Fluorescent Light Therapy

Sphereations Convention of Pop - Half Team Mad

Sphereation secretly hosted Barstow CA Fluoreascence - the Experience - Steve Wynns Thirteen BLN North Cap - The healing Casino water crystal light healing - ECO - Foods - Light Casino

Build seeks Disney to Vegas - Monorail was to go through casinos to vistas and expressions in the Disney World model of tech in Commerce G Immersive

So Vegas struggles with their monorail not entering their structures because of sealed Casino design elements - Isnt appearing to change - Screen bid for old Vegas was viable - Build for old Vegas is rebuild of exact design somehow - forty years fifty years old - Structures are ready to rebuilt

Dave Reincarnate Pro Tiem

I may not like my Nagy things - In my new life then 20 before yippity - Thus we work with a Boys from Brazil replicant light deity we create - Code and light and energy that is most likely Dave

Bill Keene and Christine Nagy distance Sphereations counsel courting EA in Aliens vs the NCAA

Hoops to stadiums collapsing and gameplay of cold post war alien - B- Gameplayer

Dave New Horizons Ziz early Woodbridge Dev

Base cable types of pitches in dev sketch outline meetings where early dialogue study stalled went back to Paradimes team not working well with Daves team

An opening with music from Alice in Chains captivate John Schneider - Script Consultant and Senior Effects Artist for the sequence - Rhythm and Hues and Captivate creating the 20MLN effects work at 7MLN - Handling cuts from Phil Tippet leave Daves team opening sequences lagging as Paradime accused of accusing Daves Sunrise Production LLC with my house might liable infringements

Corp infringement is why Nagy went LLC - Christine Nagy distancing viability claims to the production able to float Mtv doink types of script and treatment build

JJ Abrams pissed off at Christine - Well Dave again lets go with the retro Panasonic gear  - The Red - Opium used for the sequence eight million per camera more expensive than Daves effect build for the sequence


Variety - SPI - Dev of the England East Coast Dram Com slow as Daves team alcho types of slow dev

Izons Films rattled at slow Load of Website

Robin - ASP - eh last name anonamo not the way to go - David licking the Stalin ring doesnt want to interact with Robin somehow and has forgotten her last name - Harris in the Cableguy - What did we have Cableguy tonight show theme instead salted peanuts where Carrey beats himself up - He bounces off of Owen - He was on the tonight show - He leaves able to even destroying himself - Owen still in the stretcher leaving the scene - Jim bloody and cleanup  - Too cold - Too off - Lunges at the Tonight Show that I will need to sell the movie

Riding Hollywood with Hate

Often Sphereation needs the visual arts of the United States and world as they see building funds to OSHA office buildings with z vents and more - Hollywood buckles at the lame ness of it - Heavy dev below three hundred mln A Warrior Spirit - One hundred mln the Knights Templar - Twenty bucks and how does MacFarland do it - Seth Green and Rodney Dangerfield giving him fifty bucks - The bit in Family Guy finally pulling Green a salary as again 'all his shit blows up'

Motion Pictures Frenchie access Chastised by Jolie as not Fluent French

Aur La Chentuere - Che La Kiatay - Sha L Ieire - Oure tiera - Here then of eh - Za - Luscious

Pod Racer finally Speaks Out about the Tall Ship Ride being the most Amazing ride on Earth

Well a racing competition such as Pod Racer involves what Theme Park Magazine calls the Most Amazing Ride I have Ever Experienced - Theme Park Quarterly - With Pod Racer being beyond ones conception unless they ride it - Sold out from its start for thirteen years now - Sold out - Advanced ticket booking - No waits - Reduced waits concierge then twenty minute waits at times more because of ride issues less because of the Tall Ship Ride sucks issues - Less

Creating Properties that dont die Because they B Eight Billion Dollars Shy of 8X Build

Floats the ride - Sinks the eight billion it cost to make it - Heavy Rolex Industrial Light and Magic and WED - As seen the most amazing ride ever created

The Tall Ship Ride

Just took a look at the ride - Dropkick Murphys of eight billion dollar ride and licensing and how Disney worked the Disney Players

God Dog

Chili Peppers - Foil - Jimmidiy loops master Johnson


Barstow Cali - The cast of the film the guests the Best Motel of Barstow - Where they then present a full motion picture

Israel Helps Me Out

Tom throw me kibble at a high event - Still good for me though - God uppercased from Tom - In case one hasnt one with the Orb - Tom is Thomas Jefferson reincarnate - Brad Pitt bumped from Thomas Jefferson to Tom - Troy - Brad is Troy that is enough - Tom is Thomas Jefferson - On we go

In the Light of the Key - James escorted to Fort Meade gets a load of Sodium Pentathlon so Large Time is Truth

Ridic - Nirvana jazzin the grooves - Vampires at James balls - The evening ok - James dreams on another planet in another US he walks into a compound able to speak to the special with ease in conversations - Its him - Double dose

We ate Manna - Alive they ate manna too - Human Beings

When we got here we did this and that - Moses went up a hill and Lee brought the bull out - Red Bull

Moses throws his Cane to the Ground - Question One

It sits on the ground - The most is hallucinogenic types of spermatozoa things - Donny Most - Vision James here of hey Ron remember - Ooooohhhh yeaaahhh - Moses was mad - Second appearance of the amazing most - Deish - Ok Donny got that too - Deish - Israel has a snake on their beanies - We are going to turn into a snake - You got it right on your face there - The oils comin right outta face - The lunch meats - Martin Lawrence

Alcohol thought Blast Phosphorus

Healing compound at half an ounce anti matter anti gravy beyond and beyond

Seventh Will Prodigy GL Gypsie finally Speaks out about Retting and his Night Out

I knew Jon wanted to go out - We wanted to as well - Work on Mirage the Game now not really dink dev our first dev cycle - The game now a game - One million with seven hundred k down the ole crapper - Early dev failing final design at too much for stinky game - James mechanical pachinko shooter game is a hit

Soda Good Enough to Drink every Once in a While

Ian and Van Shebbs his hot wife from Hot Springs - He delivers for a soda company thus some soda ok and it is

Gary Coleman - Patton Oswald - Patton Oswald was Edgar Allan Poe

Here Gary gets the ball rolling - Dung beatles rolled balls up hills and thus I do to Patton who was then Edgar Allan Poe and now in a quantum comedy routine we know both versions suck

Sphereation proposes the build that was given to a drunken Hyatt and Gore have the Things

Current the News outlet then a build of internet ridic - Sites coded with pieces of this is current - This is relevant - Two sites clean a number of stories - Eight

rBST finally sits down with Brad Pitt for Coffee and they Discuss why Milk doesnt Curd

Supernatural blue Nazis didnt like Joels tit milk - Since he is Lucifer and became our cow David for instance great Ricotta from Italian right still Joels tit - Thus James pausing well Joel is one million years in that devotion thus here he is Joel Shinaberry and we have all become one tit milk - All serving as cows* *Swinging on Star denotes not have to be a cow - Oh I didnt say anything about being a cow - Fish - Pig very specific - he coo ds always - Still a seventy nine - The Knights Templar - Steven Spielberg Ron Howard all chucker at the lack of the Bourne Identify reveal revealing more than Dan Brown and whips and sad Winnie the Poo knowing about sex but making things for kids

Naturally Cultured Cocaine and Crystal Meth - Scott Bias - Paradise Herbs - Cross Radiant Chemical Extraction through Organic Cellular Reduction

Three year formula in a recruit of Scott Bias to refine our first meditations - Cocaine then coca - Naturally cultured cocaine will be expensive - We are manifesting to South America where it is a precious plant life that is harvested by ton - Thus never here one ton coca leaf in the pharmaceutical formula of cocaine then how much cocaine - mysticism with cutting of cocaine and the quality degradation instead on ton quality coca produces one hundred four pounds of cocaine - Naturally cultured cocaine three years one hundred four a gram - Heals the body - Meth of same type of processes

Letter to Thomas Jefferson from C Sally Oohsworth

To the Honorable Thomas Jefferson Esquire

From C Sally Oohsworth Said Notary Template Time - The House of the Covenant

Regards of the Calming of the Tides to the Nation of the Light our One Freedom

We have some bonners ok - Stop killing each other - Meth might not be great - James has it shows his spinal Temporal thus red panax ginseng instead as it reveals to meth users Temporal fracture in their Neo - Green superfood and nutrition - Red panax ginseng needed to meth users - To help them build catatonic expression in their internal organs - Temporal valient crystal meth - Nuclear healing compound crystal meth - Space travel extraordinary meth now seventy three clean meth - compares to soda - one liter a day can imbalance like meth - most is unclear meth - we have plants we like their energy expression expensive to extract it - thus guarana is meth coca is cocaine direct extractive using gasoline sub compounds - we awaken on Atlantis no answers we wouldnt be that closed to communal petroleum compounds - cleared then argued some residue - Spinal of malnutrition and nuclear - Meth has a world distribution - here beginnings of legislation arguing formulation to decriminalization then analytics to knowledge - Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z scribed

Manicotti Day in Italy not taking like Tomato Day in Spain

Manicotti so luscious that each person clean clean clean - Then plastic and one can nosh during the fight - So luscious the manicotti not much is left for the throwins - James has again clean clean clean and then one smack and shovel and off the playfield - Thus fresh manicot and again clean clean clean everyone and on we go - Manicotti Day - Italia

Does Industry use Witchcraft to Bad Vibe product Positive Vibes

Look they would have to put parasites on Christs balls - His hair in his hip would have to net to his spine - Then they could canvas targets and positively influence things Jesus would allow that - Here Brad Pitt James Thomas are Jesus Christ

Artificial Food Dyes are of course Bad for You

Petroleum is good for the fixins - The base compounds creating inert amazing colorings James now proposes Fluorescent Pop Sticks - With the flavor E goodness of pop rocks and the fluorescent pretzel e goodness of pretzels and the fluorescent fluorescent e of fluorescence - Fluorescent Pop Sticks pop in you mouth and fluoresces

Soda is of course Really Bad for You

Studies now in that carbon dioxide used to say this XXXXXPOISONCO2FORWELDING - Now it says food grade CO2

ABC Opts Out on In - In - the Angelina Jolie Witchcraft Miniseries where Spielberg and a Rose and Coke Glass Lead the Happy Coincidences

Mr Mom and Dr Mom and The Mom all second to Bad Moms - ABC - How to get away with Bad Mom

Sphereation proposes a Sixty Six Episode build to Disney and ABC to Reinvent the Wonderful World of Disney

Stories of the United States begin a proposal where Native America and A Warrior Spirit manifest into singular story works about singular tribes and individuals and Families - Sixty six episodes with one story line each with pieces to the next - The first episode having elements of the finished last episode completed as well

and Television




The New Urinal

Tonight right - Anyways - Dogs then appear to have designed urinals - They should be conical and then dont back spray like eighty percent of the US situation does - Thus after usage dogs able to have full sensory thus dog fail - Were dogs no on that on the fail - Yes on the design - You can guys can design urinals - Any film you want

Getting Kroger redev from New fund for Existing Companies

Legislation to congress outlining a bid to funding from the US government from existing companies not able to secure Series One funding - Krogie the New Kroger Google Icon Robot DroyId is able to - Thus we build numbers in a better argument - Required is government leniency that is then tightened seeking funding - Companies operate outside of grant based funding that would appear on an existing companies ledger - Krogers overhead then would need millions - So bundled then - Site Renovation Fund for Retail for Existing Businesses based on Imminent Domain where then the US has a long term brokerage for existing companies

Phase one of legislation then a build with counsel to a proposal to legislation - Angle variance used to present one funding request seeking where if denied breaches open second and third funding requests to guided Congress dialogue that is of Senior Counsel Attorneys understand that we need to draft what is at least a thesis on business in retail development in government overhead and operating that has a shadowed stock balance - Investment to the stock market built into a proposal to Congress - Shadow fund created of retail marketing food companies with open dev from us - Alice Walton us of new med - They could clean up if the homeopathic wasnt so annoying for their staff to stock - So new station larger still comfortable entering area between load from behind - Thus Sphereation making penny vision notes and a desire to complete the delivery to Walmart - Entire design - We have designers that drafted a cool adaptive new product delivery not display - Walmart manifests the display thus of Japan seen - Rounded edges in product delivery they fan into the delivery in the front - They are conical

Sphereation proposes recruiting Broken Lizard to create a remake of Arsenic and Old Lace

Vision where James thinks of a work and then over months brings it back to music or debates - First Broken Lizard and jazzy opening where he can Jay working Directing the film and building an energy in the beginning - James of using the beginning the work edit it and get it to the cast - The energy through the entire work - James then reserves in his mind the outline and treatment - Typically a piece of music inspires a build

Paradime Opts in on Woodbridge with Three Sodes Set to the England Sopranos Seventeen Hundreds TV Melodrama

Andy Summers Von Thomas Brokerage of the Insane gets Universal Init 100 MLN Prod Seat

Van Hellington and his Wondering Amazing Trabcanobshap

Edgar sits back he really doesnt have to sleep to induce REM cycle - He does it for effect - He can channel time and there are quarreling in it - Edgar hears mobsters and politico - You didnt beat up the ducks dummy - Thus the mob of needing duck crackin even to get this started Edgar hears  - James of Edgars prodigy in a claim - Thus Edgar of rarely negative groove to repair misspelling competing Temporal deity - Thus bit was supposed to be funny lowered grooves hearts minds and all of it - Sorry

Below then again of some nomencaytch - Treatments say its going to be good heres some hints - Outlines say here some more hints - Screenplays say - The Wakowski Brothers may have already developed or be aware of copyrighted work identical to your idea - Now if during production we realize that it was entirely our idea we can then fold you from the production with no retainer - Even the SAG fee you have to pee - Now if we complete the film and then during release we release we did it then of course the retainer is reverse negotiable and you have to pay us

Other movies - Ghost and Mr Chicken about Charles killed Barb - Them - Forgiveness - Thus their shit - Charles of the Mob - haunted the house me the insanity - she falls on scissors - depict as murder in the film - Where to go with the film - The build was from Pixar TENX vision of a sequence with Cherry Poppin Daddies so perfect the music Dr Bones that it matched the store - adding to it it didnt - vision often weakened - Bob Zombie seen R rated movie - Knotts character gets killed and haunted and kills the villain

Sphereation proposes the draft of the Knights Templar be written and acted

A Warrior Spirit

Strange atmospheric conditions surround a Native American Indian spiritual retreat - Able to channel time Adolf Hitler - Jesus Christ - Troy - Rachel - Cleopatra - Caiaphas - King Herod et al enter the world in the Greek Game of the Gods from the United States on behalf of the world

The Knights Templar

On the Island of Cats and Dogs

The Oreo Brothers

Sphereation proposes the draft created from the outline and template from James of Eddie Murphy and others create a good movie with notes here left for other desks to a movie - Where I am in it

Earth Twenty One Twenty


Founders Attack

The Television Pilot

Ralph The Silicone Sniffin Dog