Boyscouts - Mom takes me the Troubled Man to the Science Museum as Dad takes the Boyscouts to Baseballs - WTF

One can Only Lament as President Trump Appears 6AM Prod - Many Lament as Sphereation is the Nation - Chris Thomas is the Vomis - Mike Thomas is the Romas - Chas is the Rapist

Board Meeting 15 Minute Presentation and then Food Rolex Magic Trick has 20 Replaceable Cards in the Back - Special Tools to Open it - Two People

Step One - Board Meeting Sphere at Ion - With Barns and Snow Abundant One can only Reap the Benefits

So anyways with my Plan Sad Jolie has a Barn with Snow thus Noooo - Interstellar Company with Flying Things Geesh

Was Jolie attacking or Did Credit Book Guy attack via Dead Cows Blood Black Matter Cows Sadness Humans saying thank you is Awesome but Still Attacking from It

Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy:

And indeed, there on their left was that same barn with the snow flying from it, and farther on the same line with the frozen washing, shirts and trousers, which still fluttered desperately in the wind.

Again they drove into the street and again it grew quiet, warm, and cheerful, and again they could see the manure-stained street and hear voices and songs and the barking of a dog. It was already so dark that there were lights in some of the windows.

Half-way through the village Vasili Andreevich turned the horse towards a large double-fronted brick house and stopped at the

Below Seemed like Credit Book Guy Attacking but it was Jolie

Jolie seems a Bitch just in the sense of it - Space Air Things

Michelle Boudreau although Luscious has some Co Eechhe Issues - Credit Book Guy is a Client we had that had a book on Credit - One can sue to remove things - They wont fight Expensive to Fight - Below 10K typically No Show and Deletion - Thus an Entire Book we have - Can You Believe It - To Fix Your Credit you have to Lie

Here Mirrors make one Think of Neo as He could see Someone looking in a Mirror enter their Body and Ridicule their Poopin

Here often Low Bella on the Grooves or I am Dying Reincarnate Asshole Peeds Set to Rule the World - Michael Jackson somewhere 17 Recruited Somehow - Im still a Peed oh Shit Fallen Efforts

Sphere at Ion is of Course our Sphere Earth at Ion - We can develop Ionic Energy - Oh Really I already Started

A Few moments

Well as one can see pee on thus they might typo it - Yet here in Colorado we live in ion or Light Ion same oxygen different groove - For instance a vein from Hearsts house right to Sun Dagger where Bill Hearst may have used cow blood to experiment with spirit effects - Light the spirit world seeing it

Mafia Church of Satan appear to use Hair - Hair Hangs on East Side Weapons in Hand he Goes for a Ride Grant Beck

Facebook Text Editor Admits Still Dont know the Proper Spelling

CIA Agents Admits if they Wants American Bukkake probably on the Cred List

Michell Parks Attractive Married here Mastro with Triatnium Dioxide in the Reducing Prostate - Thus of Vague of Michell and her husband Somehow Jim wants it Positive - He Argues 140 to 100 is Carbonite Core in Reduction Matt Damon in Prostate Vampire Demonic Possession CIA manual 71

Please Provide Blessings and Protection for Ms Jolie

Droll Stories, V. 1 by Honore de Balzac:

attach her guest to her petticoats, holding his hand, kissing him with burning glances, her cheek placed gently against his, and during this virtuous embrace, in which the knight was held like the devil by a holy water brush, she told him of her great love, which was boundless since it stretched through the infinite spaces of unsatisfied desire. All the fire with which the ladies endow their substantial amours, when the night has no other lights than their eyes, she transferred into the mystic motions of her head, the exultations of her soul, and the ecstasies of her heart. Then, naturally, and with the delicious joy of two angels united by thought alone, they intoned together those sweet litanies repeated by the lovers of the period in honour of

Sphereation Admits even though we Gird our Swords we do So more Upon our Breasts

The Rest for Spielberg Family Jewel Syrup Babies Slant Hole Delivery

The Tanach:

Psalms 45: 3 (45:4) Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O mighty one, Thy glory and thy majesty.

Psalms 45: 4 (45:5) And in thy majesty prosper, ride on, in behalf of truth and meekness and righteousness; and let thy right hand teach thee tremendous things.

Psalms 45: 5 (45:6) Thine arrows are sharp--the peoples fall under thee-- they sink into the heart of the king's en

Blessings and Protection for Mr Spielberg

The House of Dust by Conrad Aiken:

Deflected much of me that lived as he lived, Saddened me, slowed me down. Such things will happen, Life is composed of them; and it seems wisdom To see them clearly, meditate upon them, And understand what things flow out of them. Otherwise, all goes on here much as always. Why won't you come and see us, in the spring, And bring old times with you?--If you could see me Sitting here by the window, watching Venus Go down behind my neighbor's poplar branches,-- Just where you used to sit,--I'm sure you'd come.

So Sphereation admits Katie Curic and Matt Lauer Crapped Their Pants

Spencer Admits the Reading Below of Pee Wee and Whatnot

Positive Protection and Blessings for Spencer

Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne:

behind the scenes,--to remove his sentry-box, and clear the theatre, if possible, of horn-works and half moons, and get the rest of his military apparatus out of the way;--that done, my dear friend Garrick, we'll snuff the candles bright,--sweep the stage with a new broom,--draw up the curtain, and exhibit my uncle Toby dressed in a new character, throughout which the world can have no idea how he will act: and yet, if pity be a- kin to love,--and bravery no alien to it, you have seen enough of my uncle Toby in these, to trace these family likenesses, betwixt the two passions (in case there is one) to your heart's content.

Vain science! thou assistest us in no case of this kind--and thou puzzlest us in every one.

Below Spence Von Robule

Positive for Mr Pitt Ms Jolie Mr Grey Mr Spielberg and Family O Rape Pitt Jolie

Often flying will be of the telepathic in training - Here cows may die in an underground city but probably dont - Thus mouth of cow thank you cows

Indie Horses Dave Still Licks the Stalin Ring for Bumps from Leon Pickles or not